Ventureon (VNN) - decentralized investing in start-ups based on the Ethereum platform

  • Within the Ventureon project, we provide an opportunity for the participants of cryptomarket to
    increase their capital through investments in high-yield and scalable venture projects. The
    emergence of a model for financing venture projects in the format of a closed investment club
    creates additional opportunities for both companies and investors, allowing to combine the
    advantages of the venture financing model with the high profitability of the crypto-currency market,
    the possibility of diversifying investments with legality and maximum protection of the investor's

    The main task of the model for financing projects within the Hypercube platform is the elimination
    of non-viable projects, selection of companies with the maximum growth potential. Before gaining
    admission to the platform, the project must undergo inspection procedures, evaluation of product
    management experts and legal expertise, which enables private investors to be confident in the
    quality of the projects proposed for investment, without the need for additional in-depth analysis,
    because all these procedures have already been carried out by fund experts.

    The problems of traditional investment models

    The venture investments market, like crowdfunding and crypto assets markets, is experiencing
    serious difficulties, because many projects either fail or don’t achieve the announced results after
    raising funds. This not only creates problems for investors, but, more importantly, undermines the
    belief in the prospects of blockchain technology and the very idea of decentralized selfgovernment.
    There is a complete insecurity of investors and the absence of any guarantees that
    they will not lose their money.
    Private investors have to do a lot of preliminary work on analysis, deal with technical terms, study
    the market, the team, the idea and try to assess the prospects of the project. But even in this case
    they are not protected from losses, because there is a possibility of encountering non-obvious
    legal nuances or issues related to the regulation of intellectual property, for example. In addition,
    there is a risk of team burn-out, loss of motivation by its members, lack of expertise in any industry
    ... And a lot of other nuances hidden from an investor who is not an insider.
    These factors naturally cut off a significant audience of investors who are potentially interested in
    project investing. In contrast to the traditional model of venture capital investments, where it is
    necessary to have a large capital of hundreds of thousands of dollars for investing in projects
    even at the seed stage, the Hypercube platform gives access to investing in promising venture
    projects and introduces investors, that don’t have a significant initial investment capital, to the
    venture capital community.
    We focus on promising companies in the early stages of development, leaders in their market
    segments, with a high potential for development and scaling in the European, North American
    and Asian markets. For financing we select projects, that have a ready product and being at the
    beginning of a rapid growth stage, which guarantees investors the maximum income with minimal
    risks. Additional value to companies is created by attracting the necessary competencies and
    expertise within the platform, which is traditionally not available to start-ups at an  early stage of

    development. This gives project teams additional advantages over competitors.

    Additional advantages are:

    • Quick scaling of projects
    • Projects that are secured by constant financing are rapidly developing, achieving declared
    goals faster than competitors and gaining greater profits.
    • Investment Liquidity
    • An investor can withdraw from the project at any time by placing his share in the projects for
    an internal auction and redistributing investments between other promising instruments, from
    his point of view, or sell VNN tokens on crypto-exchanges.
    • Insurance of investments
    • First Ventures Insurance insures investments in volume up to $ 25,000 and compensates
    100% of the invested funds, in case of bankruptcy of the financed company.
    • Transparency of investments
    • Integrating the security and transparency of blockchain technology will provide investors with
    a clear and understandable system for monitoring and control of project development
    Within the Hypercube platform, we are creating a transparent, regulated ecosystem aimed at
    maximizing the development potential and scaling up of startups.

    Financial and legal model of Ventureon (VNN) tokens turnover

    How do finances work and why is VNN growing?

