Coinvest- The world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies.

  • Invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and index funds with one account, one wallet, and one COIN.

    How It Works

    Trade and withdraw investments directly with our smart contract.

    1 Create a Coinvest virtual portfolio with your favorite cryptocurrencies

    Trade and withdraw investments directly with our smart contract

    3 Easily spend COIN using your debit card account


    • Trading Rewards

    Accumulate COIN rewards with every trade on the Coinvest platform.

    • Super Trader

    Make profit from trades in your virtual investment portfolio

    • Index Fund Management

    Collect 50% trading fee revenue from users that invest in your personal index fund

    • Value Appreciation

    Platform adoption, transaction volume, and buybacks increase COIN Value

    Crowdsale Details


    Token Distribution


    Token Value






    Execution > Idea. Our team has decades of corporate experience with companies such as Microsoft.

    Damon Nam


    Prior to starting Coinvest, Damon was a sixteen year Microsoft professional. In his last role as a US Services Partner Program Director, he was responsible for 75 partner organizations and over $90 million in revenue. Damon is responsible for architecting and executing the strategy to drive the overall mission for Coinvest.

    Byron Levels


    Byron Levels has 23 years of experience as an IT services professional and has worked for many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, AT&T, and American Airlines. Byron is an architect and application developer with a strong focus on e- commerce and business application integration.

    Taylor Rieckens


    Taylor is a sales and business development professional that has driven over 100% year-over-year growth in the past five years as a Sales Director at Another Source. Her experience extends over ten years with Microsoft and Anheuser Busch in various roles leading sales, operations, and resourcing efforts.

    Ramiro Galan


    As the Creative Director for Coinvest, Ramiro drives the creative direction for the company. His corporate experience includes working in various lead creative and branding roles at IBM, Verizon, and 343 Industries (a Microsoft company).

    Umar Irshad


    As the Art Director for Coinvest, Umar drives the art direction, user-experience, and management of all design assets for the company. His experience extends to working with both startups and corporations across many different industries and verticals.

    Kevin Huynh


    Kevin has built a career in data analytics, most recently graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters in BI and Data Analytics and managing digital marketing for Prior to that he consulted as a Senior Data Modeler for many top Fortune 500 companies, including McKesson and Kimberly-Clark.

    Mark Ayad


    Mark has over 18 years of corporate finance experience working at Xerox and Moneygram, two of the oldest companies in the world. Mark is an accomplished accounting and finance leader with skills in strategic financial planning, tactical analysis, and revenue management.

    Kim Huynh


    Kim has over a decade experience helping startups, SMBʼs, and corporations communicate their story. As a marketing maven, sheʼs helped developed a voice and driven marketing activities for brands such as Adidas, Sunglass Hut, and Estee Lauder.

    Dexaran Derat


    Dexaran is the Lead developer for the Ethereum Commonwealth team. As a blockchain enthusiast, he is heavily engaged in the blockchain community. Dexaran has worked directly with the Ethereum platform team on supporting projects as well as developed the ERC223 protocol.

    Robert Forster


    Robert has been a blockchain enthusiast for more than 6 years. After becoming fascinated with Ethereum, he immediately began coding Solidity. He has led the smart contract development for multiple Ethereum companies and is now the lead blockchain developer for Coinvest.

    Alexander Kravchenko


    Alexander is a Senior full-stack engineer and provides architecture oversight and quality assurance to all Coinvest development efforts. He previously worked at WeezLabs as an IT Engineer where he architected and developed high-load and e- commerce solutions.

    Elena Troyanskaya


    While Elena is a full stack engineer with experience in technologies such as AngularJS, RoR, AWS, etc., she is responsible for the development, infrastructure, and security of the Coinvest backend.

    Dmitriy Golovchenko


    Dmitriy is a pixel-perfect responsive front-end web development ninja with experience using technologies such as AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, and more. Dmitriy is responsible for all front-end engineering for Coinvest.






    White Paper:

    Sec Howey test:












  • Update on the Coinvest Private Beta MVP

    Since our journey started this Summer, our team developed our token and smart contracts. Both of which are available on GitHub at:

    Our Ropsten test network Investment contract address is: 0x2e6d78558b6287f0f3fadc4814550f55234aac2f.

    The general public is free to test all functions by interacting directly with our smart contracts.

    Our goal in the middle of November was to complete our end-to-end MVP before the end of 2017, (which included a web front-end for users to test through our user-friendly interface instead of an ABI / JSON interface). At present, we are behind on our target and did not meet our goal of releasing this last week. During the last two weeks, we experienced some delays due to holiday schedules and failed delivery commitments. However, there are no excuses. We take full responsibility for not meeting our communicated deadlines to our community and have made changes to our team and process in order to improve moving forward.

    We apologize and will get better.

