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    Scorum Coin Mission

    Our mission is to jump-start the sports media evolution and enable Scorum
    community members to be fairly rewarded for sharing their passion for sports.
    This concept stands in stark contrast with the way traditional media businesses
    Scorum is the first blockchain-powered sports media platform. We aim to firmly
    establish ourselves in this niche and ensure stable development of our platform.
    We estimate the potential global audience size for the Scorum platform to be 1
    billion users aged 18 to 40.
    To maximize audience engagement, maintain high content quality and establish
    an active sports enthusiast community, Scorum offers the following benefits:
    1. A fair internal economic model based on blockchain technology.
    2. Built-in instruments for authors (interactive visualization tools, photo
    database, advanced sports analytics).
    3. Fully featured statistical centers for various sports.
    4. Commission-free betting exchange.
    5. In-house sports experts who ensure high quality of the sports analytics
    Given the platform’s unique value proposition, Scorum believes it has what it
    takes to become a cutting-edge media source at the heart of which lies passion
    for sports.

    Functionality Overview

    Functionality-wise, Scorum is a new-generation sports media source that
    ● sports content optimised blogging platform
    ● statistics center with integrated services and live streams
    ● commission-free fantasy sports platform
    ● commission-free betting exchange
    We’ve already developed the beta version of Scorum’s statistics center; upon
    which we will base the functionality of other services within the platform,
    including the betting exchange and data visualization tools for bloggers.
    The fantasy sports platform prototype is almost ready. Its users will finally be
    able to play for tokens.
    At the moment, we are also developing special analytics tools for authors using
    the BI-based services already integrated into the statistics center.
    Thanks to our decision to start product development with Scorum’s statistics
    center, we have already received positive feedback about our platform from both
    sports enthusiasts and professionals.
    In other words, our team at Scorum is well on its way to transforming these beta
    features into a fully functional platform. As we develop Scorum, we will continue
    focusing on the needs of the sports community as a whole as well as its specific

    Reward System

    By using Blockchain technology as the platform’s foundation, we were able to
    create a transparent and reliable reward system for Scorum authors and active
    platform members.
    To implement this functionality, we issue Scorum Coins (SCR) cryptocurrency
    and Scorum Power (SP) tokens.

    Built-in Instruments for Authors

    The Scorum blogging platform makes it easy for content creators to design
    engaging and visually appealing content, which in turn allows authors to focus
    their effort on writing quality publications about sports.
    Aside from the simple yet feature-rich editing tools, we have developed custom
    solutions for sports writers:
    1. Widgets displaying statistics center data which can be incorporated into
    publications with just a few clicks.
    2. Built-in photo database where authors can get quality images for their
    3. Sports analytics tools which allow content creators to quickly create
    interactive data visuals.
    We are developing Scorum’s features with the focus on sports media audience
    interests which allows us to preserve the platform’s ease of use while
    maintaining its high level of functionality.

    Basics of Scorum Economic Model

    Scorum’s economic model is based on the following principles:
    1. Cryptocurrency needs to be supported by the real economy.
    2. All the active participants must benefit.
    3. Income distribution should be objective and fair and controlled by the user
    At the moment, there are three planned stable revenue sources:
    1. Internal pay-per-click advertising. Content authors will be able to use it to
    promote the content they create.
    2. Partner programs. Within the platform, users will be able to buy various
    sports products from our partners:
    ● Live broadcasts of sporting events.
    ● Event tickets.
    ● Sports merchandise.
    ● Other sporting goods.
    These sporting goods and services will be sold at a discount when
    purchased with Scorum Coins instead of other currencies.

    3. Photo database. Authors will be able to use photos for their publications
    from the large built-in photo database. 10% of the photo’s value goes to
    To learn more about income distribution at Scorum, please read the “SCR
    Distribution from Scorum Revenue” section.
    The mathematical payout allocation and distribution model is available on
    Google Sheets.

    Scorum Tokens

    To ensure proper functioning of the Scorum economy, we are issuing the Scorum
    Coins (SCR) cryptocurrency and the Scorum Power (SP) internal token.
    Scorum Coin (SCR) is planned to operate on the Scorum platform. It can also be
    transferred to other users. These are the tokens that will be available for
    purchase during the Token Crowdsale.
    Scorum Power (SP) is an internal token that needed to enable technical
    interactions between the system’s users. SP value is directly proportional at 1:1
    ratio to SCR.
    Using Scorum Coins
    SCR may be used within the Scorum platform in the following ways:
    1. SCR owners can purchase partner products and services using SCR (see the
    “Basics of Scorum Economic Model” section).
    2. SCR can be used to pay for in-platform ads (see the “Basics of Scorum
    Economic Model” section).