    The funds received due ICO are distributed to the nominal wallets of each project. Hypercube
    Ventures, in the role of escrow, as the wallets are filled, gives permission to the projects initiators
    to use the funds and monitor their intended use. At the same time, the amount of resources used
    and the results obtained at each stage of financing are mandatory items of project reporting that
    will be published in the general access for all stakeholders.
    The tokens cost is tied to the starting price of portfolio projects. These projects publish information
    about themselves nowhere else and do not attract financing in any other funds except for
    Hypercube Ventures. When they are launched and developed, the market value of projects grows,
    and the VNN cost increases on the whole.
    VNN tokens holders at the time of their acquisition do not act as investors of a specific legal entity,
    as it happens when investment contract is concluded. Moreover, investor at the time of tokens
    acquisition may not exist. Buying VNN tokens, the holder does not acquire shares in the project/s.
    VENTURE PROJECT/S SHARE, in the case of a successful ICO.

    Will VNN be additionally issued after the completion of the ICO?
    The Fund plans to form a second portfolio of projects. After the tender and evaluation of the
    approved projects cost, an additional issue of VNN tokens will be made. The number of tokens
    will be calculated at the time of issue and will depend on the market VNN value and the required
    amount of financing.

    *  The VNN token is a convertible note about transferring to the holder a certain number of
    shares in one (several) startups and projects, included in the financed by Hypercube Ventures
    pool, which is specified on the website and in the personal account of the

    *  The number and value of project shares in relation to the VNN token, is specified in the
    personal account of the investor, on the Hypercube Ventures website, when the registration of
    the relevant legal entities is completed.

    * Each holder of VNN tokens has the right to exchange the tokens owned by him for the shares
    of startups and projects that are part of the Hypercube Ventures pool.

    *  The transfer of shares in exchange for tokens will be made no earlier than 6 months after the
    announcement of the official end date of ICO Hypercube Ventures.

    *  The transfer of shares in exchange for tokens will be made by Hypercube Ventures fund or a
    partner authorized by the fund. Most likely it will be Hypercube Billing.

    *  It is planned that the tokens will participate in the insurance program of the First Venture
    Insurance project in case of a successful ICO.

    *  If the management of the Hypercube Ventures Fund decides to finance a new pool of projects
    and startups, additional tokens will be issued.

    *  Thus, VNNs are NOT money, a payment instrument, a security of any kind, a financial asset
    or a commodity, but are means of accounting for convertible liabilities for the financing of
    crowdinvesting projects.

    *  In addition to the rules described above, the purchase of VNN tokens is possible by the
    following procedure:

    •  The Buyer creates (or enters to) a Personal Account on the;

    money, the amount of which corresponds to the number of VNN tokens that the Buyer wants to

    for the number of VNN tokens, which he wants to purchase and pays the cost of transferring the
    VNN tokens.

    •  VNN tokens are transferred to the Buyer to his/her Personal Account on the VNN platform

    and the Buyer disposes of them at his discretion.

    •  The exchange of VNN tokens is carried out in the order provided for in paragraphs 3.3 to

    *  Venturion Whitepaper.

    * The cost of VNN tokens is filling with projects placed on the Hypercube platform and is
    regulated by the Exchange.

    *  The purchase of tokens under the described procedure does not contradict the US
    legislation, including the provisions of the SEC governing the securities issue and trading.
    According to the above rules, Hypercube Ventures LP proposes to purchase a VNN token, which
    in the future may entitle its holder to participate in one (several) of the projects located on the
    Hypercube Ventures platform. As stated above, the VNN token is not a security, including the
    provisions of the US Securities Act 1933. In particular, the VNN token is not an investment
    contract in accordance with the Howey test, for the following reasons. According to Howey test,
    an investment contract is investment of money from an expectation of profits arising from a
    common enterprise depending solely on the efforts of a promoter or third party. The contract has
    to meet all four prongs of this test and only a combination of all these factors allows the SEC of
    the USA to decide whether a particular transaction or scheme is an investment contract. The right
    to exchange VNN token for shares of the projects placed on the Hypercube platform is not a right
    to receive profit (income) solely “depending on efforts of the promoter or third party”. Moreover,
    having shares in the enterprise, the holder of the VNN token has the right to participate
    independently in the management of the enterprise by voting at the general meeting of
    shareholders. There is also no “common enterprise” factor, because the VNN token issuers
    owners and the owners of the projects placed on the Hypercube platform are totally different
    persons and there is no control relationships between Hypercube Ventures LP and the projects
    located on its platform. Thus, a VNN token can not be perceived as an investment contract in
    accordance with US law.

