ZCash New CUDA Miner 0.3.4c by EWBF With Improved Performance from Bitcoin Gold​

  • Edit: Removed binaries as they have started crashing my miners. Please check the version below and us it. Edit2: After vast virus check the provided software is said to have a malicious files by VIPRE and Cybereason (the rest of the softwares show that there is a Bitcoin miner, which is expected).However we are removing it and waiting for another release. We will also send the files to laboratory, they can provide even more info. Until that moment you can use v0.3.4b

    Improved speed of about 4%, there are some GDDR5x memory stable optimizations implemented in reference miner. Expected speeds 760 sols/s gtx 1080ti, 530 sols/s gtx1070ti. Added maximum intensity for 11gb pascal gpus by default. Added gpu’s corrected power usage in watts for new devices Miner fee can be switched on/off with option --fee developer fee control.



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