    3. SCR can be used at the integrated commission-free sport betting exchange.
    According to data cited by the BBC, the size of the fiat sports betting market
    reached the 1 trillion USD mark 4 years ago. It is difficult to obtain more
    accurate data because of the large number of market players and its nontransparent
    economy. However large its size today, it is plausible to assume
    that all the fiat money of the sports betting industry will migrate into
    commission-free solutions which can only be implemented using blockchain
    technology. Scorum is aiming to dominate this market niche.
    4. SCR can be purchased on the Scorum website. To ensure that buying SCR is
    quick and easy, our platform will function as an intermediary between users
    and cryptocurrency exchanges. The option to buy SCR on the Scorum
    website will provide an additional revenue stream for Scorum and will have a
    positive effect on the growth of SCR value.

    Using Scorum Power

    SP tokens can only be used inside the Scorum platform. They are needed to
    ensure technical interactions between system users and to allocate rewards to
    users including the Bounty Program rewards.
    Owning SP has the following advantages:
    ● The more SP, the higher the probability to get the delegate status and have
    an impact on Scorum’s project development.
    ● The more SP, the more influence the user’s opinion has within the project
    (Voting Power).
    ● The more SP, the larger the share in the reward pool for owning SP

    Users can get Scorum Power for registering on the platform as well as creating
    content, voting and signing blocks.
    For more information about ways to get SP, please see the “SP Emission and
    Distribution” section.
    In order to prevent SP’s entering the exchanges and to protect the system’s
    integrity, it will not be possible to transfer SP between users.
    Therefore, only SCR tokens will be available at the exchanges (see “SCR > SP >
    SCR Conversion” section)

    SCR > SP > SCR Conversion

    At the Scorum platform, the SCR-to-SP exchange happens immediately.
    It is also possible to exchange SP into SCR in equal shares within 12 months
    after conversion process activation (this time frame can later be changed by the
    delegates). This measure is aimed at protecting token holders’ interests.
    SP > SCR conversion will be available only after adding the internal advertising
    into the platform. This measure is aimed at supporting the SCR exchange rate by
    increasing the demand for the tokens from the side of advertisers.

    SCR Emission and Distribution

    To finance further development of the platform, Scorum is issuing Scorum Coins
    (SCR) cryptocurrency and putting it up for sale to token purchasers during the
    Token Crowdsale. A finite amount of SCR and SP tokens will be issued.
    Scorum Coins cryptocurrency totalling 20M is created and sold as part of the
    Token Crowdsale:

    ● 18.6M SCR are put on sale and used for creation and development of the
    Scorum project.
    ● 930K SCR are distributed as part of Token Crowdsale Affiliate Program.
    ● 470K SCR are distributed on a long-term basis among Scorum team as
    incentive bonuses.
    Afterwards, SCR can be produced only by means of SP > SCR conversion. All the
    SCR tokens unsold during Token Crowdsale will be converted into SP. Throughout
    the year, all the received tokens will be converted into SCR, sold at the exchange
    and used for Scorum product development.

    Token Crowdsale Summary

    Token distribution

    20M SCR are distributed during the Token Crowdsale in the following stages:
    1. 1 600 000 SCR at a rate of 1 SCR = 0.5 USD (fiat currency equivalents here
    and throughout are provided for informational purposes only; no fiat
    currency will be accepted in the Token Crowdsale). Total for 800K USD —
    50% discount from nominal value.
    2. 2 000 000 SCR at a rate of 1 SCR = 0.75 USD. Total for 1.5M USD — 25%
    discount from nominal value.
    3. 3 000 000 SCR at a rate of 1 SCR = 0.9 USD. Total for 2.7M USD — 10%
    discount from nominal value.
    4. 12 000 000 SCR at a rate of 1 SCR = 1 USD. Total for 12M USD — nominal

