Connect coin - WORLD's BIGGEST DECENTRALISED E-COMMERCE HUB built on NEM Blockchain,

  • About Connect

    Connect is a project which develop people inspired by the prospects of
    development of blockchain technologies and understand real
    business problems in e-commerce.
    The Connect is one such new offering in the market. It is one-half of the
    Connect cryptocurrency and provides access to the Connect
    Ecosystem. The Connect can be exchanged into all accepted
    cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies within the ecosystem. The
    Connect Ecosystem offers services such as: stock exchange trading,
    cr yptonisation (securitisation) of equity, equity trading &
    management, cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto-fiat currency
    exchanges, e-commerce, inter-business transactions, and commodity
    trading & management. The Connect Ecosystem endeavours to make
    the use of cryptocurrencies legally available for both individuals and
    institutions, thus paving the way for them to enter the crypto-data
    market. The use of fiat currency in the ecosystem is achieved by
    exchanging fiat currencies against Connect Currencies. The Connect
    Currencies are the other half of the Connect cryptocurrency. The value
    of the Connect Currencies is tied to the value of the denominated fiat
    currencies. Within the Connect Ecosystem, assets are valued and
    denominated in Connect Currencies.
    ConnectCoin are digital mediums of exchange that utilise
    cryptography and shared public ledgers (blockchain). These
    characteristics allow ConnectCooins to be secure, traceable and
    anonymous. Cryptography and blockchain are also the foundations for
    the creation, mining, and harvesting of ConnectCoins.
    ConnectCoin are decentralised in nature, meaning that there's no
    central point of concentration, therefore increasing their desirability
    for security-conscious users. This also eliminates the middleman,
    thereby reducing transaction costs.

    Connect Technology - NEM

    The Connect cryptocurrency is built upon the NEM network /
    blockchain, which is underpinned by the consensus mechanism called
    the Proof-of-Importance (POI). The POI is similar to Proof-of-Stake
    (POS) with the main diference being that it integrates behaviour
    trusted to be positive for the entire economy, while POS derives
    importance from the user's account balance. POI also has an
    advantage over Proof-of-Work (POW), another popular system3, in that
    POI does not require large scale computing resources for maintaining
    the blockchain. The NEM network emphasises security and trust-less
    The NEM platform is run by a network of nodes operating together in a
    p2p configuration. The nodes record and verify transactions that are
    transmitted on the network. At block time (periodic intervals), these
    transactions are grouped together and then go through a hashing
    process that connects them to previous blocks. The network's
    participants are anonymous and there is no restriction on their calibre,
    which exposes the network to nefarious participants who can inject
    hostile nodes into the network, that can distribute invalid information
    or disrupt the network in some ways. To counter this threat, the network
    deploys the EigenTrust ++ reputation system to identify hostile nodes
    and reduce communication with them. A reputation system has
    various benefits: Nodes can select their communication partner
    according to the trust values from other nodes, Hostile nodes that
    provide dishonest data and feedback are easily identified, The trust
    algorithm cuts down the percentage of failed interactions even if
    hostile nodes collude to give hostile nodes a high trust value.
    The Connect cryptocurrency is a p2p, quantity-committed, secure,
    private and robust digital medium of exchange. Its cryptography is
    based on the Elliptic Curve Cryptography5, which guarantees security
    and speed. It is different from the rest of its competitors because it is
    part of an ecosystem. Ownership of the Connect cryptocurrency offers
    entry into the ecosystem and the services within it. The Connect will be
    available initially through the Connect TOKENs during the ICO rounds.
    After the ICO, The Connect Currencies will be for use in the Connect
    Ecosystem and consumer-related purchasing.

    The Connect is a speculative digital coin that is available worldwide. It is
    built upon the NEM blockchain protocol, making the coins low-cost
    and transparent. The coins contain high confirmation speeds and are
    99.99% immune to fraudulent activities. The Connect has a quantity
    commitment of 50 Million coins, with an initial price of $1 each. The
    Connect will be available on major cryptocurrency exchange
    platforms, and will be permitted to float and be traded p2p. The price of
    the Connect will be determined by market forces and cryptocurrency
    exchange mechanisms. Users will be able to buy and sell Connect using
    fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. The Connect is not integer and it
    is available in fractional amounts.

