WorldcoinBC 3.0 Beta 2 Released!

  • Hello everybody!

    We have released a public Beta for the next step of our development strategy for this year. The main feature in this release is that the wallet was refactored to support multiple coins at the same time.

    In version 3.0 we will support WDC and BTC in the same environment, you may enable or disable coins on demand,

    We’re planning to add support for most popular coins in the near future.

    Why are we doing this?

    Many people have multiple coins and prefer not to risk them on an exchange. Managing multiple wallets is a nuisance.

    Having just one front end for every coin coupled with the ability to enable just the ones you use is pretty convenient (WDC is always enabled)

    We will have the ability to market ourselves in the main forum, main thread and primary chat room channels for each coin we support.

    We don’t need to support each crypto directly as we use the daemons, used in exchanges and other services, provided directly by the official team. If exchanges are working then the cryptos we support are working too!

    We will increase our ability to attract investors from other coins to our project. Worst case scenario we will increase our exposure exponentially.

    Download Beta 2 from Worldcoin official download site

    Comment and/or report bugs on our forum

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