    While functioning, the current build of our MVP is not at a stage that aligns with the quality, security, and expectation that our users expect from the Coinvest brand. With this being said, we feel that we’ll be able to get to our destination and have our MVP available in the next couple of weeks.

    In the meantime, we’ve created a user interface demo for you to preview the initial design, flow of the platform, and demonstrates how trades will be executed. We would love your feedback on the overall design and experience.

    Click here to view the project `MVP`
    This prototype brought to you by

    Please note that the actual design and interaction is likely to change upon our public release later in Q1. Our strategy for our upcoming minimal viable product is to provide a proof-of-concept that:

    • Validates the interactions with our smart contracts and the blockchain as architected and expected
    • Gathers feedback from the community for adjustements, fixes, and refinements

    We will continue to work hard in order to drive development to completion within the coming weeks. We have also recently hired a new engineering resource (with years of experience from IBM and Shopify) that will work alongside our current team to help execute our vision beyond the MVP itself. We’ll look to make a number of these announcements soon and will keep you updated upon our progress.

    For more information, please visit our website at

    Join our Telegram to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:


    The Coinvest protocol is the heart of the platform while the smart contract functions contain logic that is executed when a token exchange, transaction, funding, and distribution occurs. The protocol can be accessed directly using the following contracts:

    • Token Offering Contract

      • Private Whitelist and Crowdsale Functions

    The private whitelist and crowdsale functions contain details and actions specific to the public token offering. This includes, but is not limited to the ability to purchase tokens and variables such as initial token price, discount rates, and more. The COIN token crowdsale variables are based upon the details outlined in the crowdsale section of this whitepaper.

    • Investment Contract

      • Invest Function

    In the event of an investment, this function will execute, confirm, and anchor investment data to the blockchain. This protocol is also referred to as InvestChainᵀ  ᷟ below. Additional variables specific to this use are recorded to the blockchain for record history and smart contract execution. Investment portfolios require a full deposit of COIN approved by the user, and sent by the DAPP to the smart contract. The funds are held by the Investment Contract until they are sold and withdrawn by the user at a later date (initiated through the Coinvest or partner DAPPs). Thus guaranteeing non-custody of the funds by a human body throughout the entire investment process.

      • Liquidate Function

    This contract handles the distribution of the fee schedule when the <sell> function has been initiated. The distribution supports the core Coinvest DAPP as well as custom DAPPS created and operated by others.

    • Oracle Contract

      • Oraclize Function

    The Oracle contract will use Oraclize to frequently update market prices of the different cryptonized assets on the Investment contract.

    • DAO Contract (Future)

    The DAO contract will be implemented in the future and will allow all COIN holders to vote in new contracts to replace old ones. To begin with, these contracts will all be combined, disallowing the owner wallet the ability to switch out contracts with no approval while providing maximum security. However, contracts will be split up and put under DAO control to enable easy updates.

    • User Database Contract (Future)

    This contract saves all investment data on the holdings of each user. Once the DAO is created, compartmentalizing this contract from the Investment contract will allow updates of the Investment contract without affecting users.

    All data in all cases above can be validated by the Ethereum network nodes.

    Coinvest InvestChainᵀ  ᷟTechnology

    The COIN protocol utilizes InvestChainᵀ  ᷟ, a technology created by Coinvest that anchors transaction data to the blockchain. In other words, provides a receipt of investment history for each on-chain trade. This receipt provides irrefutable proof of the investment data recorded at a specific time. Thus, preserving data integrity and increasing overall trust in the industry. Each receipt contains the following elements:

    • Buy timestamp

    • User wallet address

    • Index name

    • Cryptonized asset name(s)

    • Cryptonized asset price(s)

    • Cryptonized asset allocation

    • Amount invested

    • Sell timestamp

    To provide complete trust and transparency, Coinvest will also create tools to validate these receipts, as open-source components for commercial use for the public. (Similar to cryptocurrency explorers, transaction data can be retrieved by way of different variable)

    Coinvest will also develop API’s that enable partners in the COIN token ecosystem to accept the COIN token as a method of exchange AND provide complete transparency and validation to their users as well.

  • Coinvest Welcomes New Corporate Talent

    As Coinvest continues to rapidly grow, we’re excited to announce and welcome new team members to the Coinvest family. Coming from diverse backgrounds and multiple disciplines, these talented individuals bring their passion and expertise to the company, helping to grow and realize our vision.

    Mike Pretti, Full Stack Software Developer

    Mike Pretti has been programming and developing for over 20 years. His began in the field learning how to peek and poke a Commodore Vic 20. This eventually led to a Bachelor of Mathematics while studying at the University of Waterloo. It was at that point he launched his professional career as a Software Developer working for companies such as IBM, Credit 1, QuoteMedia, and most recently Shopify. Always fascinated with patterns, numbers and games naturally caused him to explore how to play in the equity markets. Mike owned and operated a proprietary trading firm that used a mix of fully automated and hybrid algorithmic trading systems to take advantage of opportunities upon the introduction of decimalization, dark pools and ECNs into the equity markets.