    Connect As A Solution

    Connect is a totally different approach to online commerce. It's
    ecosystem of P2P connected nodes, there are no servers, it's fully
    decentralized. Connect allows users to interact and exchange payment
    directly with no middleman. Because there is no one in the middle of
    your transactions there are no fees, no restrictions, no accounts to
    create, and you only reveal the personal information that you choose.

    - Connect is Privacy and Security Centric. No big brother, no central
    server, no personal information capture and no data mining. Your
    data cannot be stolen or sold, because nobody other then you has
    it. Data is distributed across the nodes with redundancy and
    context based dynamic encryption

    - Connect Ecosystem is Extremely Resilient, it can't be
    disabled/turned off. No entity controls it and it is run by users
    similarly to most cryptocurrencies. Your product store will be
    online until you and only you decide to close it

    -  NO Fees and NO Restrictions. For most users, products and
    services it's free for both buyers and sellers. No commissions, no
    fees. Arrange for local pickup or pay online with payment method
    o f y o u r c h o i c e i n c l u d i n g C o n n e c t t o k e n s , o r o t h e r
    cryptocurrencies. Since your data is only yours, we are not
    imposing any limitations and restrictions on items that can be
    bought and sold. The system is a community operated democracy
    -  User Experience Focused. Simple, Tidy, Efficient, Beautiful. We
    have top UX experts in our team. Our future roadmap includes
    snap-and-post super easy for-sale postings using computer vision
    algorithms already developed by us
    -  Connect Wallet integrated. We believe that lowering barrier to
    entry for noncrypto users to start using crypto for transactions
    through wallet integration and friendly UI is a key adoption factor.

    Connect Ecosystem

    The Connect Ecosystem was created in such a manner that all the
    segments (entities) can function independent of each other while
    remaining interconnected – a revolutionary step in the crypto-data
    industry. Each company is an independent legal entity but they all fall
    under one umbrella group. Most companies only offer individualized
    services. Rarely do they offer multiple services in the form of an
    ecosystem. The Connect Ecosystem is one of its kind and has ample
    growth opportunities. Early backers and enthusiasts will position
    themselves to be part of the next generation of blockchain financial
    Users of the ecosystem will be able to exchange their currencies
    against cryptocurrencies on their Connect WALLET and to convert
    Connect against each other from anywhere in the world. This currency
    exchange function eliminates the burden of high exchange fees. Users
    will no longer have to search for low prices at exchange platforms.
    Exchange rates provided on the Connect will be derived from finance
    meta-data distributors.
    Usage of the ecosystem increases convenience for users and
    businesses alike. Through CONNECT CARDS, users will be able to do
    both online and walk-in merchant shopping. Such payment options
    allow users to track their spending habits and create budget discipline.
    There will be no need to withdraw cash and deal with counting change
    after payments, making users' lives more convenient. Users will not
    need to carry bundles of cash in their wallets, which can be potentially
    dangerous, depending on their location. Businesses that will utilise the
    Connect Ecosystem will be encouraged to accept the Connect
    Currencies as a form of payment method, thus enlarging the pool of
    businesses that users can purchase from using the Connect Currencies.
    Likewise, businesses will have access to a large pool of potential clients
    in possession of Connect Currencies. Businesses will be able to perform
    day-to-day administrative duties, like paying their bills, through the
    Connect WALLET, thereby increasing efficiency and decreasing costs.

