Velox Coin - POS / POW | The Future of Trading

  • Velox is a proof of work/proof of stake currency that has been created as a share structured currency for the upcoming VeloxBolt decentralized & anonymous exchange and trading platform. Velox will be mined, transacted, traded, and will serve the purpose as the pow/pos based token of the VLX Bolt exchange and trading platform, where VLX holders will be rewarded with buy-backs from the VBOLT platforms' profits.

    VeloxCoin will offer POW for the first 10,000 blocks, after which will convert to full POS. Once the VeloxBolt Exchange has been released, buy backs based on the platforms profit will commence. Buy backs are a result of accumulated exchange fees and listing fees from the VeloxBolt platform, and will ultimately result in the rise in VeloxCoin price, ultimately rewarding VLX holders.

    Until VeloxBolt is completely launched to the public, VeloxExchange will be a temporary solution when users can trade VLX pairs such VLX/BTC & VLX/ETH. Velox will not be listed on public exchanges but only exclusively on the VeloxExchange and VeloxBolt platforms. Once VeloxBolt has been released, VeloxExchange balances will automatically be transferred and no data will be lost. All user accounts will remain the same as well as balances and the transition will be swift, and rapid.

    The plans for VeloxCoin and VeloxBolt will be released in the whitepaper publishing during December 2017/January 2018, Where you can discover more about the future of VLX, and the detailed plans for the VeloxBolt platform.



    Velox brings traders the most sophisticated, easy to use and advanced tools to maximize profit from automated trading.


    Velox brings traders reliablity & stability. With guranteed uptime, secured servers and vaulted funds, there is no room for error with the most advanced platform on the web.


    Fast confirmations, instantaneous transactions. Velox provides the fastest speeds of currency movement to prevent the loss of any potential opportunity.


    Linux Qt:

    Linux Daemon:


    MAC : Coming soon!


    Block explorer:






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