    He is now excited to help create a decentralized exchange, making it easier for the masses to take advantage of the cryptocurrency market. Keeping him equally busy and happy are his two children, spending time at the cottage, preferably with a good non-fiction and a dusty scotch.

    Rachel Novosad, Communications Manager

    Rachel Novosad is a PR and marketing professional joining Coinvest to drive the creation and execution of its overall communications strategy. Originally hailing from the east coast, Rachel studied Public Relations and Psychology at Penn State University. Rachel’s expertise comes from her experience across various fast-paced industries — working for technology and entertainment companies such as Hulu, Adobe and Discovery Communications, numerous up-and-coming startups and brands, and owning her own PR firm, Rebel Coast Media. Rachel is excited to join the rapidly evolving Coinvest team, bringing her passion for developing brands and connecting companies to their audience through creative marketing campaigns, media relations, social media growth, compelling content, events and more.

    Apart from her professional interests, Rachel loves to travel and spends her winters trading the beaches of sunny southern California for chasing powder in the mountains.

    Varija Yelagalawadi, Operations Manager

    Varija Yelagalawadi is a project and operations manager joining Coinvest with experience across various industries. Her deep love for process was first piqued in university, where she pursued a degree in Public Relations. She discovered a penchant for operations in the early days of her career and continued to expand her interests by taking on roles in account management and community relations. These led her to a role at Adobe, working as a community manager within the IT organization. Over the course of four years, Varija worked in varying capacities across Adobe — most recently in a project management position on an experience strategy team. This role launched her excitement for crafting a seamless, agile experience for customers and employees. She brings this excitement to Coinvest and is thrilled to join and support the team.

    When she steps away from work, Varija finds herself in San Diego, taking in lots of sunshine and hunting down the perfect pastry shop.

    Welcome Mike, Rachel and Varija!

    For more information, please visit our website at

  • Coinvest Strengthens Platform With Product and Strategic Partnerships

    We’re proud to team up with several product and strategic partners, who offer leading services in their respective fields. Together, we’re developing a strong partner ecosystem to support the infrastructure of our vision to democratize access to and ease of investing in cryptocurrencies.

    Product Partners

    On the product side, we have partnered with Civic, CryptoCompare, Oraclize, and Changelly in order to optimally accomplish critical functions within their platform such as security, pricing, and more.

    Civic Secure User Authentication

    Civic is a secure identity verification provider, giving businesses and individuals the tools to control and protect identities. Civic’s blockchain identity-verification technology allows consumers to authorize the use of their identities in real time. Coinvest has partnered with Civic to provide optimal security for its users, leveraging Civic in handling secure authentication.

    CryptoCompare / Oraclize * Price Oracle

    Coinvest partners with and Oraclize for accurate and secure price data in order to ensure the security and fairness of its platform. Coinvest’s platform price oracle pulls pricing data from’s API while using a secure tunnel from Oraclize to protect the transmission of that data. The Oracle contract within the Coinvest protocol will use Oraclize to frequently update market prices of the different cryptonized assets on the Investment contract.

    * Please note that this is for our MVP demo only. For our product release, our price oracle will leverage a custom price DAO for no single party control.

    Changelly Asset Exchange

    The Coinvest App is a secure multi-asset wallet that gives users a platform to secure, exchange, and manage cryptonized assets inside of the same platform where investments occur. In partnership with Changelly, Coinvest’s wallet allows users to securely and seamlessly exchange COIN to any other major cryptonized asset (and vice-versa), supporting the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another.

    Strategic Partners

    On the strategic side, we have engaged in partnerships with Olshan Frome Wolosky, Jumio, Hosho, and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance to aid in compliance, operations, and growth for the company .

    Olshan Frome Wolosky Legal Counsel

    The legal team from Olshan, Frome, and Wolosky have been a part of some of the largest and prestigious offerings in the blockchain industry including Filecoin, Overstock, and more. They offers responsive, independent and client-focused counsel provided by the firm’s senior attorneys. Coinvest has partnered with Olshan Frome Wolosky for legal counsel and compliance under the regulations required by the United States.

    Jumio KYC Compliance

    Jumio uses computer vision technology, machine learning and live verification experts to verify credentials, connecting a person’s online and real-world identities. Coinvest leverages Jumio technology to ensure KYC compliance during the tokensale contribution process.

    Hosho Security Services

    Hosho is a global leader in blockchain security that specializes in audits, penetration testing, and executing bounty programs. Coinvest engages the team at Hosho for professional security services including smart contract auditing and website penetration testing.

    Axisblock / Amplifi Capital Investment Partners

    AxisBlock and Amplifi capital are early adopters and capital investment funds that have been involved in the crypto capital markets for the past few years. In addition to capital investment, AxisBlock and Amplifi Capital are strategic investment partners that aid in providing advisory services to our team and overall execution.

    Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Development Alliance

    As a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, Coinvest works alongside other companies such as Microsoft, Intel and more in order to help broaden the exposure, development, and growth of Ethereum as a platform.

    For more information, please visit our website at

    Join our Telegram to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:

  • Coinvest Token Sale Security

    Steps to ensure your security during the Coinvest token sale process

    Our token sale commences on March 9th, 2017. The security and well-being of our community is one of the largest priorities for our company. All users and potential investors should feel safe, secure, transparent, and ensure trust within our platform.

    In light of the token sales from Enigma, CoinDash, BeeToken, and more, we at Coinvest want to ensure the safety and security of our community to the highest degree. All in effort to prevent hacks, misuse, and security compromises to the platform and overall community.

    Security and trust are the two important priorities for our company. The following are the actions that our company will take in order to protect our community members for our token sale and beyond:

    • Security Audits — With the help of Hosho group, a leading blockchain security firm, we have performed:
    1. Security audits and remediation on our smart contracts
    2. Penetration testing and remediation on our website
    • SSL — Our website will employ SSL to enable secure connections between the web server and browser
    • Security Maintenance — Coinvest will deploy the latest fixes and patches on all technology components related to the business to remediate any bugs or potential security holes.
    • ENS Domain — We have secured a .ETH domain that will be used to accept funds. The .ETH domain will be revealed on the first day of the token sale on our website and will route to our respective ETH address. Deploying a .ETH address ensures one easy-to-use human-readable address that will prevent mistyping or scams that are requesting funds to a different address. More information on ENS domains can be found here.
    • 2FA — Coinvest will enable two-factor authentication in all areas possible to ensure the security of our community members. This includes, but is not limited to, Telegram, company email, etc.
    • Hardware cold wallet storage — Reserve funds will be stored in a cold hardware wallet while private keys will be managed by the Coinvest executive team (A hardware wallet is also less liquid than other options which ensures that funds are leveraged diligently for company purposes only supporting our mission)
    • User record — Users participating in our token sale will be required to create a Coinvest account which ties the account to an token sale transaction for complete transparency. These extra steps also prevent hackers and scammers from doctoring fake websites to mimic our token sale process and collect unauthorized transactions.
    • CaptCHA — Coinvest will employ CaptCHA verification during the token sale purchase process to prevent bot purchases or activity
    • Company Passwords — All company passwords will be changed to uniquely different passwords for all services during the token sale
    • Planned Email Communications — Our company will only send planned email communications during the token sale process. This will occur on March 6th before the token sale begins. All other emails that attempt to represent Coinvest or the COIN token should be considered fraudulent, unauthorized, possible phishing attacks, and avoided.
    • Verified Communications — At Coinvest, we want to be the authoritative source for all communications. Especially during the token sale process to prevent scams and fraudulent activity. Therefore, communications will occur only from the following accounts on the Internet:
    1. Email — domain
    2. Telegram — CoinvestHQ
    3. Reddit — Coinvest
    4. — CoinvestHQ
    5. Facebook — CoinvestHQ
    6. Twitter — CoinvestHQ
    7. Medium — CoinvestHQ

    Any communications from other accounts claiming to represent Coinvest should be considered fraudulent and avoided. This also means we will not offer bounties where others are speaking on our behalf.

    If you have any other suggestions or suspect suspicious activity that could potentially compromise the security of our platform and community, please email [email protected].

    We truly hope that these actions reinforce our stance on the importance of security for our platform and community members. Coinvest recognizes that our community is only as strong as the members it represents. By taking these steps, we can all collectively help each other to represent our best interests and ensure the security and safety of everyone involved.

    For more information, please visit our website at

    Join our Telegram to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:

  • Coinvest Community Programs



    A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

    When we started this journey last Summer, our strategy was centered around three things:

    • Product (engineering and development)
    • Team
    • Community

    As you can see, our strategy excluded a focus on marketing while preventing actions that create artificial demand and any possibility of a pump and dump. Unlike other companies in this space that are “hype trains” with no substance beneath them, our preference has been to grow methodically through organic marketing, execution, a sustainable business model, and a great community. As a result of this focus, Coinvest has developed a strong organic following resulting in:

    • 16K+ Telegram members
    • 4K+ Twitter followers
    • 2.5K+ Facebook fans
    • 34K+ Views on our BitcoinTalk ANN thread
    • 39K+ Email subscribers

    This is a long-term journey for us. We at Coinvest, understand that the top companies in the world have a strong foundation built on community. We recognize that we are all one team and that our company’s success relies on a collaborative partnership with our community. To that end, we are excited to announce two programs to help us continue to stay aligned with all of you.