    Connect Coin holders will be able to exchange their coins for CONNECT
    Currencies on the Poloniex, Bittrex, Yobit, Livecoin or Hitbtc and other
    major exchanges through CONNECTWALLET. The CONNECT COIN will
    be listed on all major cryptocurrency exchanges and will have a laissezfaire
    policy for buying and selling. This will cause the CONNECT COIN to
    be recognised and accepted globally as a trusted cryptocurrency.
    Listing on digital exchanges will also pave way for the CONNECT COIN
    price to increase, leading to substantial benefits for holders.
    The ecosystem places the user in complete control of their finances and
    assets. Users can send remittance to other Connect WALLET users
    across the globe straight from their computers or hand-held devices.
    They can also trade in all kinds of cryptonised assets in the ecosystem
    and even loan finances amongst each other. Users can also contribute
    to the development of the ecosystem by participating in the
    suggestion and voting processes. By safeguarding their private
    information, users are responsible for their own security on the
    ecosystem. The individual responsibility of users forms part of the
    collective responsibility that Connect Ecosystem users have toward the
    platform. The decentralized nature of the ecosystem eliminates the
    “Big Brother” type of governance structures. There will be no central
    authority to dictate, and possibly enforce, undemocratic policies on
    how the ecosystem should function.

    Tradable Securities on poloniex, Bittrex and Yobit, Livecoin or Hitbtc

    *  Cryptonized Shares
    *  Cryptocurrencies
    *  ETC (Exchange-Traded Commodities)
    *  ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)
    *  ETN (Exchange-Traded Note)
    *  Forex Exchange Index
    *  Startups - IPO
    *  Startups - ICO
    *  Pirate Market

    Advantages of Using poloniex, Bittrex & Yobit, Livecoin or Hitbtc

    *  Low operational costs
    *  Transparency
    *  Quick clearing
    *  Friendly and easy web interface
    *  P2P trading
    *  A large pool of financial instruments to trade
    *  Highly secure

    Connect Wallet :

    CONNECTWALLET is a state-of-the-art blockchain wallet that permits
    users to buy, sell, manage and hold CONNECT cryptocurrencies and
    cryptonised assets. These securities can be accessed globally via
    computers and hand-held devices. Users do not need to have a bank
    account to set-up a CONNECTWALLET account. Users will also be able
    to download the wallet after they have completed the ICO registration
    process. In Wallet, they can create an account and receive a private key
    and password, giving them access to the wallet. The wallet has an
    interface that is user-friendly and simple to operate.
    CONNECTWALLET's interface allows users to connect and
    communicate with nodes on the NEM network. The information that is
    displayed on the CONNECTWALLET is information that is received from
    the nodes. The wallet is secure by design, is decentralised and can be
    backed up. CONNECTWALLET is also a blockchain explorer for the
    CONNECT Ecosystem; therefore, users can view the history of
    transactions, creating a transparent ecosystem without the need of
    financial reporting. The CONNECTWALLET addresses are base-32
    encoded. In addition, the wallet has innovative online banking
    encryption standards.
    Users can trade p2p and exchange Bitcoins and major altcoins for
    CONNECT cryptocurrencies in their CONNECT WALLET address. The
    wallet can be utilised for personal use through private accounts and
    simultaneously for large scale business purposes via multi-signature

     Connect Cards :

    Connect Award Limited Edition cards to the 1st 500 investors who
    commit at least 5 BTC or equivalent ETH. The cards would be numbered
    from 1-500, rewarding our most early supporters with a card that
    reflects their status.

    CONNECT WALLET account holders will be issued Connect cards that
    are connected to their accounts, permitting them to convert their
    cryptocurrencies to CONNECT Currencies. They will be able to make
    purchases using their CONNECT CARDS
    your connect account will link to connect card to spend your connect
    coins as currency anywhere in the world. Fees will be minimal and as
    the card uses Visa infrastructure you can use it almost anywhere in the
    We will use a technique called JITF (Just in Time Funding). Here's a
    breakdown on how an entire transaction will work using the Connect
    1. User is issued either a physical or virtual connect debit card that is
    linked to their account wallet
    2. Card contains $0 at all times
    3. User swipes card to pay for a purchase
    4. Transaction is sent to our server
    5. Server checks which currency is requested (USD, AUD, EUR)
    6. Connect server checks if user account wallet contains enough
    connect coin to make the purchase
    7. Connect coins is then sold for requested fiat
    8. Currency is moved to the debit card
    9. Transaction is approved
    10. Card balance is back to $0

    ICO Information

    12th of OCTOBER 2017
    26th of OCTOBER 2017
    20th of NOVEMBER 2017
    NEW YORK: 10AM


    Intial Coin Distribution

    Ico Fund Utilization

    Primary Development

    Thirty per cent of the funds received during the ICOs will be allocated
    for the development of our primary entities within the CONNECT
    Ecosystem. Entities such as CONNECT WALLET . A detailed description
    of how the funds will be used can be found in the CONNECT COIN
    Business Plan.