    Funds allocation

    1. 65% of the raised funds go towards the development. Most of the functions
    of Scorum will be implemented within the first year, but they will require
    continued refinement and development as the platform grows in popularity
    and expands to cover all major sports. Much of the initial development
    funds will be spent on establishing contracts with statistics providers so
    that our statistics center have the latest in-depth sports data for Scorum
    users to access.
    Integrating and expanding Scorum as a competitor in the US sports media
    industry will require significant funds to tailor the design of the platform to
    fit the needs and interests of each unique fan community.
    2. 20% will be dedicated to marketing. As a direct way to get connected to the
    widest audience of sports fans, Scorum will use professional athlete
    promotion of the project through its ambassador program.
    Scorum’s blogging platform will provide a direct connection from athletes to
    their supporters and the partner programs will give the fans exclusive deals
    to buy merchandise endorsed by their favorite athletes.
    Scorum ambassadors will make use of a variety of promotional strategies to
    incentivize fan participation in Scorum including:
    ● Autographed jersey and merchandise giveaways
    ● Event ticket lotteries with a chance to meet and chat with Scorum
    ● Live online chats with athletes through Scorum’s platform
    ● Personal blog posts and updates on Scorum

    ● Active users and fans will get to meet and greet ambassadors at
    Scorum Fest and other regional meet-ups.
    3. 15% is set aside for legal support, as the international and local regulations
    around cryptocurrency based projects are in an ever state of change.
    For local and European regulatory advice, we rely on Revera, a top business
    law firm with 18 years of experience working with over 3000 international
    We also cooperated with Velton-Zegelman PC, based in San Francisco. Their
    firm has years of experience guiding tech start-ups to navigate the
    international regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Julian Zegelman,
    partner of the company, has also entered our advisory board.
    According to the Velton-Zegelman PC resolution, Scorum’s liquid
    cryptocurrency has met the requirements of a utility token according to the
    Howey test (see the resolution here). So US citizens are allowed to

    Scorum Team Incentive Program

    470K SCR are emitted in order to motivate the employees of the company. These
    tokens will be paid as bonuses in addition to salaries until the allocated sum is
    fully paid out.

    Token Crowdsale Affiliate Program

    930K SCR are available for affiliates who help attract token purchasers for the
    Token Crowdsale.
    Every affiliate that participates in the program has its unique referral code (the
    link with the code is available in users’ personal account on the Scorum Token

    Crowdsale website) which can be used to track Scorum Coins buyers. The

    affiliate will receive 5% SCR based on the amount of SCR their referral links
    For example, an affiliate placed the link on social networks. A certain number of
    token purchasers went via this link to buy 1000 SCR. Thus the affiliate will get 50
    Tokens not distributed via this program will be destroyed.

    SP Emission and Distribution: 10M Bounty Program

    Scorum Power Tokens will be emitted in the course of user registration. A
    maximum of 10M SP will be issued. The nominal value of 1 SP = 1 SCR = 1 USD.
    Scorum Power tokens will be distributed as part of the Bounty program.
    Scorum Power Distribution:
    ● 2.1M SP— registration bonuses
    ● 3.84M SP — bonuses for voting and commenting
    ● 3M SP — to founders
    ● 0.1M SP — to Steemit users
    ● 0.48M SP — to witnesses (users signing blocks)
    ● 0.48M SP — to active SP holders
    As all the rewards from the bounty program are paid in SP tokens, the
    conversion of which into SCR will be delayed, new SCR are expected to appear on

    the market in small quantities and will be directly dependent on project’s
    The system is secured against falsified registrations and other attacks thanks to
    the following mechanisms:
    1. Gradual SP burning in case of user inactivity.
    2. Delayed SP > SCR conversion

    Registration Reward Pool
    Amount: 2.1M SP
    SP rewards for registration will be allocated in 4 stages. At each stage, the
    quantity of tokens issued per person will decrease.
    Distribution of registration rewards.

    After six months of inactivity, the SP given to a user for registration will expire.

    Activity Reward Pool

    Amount: 3.84M SP
    The activity reward pool gets replenished with each registration on the Scorum
    website. Each new registration results in the pool getting replenished in equal
    sums within 100 days.
    For example, during the first stage when new users get registered, the process of
    pool replenishment begins at 0.0914 SP per user per day for 100 days, which is
    equal to 9.14 SP in total. Going forward, the pools collected in this manner are
    distributed among users that were active on the website (submitted publications,
    commented, voted, etc.).
    SP activity reward pool distribution.

    Witness Reward Pool

    Amount: 0.48M SP
    Distributed between witnesses (delegates signing blocks).

