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  • Startima Project

    Startima is a decentralized platform for holding lotteries and betting events using a blockchain technology. The open code ensures the confidence of participants in determining the winners, and the smart contracts ensure the automatic distribution of prizes among winners.
    The major advantages of Startima as the open and decentralized platform for online lotteries and betting are:
    •Transparency of all processes occurring on the platform, which is guaranteed by the operation of open protocols. Both the determination of the winner and the transfer of prize to the winner will occur automatically on the basis of smart contracts, available for examination by any interested person;
    •Lack of human factor and opportunity for abuses due to the openness of platform. You no longer risk to be left without a legitimate winning or losing because of the procedure privacy for determining the winner;
    •The entire process of participation from the moment of token purchase to the distribution of platform profits is governed by the smart contracts.
    •Simplicity and speed of holding events and receiving winnings. You can participate in the already existing event or create your own event within seconds using a computer or a smartphone;
    •Possibility of continuous participation in a large number of the widest range of lotteries and betting events, which holding is impossible to imagine on traditional betting and bookmaking platforms;
    •Opportunity to present a Startima utility token which is a ticket to all Startima events, or a ticket to a specific event on the Startima platform in any way that suits you ¬–as a paper certificate or in electronic form;
    •The possibility to participate in bonus programs is offered to the token owners free of charge. This includes tickets for major events, invitations to the events held by Startima, and the possibility to participate in large and colorful shows held around the world involving specialists and world-class stars;
    •No need to buy a lottery ticket, owning Startima token you have the right to participate in all lotteries held by Startima;
    •Low level of the commission and the clear write-off mechanism –only 2.5 percent of any prize;
    •Ability to sell Startima's tokens on one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges after the ICO completion and to gain a profit due to increase in the cost of tokens and the availability of bonuses for the purchase of tokens during the ICO period.

    Startima intends to become a standard for holding lottery and betting events in the world, because it ensures human factor absence and abuses at all stages of holding lotteries or betting events, as well as has a number of other benefits described above.
    Startima offers its platform for everyone: for both users and active lotteries, bookmaking companies on mutually beneficial basis, as well as for any initiatives to organize lottery or betting events. The Startima's commission is charged solely on the winnings received on the platform and amounts to a fixed 2.5 percent of the size of the prize.
    In addition, Startima will organize and hold its own betting events and lotteries outstanding with a special way in order to promote the platform.
    Startima does not limit you in the field of creating lotteries and betting events, whether sports, finance, nature or any other field to which bookmaking offices fail to draw attention. Only your fantasy will be the limitation to select a subject of betting event.
    Startima due to its innovation, scale, regularity of holding betting and lottery events, and, most importantly, the absolute transparency of processes, will be an extremely attractive platform of placing advertising, the income from which will allow both to finance the platform operation, and to hold more events for its all participants.
    According to expert estimates, the illegal market for bookmaking services is much more bigger compared to the similar online segment. We provide the opportunity for anyone willing to provide bookmaking services online with the Startima's blockchain platform, thereby increasing the client and user base. If you are the Startima's token owner, you can create your own events in any field, define event conditions and coefficients –the platform and our smart contract only guarantees transparency and fairness of all processes for all participants according to your settings (including their scalability through the online segment), the smart contract ensures the fulfillment of betting conditions among the participants. In this regard, the modern exchange services we are cooperating with and already posted on this site (in the private cabinet), provide the possibility to accept bets and obtain winnings in any fiat (convertible currency units of different countries) currency, thus without limiting the user base for all kinds of betting.

    Startima's Main Benefit

    •Startima proposes to solve all above problems using a blockchain technology.
    •Due to the decentralized platform offered by us, the user can create betting and lottery events, with the open and transparent procedure for determining the results, where the receipt of winning is automated through smart contracts.
    •No intermediaries, no doubt about the procedural integrity –all initial code is in front of your eyes, and the prize is automatically being credited to your cryptocurrency wallet.
    •Moreover, the Startima's token owner automatically becomes the beneficiary of the entire platform, gaining an unlimited opportunity to participate in both the events held by Startima, and the events created by the token owners.

    Business Model

    Platform Income Sources

    The main source of income for the Startima platform will be the commission collection amounting to 2.5% from all winnings paid on the platform, as well as the funds received from the sale of advertisements on the Startima platform.
    As a permanent source of information about lotteries, betting and bookmaking (including sporting) events, and as a major player in the world of online lotteries and betting, the platform will attract constant attention of the unlimited number of advertisers, supported by user interest. This in turn will help to gain revenues from advertising contracts as an additional source of platform income that will be raffled between token owners.

