Bitfinite (BFC) - [ICO] - X11 | Crypto Lending

  • Bitfinite  is an open source all in one decentralized, peer to peer crypto community developed to provide several investment opportunities  where it is entirely possible to find the independence we all desire.

    Bitfinite coin (BFC), the alt coin for the bitfinite crypto community will provide immense value to holders. Continuous investment in R&D ensures that coin value remains at peak.


    Symbol: BFC

    Technology: BLOCK CHAIN

    PoW Algorithm : X11

    Maximum Block Size : 3 MB

    Coin Maturity : 43 Block

    PoW Block Reward : 10 coins per block

    Block Halving Rate : 64000

    Last PoW Block : 262800 Block

    Maximum Supply : 21,000,000

    Premined : 6,000.000


    4th Dec 2017

    ICO Pre-Registration

    18th DEC 2017

    ICO Crowd Sale Start

    17th JAN 2018

    ICO Crowd Sale Ends

    20th JAN 2018

    Ux/Ui/Security Upgrades

    22nd JAN 2018

    Start Lending Platform

    29th JAN 2018

    Internal Exchange Opens

    29th JAN 2018

    Launch Market Maker (AI Bot)

    15th FEB 2018

    External Exchange Listing

    28th FEB 2018

    Release Mining Pool/Desktop Wallets Release

    6th MAR 2018

    Mobile Wallet Launch (IOS/Android)

    28th JUN 2018

    Launch Lottery Cryptocurrency Platform

    30th JUL 2018

    API Connection for Payment Gate

    22nd SEP 2018

    Bitfinite Marketplace Launch

    13th NOV 2018

    Release Roadmap for Continued Development


    We will make available 5,000,000  bitfinite coins to initial investors  before BFC becomes publicly traded in exchanges.


    How to participate?

    Earn Guaranteed ROI Upto 45% Monthly From Our Lending Program.Our
    Members Profit From The Bitfinite Trading Bot And Volatility Software

    Lottery Cryptocurrency

    Global anonymous blockchain Lottery Cryptocurrency with instant payouts, open source code, fair draw process and transparent prize fund. The system will determine the winning set through the open-source randomizer. The code will be  published on GitHub.


    The bitfinite marketplace lets you sell anything, to anyone, anywhere in the world in exchange for bitfinite coins.  Our Global aim is to create a fair and mutually beneficial Marketplace where  retailers can comfortably get additional sales based on transparent and affordable price while directly reward those who make the sales possible (affiliates). The geolocation module in the app will allow user to find retailers within their location with particulars offers.

    Exchange Partners

    Bitfinite coins will be publicly traded on these exchanges


    Website: | Facebook:



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