    Meet the Team Program

    In addition to our social channels, we want to have an open line of communication with members from our community. Therefore, we are launching a “Meet the Team” promotion to randomly select five people from our community to fly to New York and have dinner with our team, advisors, and visit our office. It’s a simple promotion with simple requirements. The promotion begins March 3rd and runs through April 30th. On May 1st, we will randomly select community members and will contact them directly, via direct message on Telegram to arrange logistics.


    • Everyone!


    • Must be a member of the Coinvest telegram channel at
    • Must have Twitter and Facebook accounts and follow @CoinvestHQ

    Coinvest Brand Ambassador Program (for COIN)

    In our experience, bounty campaigns tend to focus on quantity in order to reach as many people as possible. As a result, the outcome of these communications are generally low-quality and from less credible resources. Additionally, relationships with bounty participants are short-term events and end abruptly post-ICO.

    At Coinvest, we are interested in developing long-term sustainable relationships to attain real organic dialog on all positive and negative aspects of our business. Additionally, to provide mechanisms to acquire COIN through programs beyond our token sale. We are excited to launch the Coinvest Brand Ambassador program for individuals that are passionate about helping evangelize our mission.


    • Everyone!


    • Must be a member of the Coinvest telegram channel at
    • Must have Twitter and Facebook accounts and follow @CoinvestHQ
    • Be the voice and representative of Coinvest in your region and / or virtual community
    • Drive awareness and execute marketing campaigns to spread the word about the company
    • Organize an annual meetup in your city to host authorized Coinvest team members
    • Identify and facilitate partnership opportunities where possible
    • Provide feedback to our marketing team on community feedback
    • Beta test platform innovations
    • Must have online social profiles
    • Interview with team

    The ideal ambassador:

    • Will have a passion for helping others
    • Is a respected voice within their community and industry
    • Has a general following online in various communities and / or social networks
    • Is only interested in long-term relationships and advocating for one brand


    • COIN tokens! (Amount is dependent per geography)
    • Swag (Stuff we all get)
    • Valuable experience
    • Most importantly, social good and impact

    Target Locations:

    • Dubai
    • Mumbai
    • Moscow
    • Ho Chi Minh
    • Singapore
    • Hong Kong
    • Zug
    • London
    • Tokyo

    To apply, please email[email protected].

    We hope that these two programs reinforce our commitment and long-term interest in staying connected with our community. As Coinvest continues to evolve, we intend to launch more programs and efforts to achieve this.

    For more information, please visit our website at

  • Coinvest COIN Token — An Official Security

    As a US based company, we have a commitment and interest in ensuring full compliance to protect the best interests of our users, investors, and overall company. This includes the legal requirements set forth by governing bodies such as the United States Securities Exchanges Commissions, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and more. As many of you are aware, we experienced delays in the processing of our legal agreements in February. Given our commitment to compliance, we postponed our token sale from February 16th to March 9th.

    Today, we are happy to announce that we have filed COIN token as a security token while classifying the Coinvest token sale offering using form D 506(c) — Reg S.

    Our Form D filing can be located on theUS SEC Edgar database by querying by Company Name “Coinvest”.

    In an industry filled with scams, non-compliance, and bad behavior, we hope that our leadership around compliance, demonstrates our values and commitment to ensure the long-term success of our company.

    For more information, please visit our website at

  • Coinvest Token Sale Waterfall Analysis

    Just as curious as many of you… we’ve been wondering why our current current investment contribution numbers are significantly lower than what our data has suggested over the past couple of months. As a data driven company, we performed analytics and a waterfall chart to uncover more pieces to the overall story.

    Before we begin, let’s provide some context:

    • Since the middle of November, we received $191M in overall registered investment interest

    Max Contribution

    There was a population of investors who registered with an investment size greater than 50 ETH. For whale protection, we instituted a 50 ETH max cap limit per investor in our smart contract. While we received approximately $191M in registrations, this amount was immediately reduced to $150M of potential investment after implementing this cap. One factor we overlooked was taking into account any price weakness in ETH (which then in turn reduces the price and buying power in max contribution). Although we didn’t have many people actually hit our max contribution in our token sale, it impacted the registration figures, which we were previously using $1,000 to calculate a max cap. This that actually equated to $130M with the last-minute drop,  $60M impact.


    Over the past two months, we’ve seen the capitalization of the cryptocurrency markets decrease 50%. As a result, the buying power of our investors was significantly reduced. The weighted average of the ETH price of all registrations was $1016 while the price of ETH when we started our token sale was ~$700. We saw a direct correlation between our registrations and the movement of crypto prices. There are also other psychological and investment factors involved in the investment decision process. For example, many investors that purchased ETH at $900 or above, had investments that were underwater and did not want to liquidate at a loss, to invest in another asset. After this we have about $90M of indicated interested.  $40M Impact.

    US Investors

    There was a population of investors from the US who registered for our offering; however, did not get verified prior to our verification process closing. Additionally, many US investors did not meet the US accreditation requirements. $3M Impact.

