[PRE ANN] ICO STARTED - MegaStake - 1111% APR - Backed by Gaming!

  • Your team present MegaStake. A coin surrounded by Gaming stars and gaming across multiple platform. Our main goal is to deliver the best gaming experience in a field of destruction and astonished sound effect playable across multiple gaming platform.

    Coin Name : MegaStake
    Ticker : MS
    Min coin age: 4 days
    Max coin age: 25 days
    Staking rate: 1111% APR

    ICO phase 1
    6 500 000 MS at 30 sat each
    No minimum order

    ICO phase 2
    5 000 000 MS at 50 sat each
    No min order

    ICO phase 3
    4 000 000 MS at 75 sat each
    No min order

    ICO phase 4
    3 500 000 MS at 100 sat each
    No min order

    More details comong soon!

    MEGASTAKE will be on CCEX at launch!

    We are using an ESCROW.
    Escrow info will be posted soon!!!

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