CrowdWiz - a next generation decentralized investments ecosystem, based on Ethereum.

  • What is CrowdWiz?

    CrowdWiz, a next generation decentralized investments ecosystem, based on Ethereum.

    We use blockchain technology to revolutionize and democratize the
    investing and capital raising sphere by eliminating the contemporary
    intermediaries in the market, such as investment brokers, fund managers,
    underwriters, and big financial institutions, and by doing so - we will
    place the power and control over the investments in the hands of
    investors. No middlemen, no extra fees!

    What is our mission?

    To democratize investment by eliminating intermediaries and to decentralize control by placing the power where it belongs - entirely into the hands of investors.

    What is our vision?

    To create a unique ecosystem built around the WIZ token leveraging "wisdom of the crowd" to empower the community and to stimulate innovation, decentralization and efficiency.

    The CrowdWiz Ecosystem

    The CrowdWiz Ecosystem aims to establish a global decentralized network focused on financial services. The platform includes different types of participants grouped into three main categories: investors, entrepreneurs, and the CrowdWiz system itself, that enables the creation of new crowds aimed at different cryptocurrencies or investment vehicles.
    Investors and Entrepreneurs
    Investors are WIZ token holders who can passively benefit from the success of the CrowdWiz ecosystem and actively participate in the different investment opportunities available on the platform.
    Investors can:

    - Participate in existing investment crowds.

    -  Create new crowds to pursue their own personal investment goals.
    Entrepreneurs can benefit from CrowdWiz by discovering accessible ways to finance their projects and business ventures without having to comply with the entry barriers that large financial institutions such as banks and investment firms place in their way.
    Entrepreneurs can:

    -  Create a crowd to fund their cause and issue their own token to this crowd. In this way, entrepreneurs benefit from quick and easy access to an already established investor community which is in constant search of investment opportunities.

    -  List their own token on the WizExchange free of charge and present their proposal to crowds of individual investors via an open network of contacts.
    Token holders can act as both investors and entrepreneurs in various crowds. The model interlinks investors with entrepreneurs by opening direct access to transactions, capital raising and investment opportunities that otherwise may not be accessible on the current centralized market.


    CrowdWiz is the official legal entity that creates WIZ (the CrowdWiz token), the business model and the technology that enables the ecosystem. CrowdWiz is focused on releasing open source cryptographic technologies that enable decentralized operation of the CrowdWiz network.
    The roles of CrowdWiz include:
    1. Creating the CrowdWiz token (WIZ), organizing and executing the token sale event to fund the development and operation of the CrowdWiz platform;
    2. Establishing the model for executing financial services via CrowdWiz in a secure, transparent, democratic and decentralized way;
    3. Offering incentives for service and technology providers, financial services providers and entrepreneurs to join the CrowdWiz network, adopt WIZ, and introduce their networks to the utility features available on the CrowdWiz platform;
    4. Developing the technology required for running the platform, such as Ethereum smart contracts that execute financial services based on the wisdom of the crowd;
    5. Releasing the CrowdWiz app, so users can participate, make proposals, and vote on investment opportunities within the CrowdWiz network via a user friendly interface;
    6. Promoting the CrowdWiz network by forming partnerships and marketing to bootstrap activity;
    7. Dealing with regulatory aspects of the ecosystem.
    CrowdWiz Ltd. is incorporated as a for-profit company in Estonia. The revenues of CrowdWiz Ltd. will come from consulting services to companies that use the CrowdWiz platform and from its assets. CrowdWiz Ltd. does not operate deals but may curate them in the apps it distributes and/or offer services to test the system and may change this policy in the future.

    What makes CrowdWiz different

    In CrowdWiz, we believe that crowd wisdom is the perfect fit. It recognized that the concept of a decentralized and transparent investing environment where no party has an unfair advantage over the other has huge appeal. Its platform is for both entrepreneurs and investors, so for them the wisdom of the crowd can help them maximize their profits.

    Main Benefits for Investors

    • Investing without middlemen

      Connecting directly between investors and yielding investments without intermediaries

    • We provide transparency and security

      Decentralized, secure, transparent financing ecosystem, focusing on the protection of investors' assets.

    • We believe in democracy

      Democratized environment, where everyone's votes count equally

    • Mutual benefit

      A way to benefit from the profits of the entire ecosystem

    • You decide where to invest

      Investors are able to start their own crowd investment funds focused on their intentions

    Main Benefits for Entrepreneurs

    • We help entrepreneurs

      Connecting entrepreneurs with private individuals that are looking for investments

    • We cut the middlemen

      Cutting the middlemen gives a fair chance to entrepreneurs and startups

    • Financial services for entrepreneurs

      Providing an exchange where entrepreneurs can list their self-generated tokens in order to finance their project

    How it works?

    We democratize investments:

    unique ecosystem

    WizFund platform

    Gives you a turnkey solution to create new crowd wisdom funds


    Is a proprietary exchange where new native ecosystem tokens are automatically listed & traded


    Is a proprietary dApp store open to third party developers


    Is a proprietary voting mechanism enabling decentralized decision making


    Is a pipeline of new products, including WizInsurance, WizLending, WizProperty providing further growth opportunities


    Is a smart trading algorithm providing an aggregating liquidity solution and optimizing trade execution

    We are a secure platform

    • We use HTTPS encryption algorithms and OAuth2 authorization protocol protect communication within the platform
    • User Protection
    • Verification by a third party identity service (WebID)
    • OAuth2 are enabling us to manage different levels of access and permissions
    • Wiz.App uses advanced user verification technologies
    • Sensitive user data is hashed or encrypted
    • Further security solutions will be implemented for full transparency

    Scalable platform for a steady growth

    • The CrowdWiz platform is designed to facilitate further growth and scalability sourced both internally and externally
    • We offer WizInsurance, WizLending, WizProperty
    • Full stack of API’s for third party developers
    • UX facilitating the process of mainstream adoption of decentralized funds
    • A perfect environment for synergistic collaboration among all parties


    CrowdWiz is project led by the same team that led the development of KRYPTON SOFTWARE, a company which has already gained vast experience and proven achievements in the financial industry, while establishing itself as a key technology provider. Our team consists of leading professionals from the technological, investment, and financial industry, who pioneered the field of online financial trading. Founded in 2008, KRYPTON SOFTWARE is considered among the largest online trading platform providers in the world, with more than 160 employees worldwide.

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