    Private Whitelist Investors

    Although we did have some repeat investors from our private whitelist offering, we couldn’t assume that the interest from our registrants in our private whitelist offering would remain or be applicable to our main token sale. $2M Impact.

    Average Contribution Amount

    After announcing our max contribution cap in our smart contract, our average investment amount was just over $5,000 per registered investor. During our token sale we have seen an average contribution amount around $1,000 per investor. Many other factors have overlapped with this lower contribution amount including a lack of confidence, weakening market, and more.  $65M Impact!


    We experienced a number of technology related issues the morning of our token sale due to a combination of DDOS attacks, high traffic, and our mail delivery service shutting down our service (due to high volume during a short period of time — Thanks Mailgun! 😡). It’s hard to quantify an accurate average contribution amount and estimated drop off as a result of tech issues.  $6M Impact


    As expected, not everyone that indicates interest will invest. We experienced a conversion rate of 40% during our private whitelist offering. However, a far less smaller conversion rate during our main token sale. (This statistic can be offset by those that invest but are not registered).  $10M Impact


    We are still gathering data on this point, as there were multiple scam attempts, imposter accounts, and fraudulent wallet addresses. It’s difficult to quantify the exact amount of people that have been impacted including the amount of missed investment due to scams. Investors with FOMO ignored our recommendations including our security tips video, token sale guide, and warnings on social media. From the fraudulent wallet addresses we are aware of, the impact is a minimum of $85,000. While a 1–2% scam rate is standard for most token sales, any amount higher than $0 is unacceptable.  ~$125K Impact



    Delaying our token sale to complete our legal agreements and SEC filing to include US investors slowed our momentum. Although not necessary, excluding the US would have gone against our mantra of bringing cryptocurrencies to the masses. We aspire to be a leader in compliance and regulation within the industry. Therefore, the decision to postpone our token sale was a no-brainer. However, this decision resulted in a longer wait cycle and a buzz-kill for investors.


    Although we performed a deep data scrub and normalized data, inevitability there could have been more duplicate entries (particularly for our private whitelist registrations as investors thought that they would have higher chances at entry).

    We hope that this data and our analysis, sheds more light into the current results of our token sale. We will continue to execute to increase our overall raise; however, please note a $5–10M raise is still enough runway to support our overall mission and roadmap. (Please keep in mind that in the VC world of Silicon Valley, a $5–10M raise is typically a Series A round)

    A full raise of $30M would have allocated $15M into our reserves, allow the company to take business risks, and deploy a number of initiatives to broaden the Coinvest brand. A raise of only $5–10M increases our reserve size to $20–25M (as unsold tokens are moved to the reserves) and still accomplishes our goals; however, puts us in an environment in which we are focused on a core set of products, take little risks, and ensure full diligence in our operating expenses.

    In our current environment, we still feel very confident with our roadmap, team, and ability to execute our mission. We ask for your support in continuing to believe in Coinvest for the same reasons that sparked your interest in our company from the beginning. We are fully committed in this journey together and won’t let you down.

    For more information, please visit our website at

    Join our Telegram to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:

  • Coinvest MVP Demo Announcement

    The road to autonomous and transparent investing is now available.

    We started working on Coinvest this with a mission to provide decentralization, autonomy, and transparency investing in cryptocurrency. Today, we are one-step closer to achieving that mission.

    Since last Summer, we’ve made a lot of progress including incorporation, business planning, recruiting, securities filings, and business development with partnerships. From a technology perspective, we developed solution requirements, wireframed, designed, and developed the Coinvest platform and smart contracts. Today, we are pleased to announce our MVP demo program to the community.

    The Coinvest App and smart contract empowers anyone to invest in hundreds of different cryptonized assets or indexes all through one coin.Starting today, our MVP demo is made available to allow a broad user base to test and evaluate the platform on TestNet using sample investment transactions. This means that everyone can fully test the functionality of the platform in a controlled sandbox test environment using imaginary data and funds. More specifically, buy, sell, and inverse buy orders while viewing the results of the transactions on the blockchain.

    Instructions for testing the Coinvest MVP demo are located in our guide. This is an opportunity to gain feedback from the community to ultimately shape the Coinvest product to your needs. At the end of the beta, all test data will be permanently deleted from the system.

    We’re genuinely excited to see what you discover and how we can improve the experience. Our MVP is merely an opportunity to demonstrate the potential of the Coinvest solution and will look and function differently upon release. (In fact, we’ve already begun the upgrade of our COIN protocol V2.0) We welcome all feedback including bugs, improvements, feature requests, etc. Should you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email us at[email protected].

    While this is a major milestone for our company, it’s merely a stepping stone in the path of achieving our mission. We look forward to your feedback and overall help in shaping the Coinvest platform to meet the needs of our users and the overall community.

