Bitcoin’s All-Time High Just Proves That It's Not Too Late To Get Into Bitcoin

  • As Bitcoin continues to break all-time highs in a small amount of time, it just goes to show that it is the perfect currency to use in sports betting. Bitcoin is valued at $11,472 as of this writing, and its highest value has reached $11,700--within an arm’s reach of $12k. With this high value, it’s no doubt that it will continue its high streak and will topple anyone that says virtual currencies are a bubble.

    Volatility of Bitcoin

    Despite being a volatile virtual currency, it's believed to grow and scale from its current state. Analysts tag the current state of Bitcoin as an infant. Similar to babies, they will grow up physically and mentally and will learn so much more. Bitcoin is like that now. There are a lot of questions that surround the hyped cryptocurrency, but with many of its hard fork already occurred at the Bitcoin community in attempts to scale the currency. Bitcoin will be included in the future and it has shown signs that it will be the most-used currency in our future. Because Bitcoin solves many issues that we face in banks and governments today. Its deregulated function is one of its boasted uses--having the power to not be controlled by governments and banks sure does have its positive effects.    

    Bitcoin and its benefits to sports betting

    With this deregulation, Bitcoin users will have the ability to play and place wagers on Bitcoin sports betting websites at ease. Without having to worry about being tracked of your every move and the ability to be anonymous while inside the online sportsbooks. Bitcoin makes online betting convenient with its fast transactions--the ability to transfer money without the need to leave the comfort of your home anywhere in the world. Not only that, Bitcoin transfers are also cheaper than most bank wire transfers and bank transfers take at least 3 business days to complete. Bitcoin does not exceed 24 hours to complete and comes with little to no fees at all.

    It’s not too late to get into Bitcoin

    Bitcoin will reach new highs and is expected to reach $1 million value by 2020. So it’s not too late to get into Bitcoin with an $11k price! Bitcoin is about the long term, whether or not the price goes up, it’s benefits and convenience when it comes to online payments should matter the most. Especially the benefits that you will have once you get into playing in online Bitcoin sports betting websites.

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