    To ensure that the CONNECT COIN and CONNECT Ecosystem become
    household names, 25% of the funds gained from the ICOs will be
    utilised to promote the coin and the ecosystem. Marketing will be done
    through social media, direct marketing, partnerships and affliate


    Our outreach funds will be utilised to provide education to the general
    public on the CONNECT Ecosystem and blockchain in general. This can
    be accomplished through expos, conferences and similar operations.
    The more people are aware of the CONNECT Ecosystem and
    blockchain, the more they will become comfortable with the
    ecosystem and its technology. It is a win-win situation for both the
    CONNECT COIN and the public.

    Functional Operations

    The expansion of the CONNECT Ecosystem will require capital for dayto-
    day operational costs. For example, as a financial ecosystem, there is
    a need to purchase cryptocurrencies to ensure that there are enough
    reserve funds to meet the demand for crypto currencies exchanges.
    There are also numerous expenses that may arise on a day-to-day basis.
    Fifteen per cent of the raised funds will be reserved to meet these costs.

    Legal and Compliance

    Although blockchain-based services are growing at an exponential
    rate, there is still ignorance about them and their potential. This can
    lead to legal requirements failing to keep up with the progress of
    blockchain, even becoming a hindrance in the process. As such, to
    make the CONNECT Ecosystem available on a global scale, there are
    some license and legal requirements that will need to be met, for
    which 5% of the funds will be allocated.

    ICO Bonuses

    Accepted Cryptocurrencies :

    Road Map :

    Connect was envisioned
    Early 2017
    A long period of brainstorming, documenting and researching for
    connect coin idea, platform functionality with partners team

    ICOs preparation
    Mid 2017
    ICOs preparation process, web development, platfrom architechture,
    Financial plans, Marketing Strategy

    PRE-ICO & ICO sale
    Late 2017
    Launch of Initial Website with PRE-ICO & ICO token sale
    Connect Coin will be listed
    Early 2018

    Connect Coin will be listed in any of the exchange platforms like
    Poloniex, Bittrex, Yobit, Hitbtc, Livecoin

    Connect Coin Android and IOS Application
    Mid 2018
    Release of the fully functional ConnectCoinAndroid and IOS
    application with integrated wallets, including 10 different altcoins and
    Fiat (PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Western Union) payments.

    Ecommerce Marketplace
    October 2018
    Connecting ConnectCoin Platform to all major Ecommerce



    White Paper:

    Terms & Conditions:






  • Connect coin Advantage


    Any time a user makes an online or online payment using Connect Card,
    he or she will receive a 0.05% rebate in the form of Connect Token. The
    rebate will double if the user pays using Connect Token. This incentive
    benefits token users and holders, as it ensures that the currency is
    constantly being traded, making it more desirable and valuable. For
    example, a user that spends 5000 Connect Token on a brand new
    laptop will receive a rebate of 5 connect Token

    Using the Marketplace

    Third-Party Service Providers (TPSPs) share 20-25% of their revenues
    generated from Connect users with Connect. This 20-25% is
    distributed between Marketplace investors and holders of Connect
    token in a 1:5 ratio. With 16.67% going to marketplace investors and
    83.33% being distributed to connect Token holders.


    Utility Token

    Utility of Connect Tokens lies in offering e-commerce marketplace
    services to the community via Connect Wallet. Connect Token forms
    the backbone of the Connect platform as it is will be the facilitator of
    any transactions other than spending (excluding the temporary period
    in the beginning where other crypto currencies are enabled).

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