    For more information, please visit ourwebsite. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

  • Coinvest Joins Leading Blockchain Companies in Move to Malta

    In the past two years, the blockchain industry has made significant progress in adoption, popularity, and the number of supporting constituents (companies and countries) around the world. Companies such as Microsoft and Google have seen the potential of blockchain technology and have created dedicated teams to explore and develop solutions to advance their business. Meanwhile, national jurisdictions have taken notice and begun their own efforts to drive further innovation for their individual country. We at Coinvest, are committed to this innovation and are taking full advantage to create our place in the world’s next major revolution.

    Risk always rewards the innovators that aren’t afraid to change the world. Unfortunately, the industry hasn’t been met with open arms across the globe. Given the level of openness and transparency blockchain technology employs, various nations have viewed cryptocurrencies as a threat to their economy while others are embracing it with open arms. Countries that actively support blockchain technology include, but are not limited to, Singapore, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan, UAE, and Malta. As a result, these trailblazers are actively experiencing a rebalancing of talent and companies relocating to each of their respective countries.

    Our future depends on the support of legal jurisdictions that do not stifle innovation and encourage open, transparent markets — ones that aren’t afraid to redefine the world with new business models. While the United States is a haven for some of the largest companies in the world, we at Coinvest need to align with constituents that are pro-blockchain. As a startup, Coinvest has to efficiently use its resources to drive innovation and value. Therefore, to maximize resources, we need to minimize risk by removing all barriers (including legal) that can potentially disrupt our business.

    In support of the leadership from Prime Minister — Joseph Muscat and Malta’s progressive stance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, Coinvest is announcing the support and relocation of our business from the United States to Malta.

    We intend to support the country with our corporate expertise and create hundreds of new jobs for the local economy. Our executive team is actively working with Silvio Schembri, the Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation within the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta to lead a new level of innovation for both blockchain technology and government itself. Through a collaboration with the Maltese government, we are exploring the creation of a blockchain technology council with the likes of other companies that have recently announced corporate support to Malta such as Binance,Monaco Card, and Tron. We’re proud to join the ranks of leading blockchain technology companies in aligning with Malta’s progressive stance, in the collective effort to create a new digital economy and grow the blockchain industry to new heights.

    For more information, please visit ourwebsite. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

  • Coinvest Ratings Around the Internet

    We’ve worked many long hours since launching Coinvest last Summer and we are extremely grateful that others have recognized our hard work and potential. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of sites that have reviewed our business and provided a rating. (Please note that these rating frameworks are not standardize across the industry and are subject to each individual website’s rating system.)

    ICObench — 4.3 out of 5

    TrackICO — 5 out of 5

    ICO Crunch — 4.7 out of 5

    ICO Holder — 4.35 out of 5

    ICOTOKN — 5 out of 5

    ICOmarks — 8.9 out of 10

    ICOStock24 — 4.6 out of 5 and a Top ICO of the Week

    FoxICO — 8.5 out of 10

    Kryptovergleich — 4.8 out of 5

    ICOStock24 — 4.6 out of 5

    Bitcoinnoobs — 8.2 out of 10

    TechInsider — 4 out of 5

    Coin Khoj — 8.5 out of 10

    Even though we have been approached by various ICO listing / rating sites, we are proud and can confidently state the we have never paid for any reviews or ratings. At Coinvest, we believe in pure organic results (that are a direct result of our hard work) and will never pay-to-play or attempt to influence these figures. We appreciate these websites for their honest feedback and look to forward to continued innovation in order to maintain or increase our perception in the market.

    For more information, please visit ourwebsite. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

  • Coinvest Announces Premium Hardware Wallet with Innovative Design and Architecture to Securely Store Cryptonized Assets

    The Coinvest hardware wallet complements the Coinvest decentralized investment trading platform and offers a single integrated solution to securely invest and store cryptonized assets.

    DALLAS, TX - Coinvest, an emerging blockchain startup comprised of Microsoft alumni, is announcing the details of their hardware wallet that offers consumers a secure end-to-end solution to complement the Coinvest decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies.

    The Coinvest hardware wallet offers state-of-the art design and architecture featuring:

    • A cryptographic coprocessor with secure hardware-based key storage and asymmetric and symmetric cipher support
    • Linux operating system using a SAMA5D2D pre-PCI certified processor
    • 4.3” LED backlit full touchscreen display with 480x272 resolution
    • FIDO/U2F support to use COIN wallet as a security token for two-factor authentication
    • A single USB-C connection with support for authenticating desktop and mobile devices
    • A dedicated screen and authentication chip to protect consumers even if the host computer is infected with a virus or malware
    • Support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and more

    Unlike current solutions on the market that leverage pure MCU-based solutions such as the Ledger and Trezor, Coinvest has chosen a pre-PCI certified processor to mitigate the security risks that competing platforms possess, while maximizing graphics capabilities for an experience that is second to-none. The wallet also has a single USB-C connection with support for authenticating desktop and mobile devices. With premium materials and a size equivalent to a credit card, the Coinvest wallet provides consumers an all-in-one portable personal security solution in a strikingly beautiful design.

