LBRY (LBC) Pre - Release v0.19.0rc7

  • @lbryio


    • Fixed unnecessarily verbose exchange rate error (#984)
    • Merged two separate dht test folders into one
    • Fixed value error due to a race condition when saving to the claim cache (#1013)
    • Fixed being unable to re-download updated content (#951)


    • channel_list_mine, replaced with channel_list


    • Check claim schema in publish before trying to make the claim, return better error messages
    • Renamed channel_list_mine to channel_list
    • Changed channel_list to include channels where the certificate info has been imported but the claim is not in the wallet
    • Changed file_list, file_delete, file_set_status, and file_reflect to no longer return claim related information.
    • Increased assumption for time it takes to announce single hash from 1 second to 5 seconds


    • Added channel_import and channel_export commands
    • Added is_mine field to channel_list results
    • Added claim_renew command
    • Added user configurable auto_renew_claim_height_delta setting, defaults to 0 (off)
    • Added lbrynet-console, a tool to run or connect to lbrynet-daemon and launch an interactive python console with the api functions built in.


    • Removed claim related filter arguments name, claim_id, and outpoint from file_list, file_delete, file_set_status, and file_reflect
    • Removed unused files
    • Removed old and unused UI related code


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