    Advantages for Ventureon (VNN) tokens holders

    In the traditional model of venture capital investments, the investor entirely depends on the
    successful development of the project he invested in. As a part of the Ventureon model, he can
    distribute the amount of investment between several projects, and also sell a share in the internal
    auction of the Platform or on crypto-exchanges.
    The venture model offered by Ventureon gives small investors access to a venture ecosystem,
    and also offers a model of protected investments. This is more attractive, because the tokens
    holders invest in several projects, and the possible risks are not only diversified, but also
    compensated by the successful development of other fund's portfolio projects.
    Hypercube Ventures owns at least 26% in each start-up (which is a blocking package that allows
    to influence the strategic decisions of each start-up), 25% of which is owned by investors who
    bought a VNN token.
    The Hypercube Ventures Fund analyzes and selects startups whose capitalization in the course
    of 1-3 years may be at least X10.
    How the owner of the VNN token can make a profit:
    - to trade VNN on exchanges of crypto-currencies (the list will be published after the ICO)
    - in accordance with p. 3.3, exchange the belonging to him VNN tokens to the shares of startups
    and projects that are a part of the Hypercube Ventures project pool according to the estimated
    market value of each project portfolio. By exchanging public VNN tokens, the shareholder will
    participate in the distribution of 25% of the profits and / or dividends. The shares participate in
    capitalization, at the entrance of a strategic investor in the next stage or at the stage of EXIT *,
    which can increase the value of assets from 10 times or more.
    * EXIT - selling its share in the company. Exit can occur when a share is sold to another person,
    in another company or on the exchange (in case of a start-up on an IPO).
    This gives investors the following additional advantages:
    • The opportunity to access to investment in profitable, scalable projects in different countries
    • Investment insurance and risk diversification
    • Security and transparency of investments
    • Analytical and legal support for investments in projects
    • The possibility of withdrawing funds from the project and distribution to other investment tools
    • Investments only in reliable projects that have passed the platform expertise.
    Believing in the prospects of a particular project, the investor buys a public platform token, which
    ensures a reduction in risks, because the platform monitors the target use of funds by the project.
    Even if a particular project is not successful, the platform token will lose only a minimal % of the
    value, which is proportional to the project share in the total capitalization of the platform. The
    decentralized platform, in turn, becomes the holder of the private project tokens and fully monitors
    the target spending of funds and compliance with the announced project development schedule.

    Prospects for entering on the ICO stage and long-term prospects for the

    growth of the value of VNN tokens
    The main advantage of investing in the ICO stage is the opportunity to buy tokens at a price below
    the market, which will give investors a high profitability after the completion of the ICO.
    Greater profitability will be achieved if the value of tokens increases, which is influenced by the
    following factors:
    • The launch of projects from the portfolio of HyperCube Ventures
    • Exit from startups at the stage of profitability
    • Growth of demand for VNN tokens on exchange of crypto-currency
    • Capitalization of investments in a startup during selling to a strategic investor in the next stage
    or at the stage of EXIT *
    • Creating of the next projects pool
    • Other news about startup, Ventureon and HyperCube Ventures development.
    The HyperCube Ventures Fund analyzes and selects startups whose capitalization in the next 1-
    3 years can be x10, which is a strong argument for long-term investments.