    The example of creating a lottery event:
    Startima itself or the token owner in the "lottery" section creates an event. At this, the creator sets the lottery ticket price and the winning amount. Anyone interested can purchase an electronic lottery ticket for the created event, or this ticket can be presented to third parties.
    When the amount of collected funds set by the creator is reached, the program starts a drawing based on the transparent protocol. Based on the smart contract, the prize is credited to the winner, and the commission –to the platform.

    The example of creating a betting event:
    Startima, or the token owner (except for standard events can also create unique events) creates an event in the "betting" section. For example, the token owner wants to bet 1 Bitcoin on the win of its candidate for the presidential elections, and he/she offers a challenge to his/her acquaintances (the user does not have to be a token owner to participate in the event). By default, the bet amount on the other candidate will be the same. The token owner can set a different rate. Any other participants can attach to the event based on the set criteria, or create events with their own criteria (if they are the token owners). It is also offered to introduce the Internet resource or other open source of information on the basis of which Startima can determine the winner.

    Next, the smart contract automatically enrolls winnings to the winners, and the commissions –to Startima. In the event of impossibility to establish the results, the event is considered unsuccessful and the funds are returned to their owners.

    Transparent Concept of Lotteries and Betting

    Our team openly and strongly opposes fixed matches and other non-transparent manipulations. Our task is to introduce new standards of transparency and fairness into the lottery and betting procedure, the standards, which will provide the greatest benefit to all participants of lotteries and betting worldwide and allow to automate the receipt of prizes.
    Modern technologies allow to completely exclude the human intervention in holding lotteries and will give everyone the opportunity to create their own lottery or betting event in the individual cabinet by selecting the maximum number of participants or the lot amount. Once these parameters have been reached, the open protocol program will hold a drawing independently, select the winner and automatically credit the winning to the winner's wallet, except for the Startima's commission. However, the platform commission is charged only on a winning and amounts to 2.5 percent.
    In such a concept, neither the platform nor the token owners are interested in the nonpayment of winnings, since platform revenues depend only on the number of held drawings and their total volume.
    In this regard, Startima is holding its lottery events for both the token owners and external users.
    Startima will complicate the manipulations of bookmakers and reduce the number of fixed matches. As a rule, the revenue from fixed matches is ensured by the collusion of bookmakers with athletes, as a result of which one party has information about the match results before its end. As a rule, in these matches against a large number of bets on the favorite, the insiders place a large bet on the weaker opponent.
    Startima will solve this problem. Our platform enables everyone to create their betting event by identifying the number of participants, the betting amount, and the amount of one bet. The open protocol makes all event transparent to the parties and allows to join any of the proposed betting options from already created on the platform, or to create a new one. Once the result is established, the program will automatically write-off the winning to the electronic wallet, and the platform gets its commission. The program and the open code do not provide the opportunity for manipulations or collusion, and a large number of betting windows and preset of users do not provide the opportunity for unfair income as a result of fixed matches. All gambling parties will cooperate through the platform directly without the involvement of bookmakers.

    Project Plan


    ICO Structure

    Startima tokens are issued in strict compliance with all regulations of token issuance and ICO holding, and, according to Howey test* are not a security.
    This token is a practical token and is used on the Startima platform.
    The Startima token can be acquired at the moment of ICO holding or after the end of ICO on the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

    ICO is a unique chance to buy the Startima token and become a participant of the Startima project, which will allow to create events on the platform, receive the envisaged winnings and prizes, participate in the drawing of Startima platform profit in the form of a main or consolation prize.
    40% of tokens are allocated to the founders. All operating expenses and marketing costs are covered by this 40%. A large number of token owners increases the number of interested parties in the platform operation and reduces the cost of its marketing, which will have a positive impact on platform income. 60% of the Startima profit is played between the token owners in the form of winnings and consolation prizes. Of these, 40% of the income is automatically distributed as consolation prizes to the token owners' wallets, and 20% is played as the main prize on the internal blockchain lottery platform between all token owners.
    Such drawings will be held regularly in automatic mode between all token owners, as well as those bought a lottery ticket, on reaching income in the equivalent of million US dollars.
    Modern blockchain technologies are making it possible to automate this process by using smart contracts and make the Startima's lottery a standard of transparency and scale among the online lottery and betting segment.
    Startima claims 20 percent of the market for online lotteries and betting and will only increase following the market.

    ICO Structure

    Token Distribution

    The tokens are distributed in the following way:

    Startima Income Drawing

    20% of the platform's profit will be played in Startima standard lotteries among token owners. The founders do not participate in the drawing.
    40% of the platform revenue will be distributed evenly among all token holders as consolation prizes.
    40% of the platform revenue will be withheld by the founders and cover all operating expenses and marketing.