    Founders Reward Pool

    Amount: 3M SP
    Distributed between Scorum founders at their discretion.

    Steemit Users Reward Pool

    Amount: 0.1M SP
    Distributed among Steemit users.
    We support the audience that is already familiar with a project similar to Scorum
    and have therefore created a special pool for Steemit users. A Blockchain
    snapshot will be taken when the Scorum Coins crowdsale is finished. Data will be
    recorded here. SP tokens from our Steemit bounty program will be distributed
    equally among Steemit users who participate, with 2x bonus for the first
    thousand entrants, in the bounty. SP tokens are paid to a public Steem address
    which can be activated by using personal Steem key.

    Active SP owners

    Amount: 0.48M SP
    Distributed between active SP owners, users whose Voting Power is less than

    SCR Distribution from Scorum Revenue

    SCR tokens are distributed from Scorum revenue according to the following
    1. Internal advertising.
    a. 50% of revenue is distributed in SCR among users.
    i. 40% goes to SCR activity reward pool.
    ● 30% goes toward rewarding content creators.
    ● 10% goes to voting users.
    ii. 5% is paid out to active SP owners (i.e., SP owners, who actively
    participate in voting as measured by having less than 100% VP) in
    proportion to their SP account balance.
    iii. 5% is distributed among witnesses (users who sign blocks).
    b. 50% of the revenue goes to support and develop the product, namely,
    towards the company’s R&D center.
    2. Partner programs. Scorum will offer a discount to all users who choose to
    make payments within the platform using SCR. The discount amount will
    depend on conditions negotiated with Scorum partners.
    3. Photo database. 80% of the photo’s value will go to its author. 10% goes to
    the photographer reward pool and the remaining 10% goes to Scorum.

    SCR Activity Reward Pool

    Scorum rewards its active users for creating and engaging with platform content.
    40% of Scorum’s advertising revenue go to SCR activity reward pool. This amount
    is distributed among authors of publications and readers who evaluate content
    by voting for it. Each user can cast their vote for publications and comments on
    Scorum’s blogging platform as well as vote for comments within the statistical

    Voting Power (VP)

    Each user has a dynamic parameter Voting Power (VP) which gets spent during
    voting and gets fully recovered within 120 hours (5 days). The maximum VP
    value is equal to the user’s current amount of SP.
    With each vote, up to 5% of the remaining Voting Power is spent. The more often
    the user votes, the less power each vote has as VP does not have enough time to
    The more VP a post or a comment gets, the higher the payout, which is
    distributed between the post’s author, commentary creator, photographer as well
    as the users who voted for it.
    Reward distribution depends on the following factors:
    1. VP of the voter that is given for the post. The more VP given for a post, the
    higher the payout.
    2. Sequence. Users that voted earlier get paid at a higher payout rate.
    3. Time from the moment of publication.
    ● The later the voting happens, the smaller the payout.

    ● In order to protect the system from spam voting, we implement the
    following system: during the first 30 minutes after publishing a post or
    a comment, a portion of the voters’ rewards goes to the content
    creator. If a vote or comment comes within the first minute of content
    publication, 100% of rewards will go to the author. This percentage will
    gradually go down to 0% by the 30th minute.
    For example, if a vote comes in on the 15th minute after publishing, 50%
    of the rewards will go to the post’s author. If users consider the post
    trendy and valuable, they should share a portion of their earnings and
    cast their vote earlier in order to keep their VP high.

    Publication Statuses

    Scorum publications are categorized into three statuses:
    1. New. No one has voted for a publication and no more than 12 hours have
    passed from the moment of its creation. Publication does not get any
    2. Active. From the moment the first vote has been cast, the post will remain
    active for 7 days and receives payouts from the SP and SCR activity reward
    3. Archive. If a publication has not received any votes for 12 hours, OR if 7
    days have passed since the moment of its activation, the publication moves
    into an inactive state and does not participate in the reward distribution.
    Each user gives a part of their Voting Power at the moment of voting. During its
    active state, a post accrues Voting Power and participates in the reward
    allocation process from the SCR activity reward pool. The tokens from pools are
    distributed once per minute. The more Voting Power a post gets, the bigger its

    reward share which gets distributed from the SCR activity reward pool. Only
    active posts participate in the reward distribution process

