DASH Faucets

  • http://makingmoneyhoney.com/rotator/DASHRotator.htm

    These sites have been tested and we have received payouts from all of them. If you find one that doesn't, feel free to report it using the contact form and we'll remove it from the list if we find a problem. The websites count your total for you, and when you hit your minimum before payout limit, they will pay out. Check the individual websites for specifics, or use the contact form for questions.

    For the Official DarkCoin / DASH wallet click here:https://www.dashpay.io/downloads/, and then click on your operating system.

    If you find your wallet to be slow, it may be because you have many transactions involving faucets. You can start your Dash core wallet with the -litemode command as long as you don't need to mix your coins. See here:http://www.makingmoneyhoney.com/dashlite.htm

    Some ads play sound, you can mute your volume while doing them. Some websites have popups and ads saying "download now;" there's never a good reason to download from a faucet website, they're just ads. Most faucet owners know their ads are scams, and don't care, please read the guide for protecting yourself and your wallet here:http://www.makingmoneyhoney.com/guide3protect.htm. Also, some sites will show the faucet balance, you can use it to figure out if the faucet is dry or not. If it is dry, feel free to use the contact us form, also you can check the site from time to time, because the owner or a donator may add funds.

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