[ANN] Blackmoon Crypto - Platform for tokenized funds

  • Hello guys,

    We are extremely happy to share with you [color=red]some of the most important updates of 2017[/color] as we close in on welcoming the new year with a bang that will resonate loud and wide across the cryptoverse.

    The Blackmoon Crypto team is anticipating 2018 and thinking big by introducing profound changes into a yet somewhat chaotic but quickly emerging crypto universe as we currently know it. So please fasten your seat belts and get ready to be part of our crypto adventure.

    Let’s look in retrospective what has been done over the last month and to kick-off let’s start with some much awaited development updates.

    Please find more on Medium (EN)

  • Dear friends,

    Please read our brand new blog post from Sergey Vasin (COO Blackmoon Crypto) about symbiotic relationships between speculators, traders, and investors.

    Please find more on Medium (EN)

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