Status joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA)

  • Focused on fostering the public Ethereum blockchain in the EEA, the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative

    We have terrific news. Today, we’re thrilled to announce Status is joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative. With membership across the Fortune 500, innovative start-ups, cutting-edge research facilities, and even governments. The EEA’s mission is to enhance the privacy, security, and scalability of Ethereum-based blockchain technologies.

    An early-stage start-up in a nascent market, our entry into the EEA is a watershed moment. As a passionately open-source project committed to the public blockchain, our goal is to partner across the EEA membership roster to ensure the promise of Ethereum is tangible for billions of people. We look to play a leading role in the development of Ethereum with EEA-member enterprises, start-ups, and academics, and we’re focused on cultivating relationships and leveraging resources that drive the development of open-source standards for the public Ethereum blockchain.

    Currently, Status and Status Hardwallet are in development. Launched earlier in November, Status Open Bounty is already bringing together devs and organizations, demonstrating our commitment to open source. Some may say our participation in the EEA is at odds with our vision of decentralization. Rather, we believe our entry into the EEA is an opportunity to help traditional enterprises — often challenged by a deep legacy of investment in centralized systems — navigate the world of blockchain and Ethereum. As we continue to scale, our participation in the EEA is an important strategic initiative we believe will support the decentralization movement and our vision of a world where blockchain-based technology — and DApps — are in the hands and smartphones of people around the world on a massive scale.

    At Status, we’re laser-focused on driving production-ready systems and wider adoption. Alongside leading global enterprises — including JPMorgan, Intel, Microsoft, and Samsung — and startups from to MetaX, we will partner with EEA member organizations to drive a clear roadmap, robust governance model, and useful Ethereum resources.

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