     Benefits for funded projects and start-ups

    In case of admission to the Platform, the project gets access to the investor base and a number
    of additional advantages:
    • The opportunity to concentrate on the development of the project, without being distracted by
    the process of raising funds
    • The team of professionals surrounding the project from launch to release
    • Assistance in the implementation of legal and accounting procedures
    • Access to the best specialists and consultants, which are not available to the startup by
    6. The structure of the placement of tokens
    With the help of the emission of Ventureon (VNN) tokens, under the conditions described above,
    it is planned to attract crypto assets equivalent to $ 5,000,000 or more to finance projects on the
    Hypercube platform. Token holders can realize their rights to the issuer by exchanging their
    tokens (part of them) for the corresponding shares in the projects of the Hypercube platform based
    on the estimated market value of the portfolio of each project. If the amount attracted is less than
    $ 5,000,000, the proportion of acquired shares will be proportionally reduced.
    We developed a simple model for the future distribution of profit for holders of the Ventureon
    tokens (VNN) using the token redemption mechanism. Tokens will be issued as a type of debt.
    As a limited partner Ventureon will receive a portion of the profit from the projects portfolio of the
    HyperCube Platform participating in the placement and undertakes to use it to redeem the tokens
    at a market price.

    Crowdsale details

    The raising of funds for the issue of Ventureon tokens will be used for the marketing and
    advertising of ICO Ventureon, and investments in the pool of projects financed by Hypercube
    Ventures, listed on and in the investor's personal account.
    Ventureon's tokens can be exchanged for shares of startups and projects of incoming, into the
    Hypercube Ventures projects pool, which are involved in the distribution of profits and
    capitalization of start-ups.

    Token name: VENTUREON
    Ventureon Token: Convertible note
    Howey test score = 30
    Howey Test Ventureon
    Ticker: VNN
    The hard cap: $65.000.000
    Minting/mining: No
    Total Issued: 4.500.000 VNN
    VNN is available for crowdsale: 3.375.000 VNN

    Stages of ICO:

    Pre-sale by request - 35.715 VNN. Target $250.000
    Tokens price:
    • 1VNN - $7
    • Min invest $1.000
    26 september. Open Pre-sale - 100.000 VNN. Target $1.000.000
    Tokens price:
    • 1VNN - $10
    • Min invest 1 VNN
    October - November. ICO. Target

    Tokens price:
    • 1st 100.000VNN - $13
    • 2nd 100.000VNN - $17
    • 3.039.285 VNN - $20
    • Min invest = 1VNN
    VNN tokens represent a convertible note about transferring to the holder a certain number of
    shares in one (several) of the startups and projects included in the projects pool financed by
    Hypercube Ventures. There are its list on the website and in the personal
    account of investor.
    Redemption - Token holders can realize their rights to the issuer by exchanging their tokens (part
    of it) to the corresponding shares in the Hypercube platform projects based on the estimated
    market value of each project portfolio.

    8. What funds are needed for

    The First Pool of Projects

    First Venture Insurance

    Insurance Company. Venture investment insurance with a maximum coverage of $ 25,000.
    Protection against risks for investors, who work in the market of venture investments.
    Venture investment is a highly profitable instrument, especially the one, that is interested by
    capitalists-beginners. It gives an opportunity to get high profitability for a relatively short period of
    time. The reverse side of the coin is the high risks of financed projects, and effective risk
    management is possible when the investor’s portfolio contain a lot of different projects. This does
    not create problems for large funds, but it can stop many private investors. You need a profitable
    portfolio to create a capital, and you need a capital to create a profitable portfolio. How to relieve
    the investor from high risks and keep high profitability of the capital in financing of perspective
    projects in the early stages?
    First Venture Insurance - the first company-startup in the world, insuring risks of venture investors.
    Each investment of up to $25,000, placed by you, will be insured if you wish, and, in case of failure
    of the financed project, will be compensated by 100%. This makes venture financing safer and
    reduces risks to a minimum, equating them in level of security to a bank deposit.

    Hypercube Billing

    Aggregator of basic payment systems for internal needs of HyperCube Ventures and
    accompanying projects. Receiving payments, making payments.
    A payment aggregator is a service that collects all online funds, incoming to the Internet business
    and its further transfer to the accounts of the company-customer. It allows you to work with such
    popular systems as Visa or MasterCard and also virtual currencies: PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney,
    YandexMoney and others. The list of cases in which it will be in demand is growing every day. At
    the present time, the payment aggregator is the only system, which allows to organize electronic
    calculations easily and quickly and legalize the turnover of electronic money. Why it is necessary
    for everyone who is engaged in business in the virtual space.
    Reliable payments for Hypercube Ventures and supported projects. Payments to investors on
    bank accounts, cards and other payment methods.