    Activity Reward Distribution

    At Scorum, users get rewarded for being active on the platform: from post
    authors to commenters to users who cast their votes for posts.
    The special feature in the comment reward system at Scorum is that 50% of
    commenting rewards for posts goes to the original post or comment. This way
    authors of interesting content get extra rewards if their post spurs lively
    discussions. This commenting reward hierarchy is preserved up to the 6th level.
    Scorum has developed an analogous reward system for comments left for
    entities within the statistics center (players, judges, coaches, clubs, leagues
    etc.). Comment authors get rewarded as well as all the verified entities within the
    statistics center. It’s important to note that Scorum will administer payouts only
    to verified entities in the statistics center. If an entity is not verified, the tokens are
    kept on their accounts until the verification process is complete. Such system
    allows Scorum to involve sports industry professionals in the project.
    Publication author gets:
    ● 75% from the publication payout sum.
    ● 50% from the payout sum allocated for all authors of comments of the 1st
    ● 25% from the payout sum allocated for all authors of comments of the 2nd
    ● And so forth until the comments of the 6th level inclusive.

    Comment author gets:

    ● 75% from the comment payout sum.
    ● 50% from the payout sum for all the comments of the 1st level.
    ● 25% from the payout sum for all the comments of the 2nd level.
    ● And so forth until the comments of the 6th level inclusive.
    Statistical center entity gets:
    ● 50% from the payout sum for all the comments of the 1st level.
    ● 25% from the payout sum for all the comments of the 2nd level.
    ● And so forth until the comments of the 6th level inclusive.

    User who voted gets:

    ● 25% of the payout for the publication/comment distributed among all the
    users who voted for it.
    Photographers Reward Pool
    The photographer reward pool is continuously replenished with SCR in
    accordance with the Scorum Revenue Distribution mechanism. The pool’s
    resources are distributed monthly among authors of the photographs that were
    used in publications and/or comments. The success (in Voting Power) of the
    publication or comment also plays a role. Authors can put their best pictures in
    separate posts and participate in their promotion, thereby influencing the reward
    distribution in two reward pools: for submitting a photograph and for activity as
    an author of the publication.


    Different structural parts of the project are currently at various stages of
    completion. Both user and technical tests of the features already developed are
    going well, and we have firm plans to launch a partially limited Scorum version in
    the beginning of 2018 with the blogging platform and the reward system added
    on and ready to use. At the initial stages of Scorum’s existence, we have
    determined the two strategic markets for our product to be Europe and North
    Using the already developed statistics center for soccer as a reference, we will be
    gradually rolling out support for all popular sports from around the globe.
    December 2017: Fantasy sports platform prototype

    March 2018: Blockchain and online wallet launch

    April 2018: Fantasy sports platform with SCR integration

    May 2018: The Scorum blogging platform featuring its integrated reward distribution system goes live. Microsoft’s Power BI integration goes public.

    June 2018: The betting exchange will open so that users can bet against each without commission.

    July 2018: The advertising system will be implemented with 40% of ad revenue directed to the SCR Activity Reward pool.

    September 2018: Sports data visualizations for the blogging platform will go live with integrated photo database MVP.

    October 2018: We’ll add the most popular USA sports leagues to the statistical center.

    Technical Overview

    There are three technical blockchain components that make up the Scorum
    sports media platform: the blockchain protocol, Web infrastructure and data
    analytics services.

    Blockchain Protocol

    The blockchain protocol is the most essential part of the Scorum project. Any
    public blockchain must contain economic stimuli aimed at rewarding those
    project participants that support the protocol as well as penalties for those who
    try to compromise it.
    Because of the the technical complexity of modeling and development of the
    unique economic system of the Scorum blockchain protocol, we have decided to
    rely on ready-made solutions whenever possible. Many of the technical
    components of blockchain models similar to Scorum have already been
    developed and successfully used in other projects. We have picked what we
    believe to be the best blockchain solutions available and applied them to the
    development of Scorum.
    The Graphene framework is used to develop the blockchain protocol for Scorum.
    This solution has already proved itself both reliable and highly capable in such
    successful blockchain projects as Bitshares, Steemit, and Golos.
    The Scorum blockchain uses the DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus
    algorithm. The key advantage of this algorithm is its high-traffic network capacity
    of up to 10 000 transactions per second. Such performance is made possible
    thanks to a combination of several factors:

    1. The schedule for the nodes signing blocks is known ahead of time.
    2. Effective transaction processing in each node.
    3. All data necessary for validating transactions is stored in the memory.
    At Scorum blockchain, production of new blocks is made by delegates and takes
    place according to the schedule made for the following round. The schedule for
    each round is made according to the protocol. More specifically, 21 delegates are
    chosen who will be signing the blocks. 20 of them are chosen according to user
    votes. 1 of them is selected from the delegate queue; the delegate with the
    largest number of Scorum Power tokens gets chosen for the upcoming block
    signing round. Each user can participate in block signing thereby playing an
    active role in the decision making process of what type of information becomes
    part of the Scorum blockchain.
    In order to make it to the list of 21 delegates chosen to sign blocks for the
    following round, a user needs to either become one of the top 20 most popular
    candidates according to user votes OR buy a sufficient amount of Scorum Power
    and wait for their turn in the queue among all the remaining candidates that didn’t
    make it to the top-20 list.
    Block production synchronization among delegates (witnesses) is carried out
    according to the NTP protocol which is being used successfully in other
    blockchain systems (Bitshares, Steemit and Golos).
    In order to provide users with an opportunity to perform transactions within the
    Scorum blockchain network without having to spend their resources, we came up
    with the free transaction model for the platform which is made possible by the
    system dynamically calculating bandwidth capacity of each user.
    Blockchain protocol is a set of technology solutions responsible for both
    development and proper execution of user interaction protocol inside a

    specialized p2p network. Blockchain also develops protocol rules and makes
    sure they are executed by a client supporting the protocol. In this case, the client
    is a cross-platform application with an open source code publicly available for
    analysis and use by any interested parties.
    To make the Scorum blockchain deployment process more convenient, we
    provide each new protocol version as a Docker image which allows us to avoid
    the peculiarities of various operating systems and environments. This in turn
    allows our users to easily utilize the client, which is especially important for
    delegates who need to keep the nodes active within the network in order to take
    part in block production rounds. These Docker images of public nodes are also
    deeply integrated into the system of continuous Web infrastructure expansion of
    the Scorum platform.

  • Scorum and OpenLedger Join Forces

    OpenLedger offers a host of services to startups in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry including a decentralized exchange based on Bitshares and the Graphene framework. Since Scorum is also building its next-gen sports media platform on Graphene, it was only natural for us to team up with OpenLedger for asset management in the form of their escrow services.

    Starting January 14th on day one of the public Scorum Crowdsale, funds raised will be placed in escrow with OpenLedger. All money will be deposited in OpenLedger’s escrow fund until the Scorum blockchain is published. We’ve taken this measure to ensure that SCR token purchasers can trust the Scorum team to fulfill its responsibilities in developing and publishing the Scorum blockchain and wallet. Funds raised during the presale and whitelist member sale (January 8th-13th) will be available to us at Scorum to finish development of the Scorum blockchain and also continue marketing plans throughout the public crowdsale.

    During the Scorum Crowdsale, each purchase will be made to a unique address and tracked internally so that we can deposit the appropriate amount of SCR tokens to each buyer. The ETH and BTC collected during the crowdsale from January 14th to Februaty 11th will be held in OpenLedger’s ETH and BTC wallets at the addresses listed below and stored securely until the Scorum blockchain is published. Token purchasers will be able to monitor the addresses that hold the funds raised from January 14th to February 11th during the Scorum Crowdsale.

    Scorum’s OpenLedger escrow addresses are:

    ETH: 0x0090421e334A3cEb15C419941B5D6f4C93798ae8

    BTC: 3AFiqPTbBxj2PZjzjbykSrsx5JECeAj5sM

    To receive the funds raised in the crowdsale held in escrow by OpenLedger, Scorum will meet the following requirements according to the escrow agreement:

    • Complete development of the Scorum blockchain and publish it to the main net.
    • Create the Genesis Block of the Scorum blockchain at which point all SCR tokens will be produced.
    • Release the Scorum user wallet where buyers can generate their private keys and access the SCR tokens they purchased during the crowdsale.

    Furthermore, Scorum is glad to welcome OpenLedger Founder Ronny Boesing to the Scorum board of advisors. We look forward to a fruitful and successful partnership with OpenLedger as we advance the adoption and adaptation of blockchain technology into the wide world of sports. SCR purchasers can buy with the confidence that Scorum’s funds will be held in escrow until the Scorum blockchain is operational and launched.

    Scorum’s Crowdsale starts January 14th at 17:00 GMT. See you there!

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