JIYO - Blockchain of India | Airdrop | hybrid POW/POS | GPU, ASIC Mining

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    Fast & Secure

    Jiyo blockchain is hybrid in nature taking advantage of both proof-of-work and proof-of-share technology


    Jiyo can be mined with GPU, ASIC or by just staking coins in your wallet

    Global Payments

    Easily send and receive funds globally

    Dedicated Team

    Progress is happening really quickly with our team of active developers, contributors & community

    Some facts about Jiyo

    Stake and Earn

    By staking your coins in Jiyo wallet you earn 7% annually on the amount of coins staked in the wallet !

    Start UP India

    We are mentored and supported by one of India's biggest incubators !

    Banking the unbanked

    We are bringing backing and finance to the masses in India.

    Download Wallet:


    Block Explorer:


    Technical Details

    RPC Port : 22568

    P2P Port : 22567

    Total coin supply 70560000 coins

    Jiyo is hybrid POW/POS.

    With 200 Blocks coinbase maturity and 3 blocks transaction confirmation with the last POW ending at block 50000, Staking pay 7% annualy

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