    A single European multilingual service for auto tourists, that allows you to pay for parking, fare on
    toll roads and road fines throughout Europe.

    More than 10 million European users and 30 million tourists from other countries are waiting for
    us to help them! Our mission: don’t let a person get distracted by trifles, which our program will
    successfully solve. Less stress and more attention to the beautiful things around us. Travel should
    bring only positive emotions!

    Solution: a set of apps Web, iOS, Android, allows traveller to create a route, read the conditions
    and rules of parkings, toll roads, fines and other surprises that can be in the countries on the
    route. Directly from the app the traveler can pay for parking, electronic permission, or pay for road
    fines, and in the near future find a place to eat and/or relax. And all this in your native language!

    Our service will be understood and appreciated by millions of people traveling in Europe on cars.
    It will be appreciated by people who once upon a time stood in front of a parking machine in
    another country and tried to guess how it worked, where exchange a bill to small money or buy a
    parking card; who after several unsuccessful attempts understood that you need a contract SIM
    card of a local operator for SMS parking. Our app will be appreciated by people who were stopped
    by the police and got fines of 200 or more euros, because of lack of permission for driving on
    highways; who looked at the penalty slip printed in an unfamiliar language with perplexity.

    Our main competitive advantage is solving all the main problems and needs of a auto tourist who
    travels in a foreign country. We remove the language barrier, and all the services our client
    receives in his native language. When he returns home, we will try to make him stay with us.
    Parking services through our application will be cheaper than the current municipal tariffs.


    4Author - Harmony of balance of interests. We protect the rights of Authors, guarantee
    Webmasters the legality of content and provide advertisers with privileged platforms.
    This in its essence will become an Internet agency for contextual and teaser advertising. As you
    know, the main assets of the advertising business on the Internet - the number of advertising
    platforms. The company "Бегун", owning 173,000 platforms, was bought by Google for $140
    million. Read about it here.
    Our know-how (which is experimentally confirmed!) makes it possible to create one of the leaders
    of the market in the Internet space of the CIS countries, and later the US and the EU.
    According to non-optimistic forecasts, we will be able to provide filling platforms at the level of
    50,000 for 9-12 months.
    WIN - WIN - WIN! We managed to find and implement in the program code a solution that provides
    a balance of interests and gives an undeniable win to the three whales which the Internet stands
    on. Content creators - Authors, its distributors - Webmasters, and Advertisers.
    We will moderate serious passions boiling around copyright on the Web, because with 4author
    such a problem does not exist at all. Confirming authorship electronic digital signature, imposed
    on the author’s material when it is placed in the repository of our service, is irrevocable,
    undeniable and recognized by all countries. And given the unconditional availability of such a
    service, the author gains the benefits when his work is distributed free of charge, and on as many
    resources as possible.
    The owner of the network resource is no longer bound by copyright and backlinks. Codes of
    copyright materials with all the necessary attributes, including promotional inserts, are available
    in our repository. And the advertiser is always confident in the quality of positioning and the
    content environment, where the rotation of his advertisement is. All he needs is to choose the
    right theme for the advertising campaign. And the rest, right down to the fight against the cheating,
    will make our service. 4author is an automatic distribution of income (50% / 50%) received from
    the advertiser between the author and the webmaster, automatic control over the publication of
    copyright copies and the appearance of plagiarism. This is a regular payment of royalties to
    authors and income to webmasters, the ease of creating advertising campaigns, statistics and
    reporting for advertisers, the complete absence of bureaucracy, the rapid response of the team

    to the requirements and needs of users.