    ICO Goals and Functions

    We hold ICO to raise funds required for full implementation of the planned functionality of the proposed product –the decentralized platform for holding lotteries and betting "Startima".
    ICO provides an opportunity not only for fundraising in order to prepare and launch a modern blockchain product, but also to attract a large number of platform participants interested in promoting Startima around the world.
    The Startima team is confident that the future belongs to the companies that will have a large number of people interested in promoting the company and its products.
    A large number of ICO participants allows Startima to take into account the desires and ideas of token co-owners, and promptly implement the ideas of platform functionality development offered by the co-owners, timely respond to all changes and challenges as Startima is a collective product. All this will ultimately lead to even greater platform profitability and the satisfaction of both the users of the platform and the interested persons.

    A Big Drawing after Holding ICO

    This ICO gives us the opportunity to form the world's largest prize fund ever raffled based on the blockchain technology and open code. This money will be in raffled among Startima token owners. This drawing allows to attract attention to the project and will promote it in the World.
    The Startima's further work will be connected with the different both in substance and sizes of lotteries and betting, as well as the opportunity of the participants themselves to create lotteries and betting events. In addition, Startima's co-owners will be able to identify the platform development vector.

     Gift Tokens

    One of the unique features of the platform is the opportunity to present both the Startima token and a lottery ticket for a specific event, held on the platform. For this, the platform provides a separate option –"Making a Gift". In this regard, the platform provides the variants of letterheads corresponding to different events decorated in the Startima's corporate design. The user can use both letterhead templates and to make its own changes, including insert the accompanying text for a gift token.
    A gift can be formalized in the form of a paper certificate using QR-code technology, and in electronic, at this Startima token is an excellent original gift and essentially a permanent lottery ticket.
    We also provide that Startima tokens will grant the right to receive entrance tickets to all offline events held by Startima.

    Startima Token Description

    Startima tokens are utility tokens, used inside Startima platform, and comply with all current regulations in the ICO sphere, and according to Howey test are not a security. The Startima's token (STAT) also grants the right to participate in the drawing of main and consolation prizes generated from the company's revenues. The Startima's token is the key for creating events on the platform.
    The Ethereum blockchain is used to issue tokens. All token holders are entitled to receive a part of prize fund in accordance with their shares.

    Benefits for Token Owners

    The benefit for token owners is:
    •the participation in the drawing of the largest prize in the history of blockchain lotteries, formed from 20% of funds collected at ICO
    •the participation in constant drawings formed from platform revenues
    •the possibility to create lottery and betting events on the platform
    •the possibility to sell Startima tokens on major cryptocurrency exchanges after holding ICO and significant rise in their value
    It can be concluded that upon the successful completion of ICO and market entry, Startima should take at least 20% of existing market for online lotteries and betting.

    Escrow, Guarantees and Accounts

    Escrow is a guarantee that the money collected at ICO will be used as intended in accordance with the original agreement between the token buyers and the platform. With this intention, Startima collects funds in the form of cryptocurrencies and fiat money, and also attracts the escrow agent to minimize the risks.
    ICO will be recognized successful only if the equivalent of more than a million US dollars is collected, otherwise all collected funds will be returned.
    As escrow agent, Startima choses Stephen Clarke, CEO RTG Group Inc,
    The funds collected at ICO will be stored at multi wallet.
    Two keys are required to manage the account, one of which will be kept by the escrow agent, and the other –by the platform representative. Without the approval by an independent escrow agent, it will not be possible to commit any transactions with collected funds, which minimizes the risks of token buyers.
    In order to account funds correctly, all the currencies will be converted to the equivalent in US dollars at the moment of funds contribution.
    From the beginning of Pre-ICO and to the completion of ICO, it will be possible to purchase tokens using the basic cryptocurrencies and bank cards (VISA/Mastercard) using exchange services (some of them will be available in the private cabinet). Once ICO is completed, it will be possible to get tokens out –they will become available for trade on the major cryptocurrency exchanges.
    Bitcoin-wallet address to which the collected funds will be transfered: 34gbZB54cA5eT248L36aB592GZ8WF54Xrd
    It should be clarified that each person with the intention to buy the Startima token will be provided with a separate account for transferring funds in order to be able to further identify the buyers.

    Bonus System

    Project Team

    Executive Team


    •Adam Ners-6sigma Black Belt at Alfa-Bank
    •Igor Bizyaev–CIO
    •Gregory Belan–CIO at VostokFinance Group
    •Kirill Perestyuk -Chief Operating Officer @ Morbax HR
    •Yerlan Kondybayev -Games Industry Engineer
    •Anna Balatska -Senior Project Manager at Republic
    •Andrey Stoliarov -Making cool things happen. In co-op mode. With passion.
    •Andrey Khekalo -Project / Program manager at Triangu
    •Dmitry Sikorsky -IT expert
    •Kirill Bagin-CFO at PRIME Machinery
    •Peter Šipula -Supply & Distribution Manager at Zeppelin International AG

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