Exacoin [EXA] - Equihash POW | a revolution to cryptocurrency market | 10% FY on Stacking

  • Vision

    Cryptocurrency is at the dawn of development with continuous expansions. The operation of 24/7 on a global scale makes the follow-up, acquirement and earning income from this market becoming a problem.
    Artificial intelligence (AI) is the key to solve the problem. With the enduring operation (24/7) and the ability to learn, AI is the key to optimize humans’ precious time. Exacoin is not the future of cryptocurrency, but a platform to exploit the infinite value of the coins. Join Exacoin, use Exa AI and experience the special value of Exacoin.


    Exacoin is a newly introduced cryptocurrency, a pioneer in exploring the potentials of more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies. Exacoin continously enhances its value through the community. We offer special solutions that allow investors to maximize profit from Exacoin and more than 1.300 other cryptocurrencies in the market.

    1. For lenders:
    a. Exacoin solves the problem of financial transparency in lending. 

    b. Exa AI system analyzes and trades on more than 1,300 other coins as well as on Exacoin.

    2. For traders: Exacoin provides means and pioneering tools for traders on: 

    a. Signal solutions for buying/selling of any cryptocurrencies. 

    b. Smart trade applications on computers and mobile apps with the robust support from AI.
    c. Trade automation solutions on the cloud platform combined with Big Data.

    3. For miners: Exacoin provides totally new solutions for miners

    a. Professional miners earn EXA coins from powerful mega-computers. 

    b. Miners who are website programmers can also earn Exacoins using high-traffic websites.

    4. For Newbies: Exacoin is simple and easy to acquire.
    a. Exacoin provides simple technical solutions that everyone can access via mobile apps.

    b. Exacoin can be exploited from websites, providing a powerful tool for webmasters to deploy and exploit their websites effectively.

    5. For Exa AI: Learning from the community, contributing back to the community
    a. Exa AI learns trading behaviors of the community to adjust Exacoin price accordingly so that the community is constantly expanding and developing.
    b. Exa AI learns trading behaviors of the community to increase efficiency and to gain more profit when trading on major external exchanges, such as Bittrex, Poloinex, and so on.

    Technical Specification

    Coin name : Exacoin

    Coin abbreviation : EXA

    Coin Type : Proof of Work

    Algorithm : Equihash

    Coins premined : 6,000,000

    Maximum Coin Supply : 27,000,000


    To build Exacoin and Exa AI, we need a community and initial funding. Unlike other ICO projects, Exacoin has started to launch. First of all, we do not want you to provide too many Bitcoins. Let the Exacoin community grow, let Exa AI have opportunities to learn new knowledge from the community.
    In the ICO phase, we only launch Exa AI with the most basic functions. Afterwards, the more advanced functions will be released gradually. We will show you and all members of the Exa community the true power of Exa.
    6,000,000 coins of Exacoin will be on the ICO. All coins not sold during the ICO will be burnt after the end of this period.


    To create awareness on Exacoin and create a community which favors Exacoin, the ICO are sold in 20 days. Each day, only a limited number of Exacoins are released.



    Monthly profit is up to 60%.

    Lending is to invest using your own Exacoins (EXA) to get the return daily from Exa AI & Exa Trader.
    Exacoin provides investment options for you to get the full benefits as per your investment ability. On a daily basis, you are effortlessly and automatically received an interest payment on your account balance. The capital is refunded at the end of an investment contract.


    The special feature of EXA is the new PoW architecture, which optimizes the ability to mine via multiple devices, from advanced machines to basic web browsers.
    To earn a reward through PoW mining EXA coins, download the EXA wallet for your operating system.


    To grow the EXA community, we encourage community members to keep Exacoins.
    It is a way to confirm transactions for the system, the more EXA you keep, the more bonus you earn from Staking.
    This means that if you just hold your coins in your wallet over time, and not used for Staking, you can miss substantial benefits.
    So, if you have EXA that you are not involved in lending or trading, then you should involve them in Staking.
    With EXA, you are always guaranteed to earn the profit in one way or another. We offer a specific construction of Staking on our website, so if you are really interested in Staking, please visit our website for more details.

    Partnership program

    An affiliate program is proposed for members to introduce and promote Exacoin’s opportunities through their networks.
    Various types of ICO rewards are offered as below:

    Road map


    1. Website: https://exacoin.co
    2. Telegram: https://t.me/ExacoinGlobal
    3. Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Exaco...
    4. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ExacoinGlo...

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