    The TetraTerra pyramid is a symbol of all human goods and the role of each individual in this
    process. Everything trembles at time, but time trembles just at this pyramids.
    We are witnessing a new round of history. The world is at the turn of the next round of
    technological breakthrough. Cheap energy from renewable sources, supplemented and virtual
    reality, organs grown in vitro, hoverboards and exoskeletons for the elderly, reusable spacecraft,
    free education on the Internet and many other inventions, five years ago seemed fantastic are
    already available for us.
    The development of science, technology and culture is nonlinear. Crises are followed by surges
    of growth. Scientific discoveries, scientists inventions, achievements of the Great Humanists and
    public figures create prerequisites for the development of civilization. The importance of each new
    know-how can be really appreciated only after many years. Scientists make their contribution by
    making their discoveries known to mankind. Inventors, using technology, create new products
    that improve our way of life. Further, engineers, electricians, masters, builders, teachers take this
    into service and we see how life is rapidly changing. So there was a railway and power stations,
    cars, then electric cars, space ships, cinemas, computers and smartphones...
    The TetraTerra pyramid is a symbol of all human goods and the role of each individual in this
    process. The glass pyramid, consisted of cubes, where the names of great scientists, artists,
    writers, inventors are engraved near the names of ordinary housewives, truck drivers, managers
    and policemen - it is about the importance of each element in such a huge living organism as the
    World on Planet Earth. Each cube in the construction is important and meaningful! The course of
    the mankind history is not possible without significant ideas that change the world and people
    who have a passion for the embodiment of change. This is the whole harmony of the growth and
    development of the human race.
    The TetraTerra art-object is a metaphorical symbol of the development of the mankind history
    and people awareness of their place in this development. The cubes which it is built of are the
    destinies of people who, in their actions and decisions, rely on the experience of past generations
    and contribute to history. Modern history develops through the efforts of a huge number of Great
    and most ordinary people. The pyramid is the most stable geometric figure. Buildings in the form
    of a pyramid are able to withstand natural disasters and lead their history for centuries. Everyone
    can buy a cube with his name, leave a memory of himself for his descendants.
    And it will be something tangible and large-scale, something more than photos in the cloud. Your
    grandchildren even after 300 years will be able to remember you and show their children the
    family value that the whole world also can see.


    ICO Hypercube Ventures is represented by team members:

    Vitaliy Serbulenco
    Managing Partner, Marketing Expert
    Research of competitive environment
    Research of Customer Experience
    Development of a strategy and brand positioning
    Marketing planning

    Anton Sobor
    Managing Partner
    International fund development
    Investors relations

    Creating of a sales department

    Dmitriy Zakharov

    Web developer
    Development of server applications, PHP
    Database design
    Writing of scripts, js
    Interactive applications

    Irina Veretennikova
    Key Account Manager

    Vladimir Malakchi
    Public Relations
    Audience analysis
    Preparation of PR campaigns
    Work with partners from the USA and Western Europe
    Web-promotion design

    Dietmar Gutgarts
    Attorney at law
    Corporate law
    Tax law

    Alex Karelov
    Graphic & UI/UX design


    Esteban van Goor
    Investor / Indirect tax lawyer specialized in bitcoin and blockchain related matters (incl. ICO's)

    Simon Cocking
    Senior Editor Irish Tech News | Fintech specialist

    Toni Lane
    Artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry

    Mate Tokay
    COO at, Marketing advisor

    Desmond Marshall
    Investor+Advisor: ICO full process, IPO biz model/plans packaging, blockchain

    Paul Francis
    Blockchain, ICO, Digital and Crypto Currency Enthusiast

    Kristian T. Sørensen
    Fintech Advisor / Investor

    Li XiangJun
    Blockchain/Fintech Evangelist

    Vivek aka Vivekomon
    Influencer\Startup Ninja\Bitcoin-er

    Alex Manoylo
    Blockchain enthusiast, Business Development

    Dmitrii Plakhov
    Coordinator of St.Petersburg Blockchain Developers Community



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