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  • Riacoin- Airdrop / Pre-ICO
    Riacoin - The new generation of fast Cryptocurrencies
    We will use the Ethereum Blockchain and combine it to technologies such as Lightning Network to get the fastest transactions and the lowest fees.
    Scalability is very important to reach the mass adoption we need for Cryptocurrencies.

    - Token informations -
    Name : Riacoin
    Symbol : RIAC
    Decimals : 8
    Platform : Ethereum
    Standard : ERC20 Token
    Max Supply : 45,000,000

    The RiaCoin Airdrop will be limited to 2.000 users.
    It will be our first and only Airdrop.
    2- Retweet the pinned Tweet : https://twitter.com/Ria_coin/status/935801295591628800https://t.me/Riacoin

    You can also take part to our Pre-ICO (Up to 50% Bonus to ICO price)

    You will get additional Tokens at this rates :

    0.05 ETH = 3,000 RIAC  (+20% Bonus) 
     0.1  ETH = 6,500 RIAC  (+30% Bonus) 
       1   ETH = 75,000 RIAC (+50% Bonus)

    If you want to participate to the Pre-ICO, send Ethereum to this address :

    ETH address : 0xd58A92018966049eF0D3be04d75F9b4275F0b25B

    We advise to use MyEtherWallet / MetaMask

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