Hero Token Bounty Campaign Update — Dec. 6, 2017

  • To all bounty participants,

    We have received feedback from a few members expressing their concern about the bounty running rather longer than they expected, particularly those who participated in the Signature campaign. Please know that we are listening intently to everyone’s concerns and work towards a solution that will be beneficial for all parties.

    To help those who find continuing bounty work challenging , we are offering the following options:

    1. OPTION 1: Pause Bounty Work

    For participants who have supported the bounty campaigns from August 16 until December 1, you now have to option to PAUSE. This means that if you did not violate any of the rules and have continuously supported the project, you can opt to pause (work another project) and will not be disqualified.

    This applies to all campaigns but primarily for participants of the Bitcointalk forum signature campaign.

    2. OPTION 2: Continue Bounty Work

    For those participants who wish to increase their stakes in Hero, you are free to do so. Just continue contributing to the bounty campaigns you have enlisted yourself in and your stakes will continue to add up. After the token sale, you will receive your full share of Hero Tokens.


    Anyone who joins the Bounty Campaign after December 1 and does not violate any of the rules until the end of the token sale will receive their share of Hero Tokens. Naturally, this will be proportionate to the amount of work you contributed.

    We hope these solutions will clarify things and also help those who already want to stop and engage in something different, whilst still securing their stakes in the Hero bounty campaigns.

    Please understand that as much as we would want to compensate you right now, the rules of the bounty campaign states that you have to fulfill your end until project is completed. Also, since there are no Hero Tokens minted yet, receiving your tokens in advance is not really an option.

    We thank you for your support since the beginning of the Hero project and wish you will continue the bounty campaigns. Please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram if you have questions or further concerns.

    All bounty participants will eventually need to agree to the Hero Origen Token terms and conditions and potentially need to complete the same KYC requirements as those who purchase tokens during the sale.

    — Your Hero Origen Token Team

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