Status Open Bounty’s Debut

  • 39,843 SNT earned, top hunters and more

    On November 2nd, we launched Status Open Bounty in support of open source development and the decentralization movement.

    Though it hasn’t even been a full month, we’re already seeing our vision for Status Open Bounty — to be a catalyst for connecting developers and organizations on open source projects — is coming to life. Developers are engaged. Organizations are using it and as you can see from this infographic, there’s a ton of enthusiasm.

    Status Open Bounty — First Months Metrics

    All for open source

    Status Open Bounty provides organizations — including our own — with a path to decentralize their development. It also makes it easier for developers around the world to be rewarded for participating in open-source projects. Status Open Bounty now:

    • Rewards code contributions on projects you choose.
    • Pays rewards in SNT or a cryptocurrency of your choice (ETH and most ERC-20 tokens), without the third-party fees.
    • Provides quick setup and bounty payouts as it plugs directly into GitHub.

    How can you participate? If you’re an organization, post a bounty. If you’re a developer, we’ve kicked off Status Open Bounty by contributing a $1M bounty fund (in the form of SNT). Sign up and find a bounty that interests you.

    Go to Status Open Bounty now

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