German University starts Hiroas ICO

  • - Oktober 1 2017, Roman Inders and his team of two fellow professors of the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany developed a new system based on Ethereum. "What we created is not just a new coin, but a whole system that will provide near safe profits for our chosen investors", says Inders.

    It all started as a project back in 2014, since then we were able to generate 25% profit each year with the trading of cryptocurrencies. 


    What the Algorithm does is, it takes all the signals from news, etc. from all over the web and estimates with these data the outcome of a cryptocurrency price. Though such technology already exists for professional traders, the University states to take it one step further. The Code will be released as the ICO is going, so improvements are to be made as the team is working day and night to deliver a finished product on time.

    The Hiroas Tokens will count as a proof of ownership and can be traded as well as sold.

    Investors that invest before the start of the ICO will gain a 25% bonus on their token amount. The bonus in the first week will still be at 10%.


    • We want to get rid of the old ICO Image and will only accept a couple thousand Investors, that we interacted personally via E-Mail or Skype (We chose this option as we want to eliminate distrust and to keep a close connection to our investors)
    • Participants have to contact our team by mail before receiving their acceptment.
    • The Wallets for the pre Coin-Offer will be noted in our system and will be rewarded when the participant joins
    • Coins accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero
    • If you want to join, please contact us at [email protected]


      • A decentralized System
      • Maximize 20% of Investments with Goethe Universitys very own Deeplearning trading algorithm
      • Distribute 99.9% of the 10.000.000 Hiroas
      • During the ICO one token will be fixed at 0.20$

    The ICO wil run from August 1. to September 1.

    Token holders will receive 60% of quarterly profits, and the rest 25% will be reinvested back into the portfolio. Overall, 85% of the total profits generated by the platform will directly or indirectly convert into profit for the investors. The ICO crowdsale will offer early bird bonuses to investors.

    The payout is set to be Bi-Weekly and will be in Ethereum. An Ethereum wallet is also needed for the Hiroas tokens. Investors that are not able to provide an address before the end of the ICO will be put on hold.

    How to be part of Hiroas

    To sign up for the ICO you need to visit the Website and fill out the form on the last page.

    Investors get in touch with us and ask us any questions that come in your mind. We may be a small team but we want to take the effort to communicate with everyone that is interested in this new technology.

    Contact us:

  • I´ve invested in them and had a couple Emails exchanged. Looks pretty promising, eventhough the Tech behind is not as new as they claimed. I am still getting in with a couple of hundreds because a profit with at least 500% percent is almost guaranteed with a concept like this.

    Buy, pump and dump. ICO like these are perfect for short term quick growth.

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