    The Coinvest hardware wallet integrates with the Coinvest investment trading platform to offer an end-to-end solution to securely invest and store cryptonized assets. In addition to the storage of popular cryptocurrency protocols such as Bitcoin and Ethereum ERC20 tokens, the wallet will have an integrated password management application and FIDO/U2F support to use the wallet as a security token for two-factor authentication. The Coinvest wallet development API will empower developers to build secure apps to use with the wallet as well as offer compatibility with other leading wallet solutions such as MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto, and more.

    Alongside the hardware wallet, Coinvest will be offering a case for device protection. The hardware wallet case features three slots to hold credit cards with one slot as an option for the modular money clip. Two fitted magnetic slots secure the hardware wallet and travel cable in place. The case features a variety of premium textures and colors to fit all personal styles. The combination of the Coinvest hardware wallet and case offers a single solution to carry cash, credit cards, and cryptocurrency together in a package slightly larger than the size of a credit card.

    Coinvest is partnering with leading hardware and security firms, Cardinal Peak and Cryptotronix, to bring the wallet to market by early 2019. The Coinvest wallet will retail for $249 and only be available for purchase using the Coinvest COIN token direct from the Coinvest website. COIN is currently available for purchase during Coinvest’stoken sale through Friday, April 6th at 9:30 CST. For more information, visit

    About Coinvest Coinvest is a blockchain technology company focused on developing solutions to democratize cryptocurrencies and bring them to the masses. The company’s mission is to create decentralized tools for the world to seamlessly and securely invest and use cryptocurrencies. Coinvest is lead by a team of Microsoft alumni and prominent advisors Tony Scott, former CIO of the US Government, VMWare, and Microsoft as well as Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable. Coinvest is one of the only blockchain companies in the world registered with the United States SEC and FinCEN. For more information about Coinvest, please visit:

    For more information, please visit ourwebsite. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

  • Coinvest Token Sale Results and Next Steps

    Our Coinvest token sale ended on April 6th and sold approximately $5.5M worth in COIN out of our maximum cap of $33 million USD. Our token sale generated interest from 1,094 participants. Despite the months of February and March being one of the most difficult time periods for ICO’s to raise funds in the history of the industry, we are proud of our results and our progress to-date.

    As a data driven company, we would like to provide the following metrics for reference:

    • 1094 People Participants
    • 109 people made more than one purchase with the most purchasing 13 times
    • Average of 2.19 ETH per person and 1.9 ETH per transaction
    • $661 is the weighted average price of ETH for each transaction
    • 33 investment transactions were reverted due to lack of gas, incorrect GWEI amount, etc.
    • Sold 16.57% of allocated tokens
    • Estimate of 8,701,630 tokens in market circulation

    As continually communicated, half of the funds from our raise are used for reserves. Therefore, raising our max cap of $33 million would have netted reserve sizes of $16.5M and a operating budget of $16.5M. Since unsold tokens are moved to Coinvest reserves to collateralize the network, our effective raise of $5.5M now creates a reserve of approximately $30M worth of COIN to provide liquidity to the network. This leaves a token circulation amount of ~8.7M; a number that is relatively low in comparison to many other companies in this space. In fact, by comparison, Coinvest would be in the top 15 for the lowest circulating supply out of the top 100 coins listed on Coin Marketcap today. To compare, view the below or visit Coinmarketcap, click Circulating Supply, and sort in descending order.

    Screenshot as of April 13th, 2018

    Please note that the Coinvest circulating supply is variable as profits from user trades move from the Coinvest reserve back to the user. Conversely, user losses leave the circulating supply and are taken off the market upon entering the Coinvest reserves.

    Therefore, if the price of COIN outperforms the market, user profit and distributions are smaller which also results in a shrinking circulating supply. 😊

    Investors received their tokens immediately by our smart contract upon their individual contribution. If you haven’t already, you can check your COIN balance using our investment tool. You can also begin adding COIN to your wallets using the following guide.

    As previously mentioned in our announcements, we are performing an update to our current COIN token contract for upgrades that will further the enhance the performance of our protocol. These details including full documentation and a demo can be found here:

    Next Steps

    COIN V2 will be distributed after our token fork and audit within the following timeline in early May. We are working with exchange partners to support the listing of COIN during that month as well.

    • COIN Token Hard Fork: 4/9 to 4/13
    • COIN V2 Token Security Audit and Fixes: 4/16 to 5/4
    • Token Distribution: Week of 5/7

    With the sale officially over, we would like to remind everyone to NEVER send funds to anyone posing as a representative of the Coinvest team. Please report any fraudulent sale attempts to [email protected] to help protect our community.

    We sincerely thank everyone who was able to participate and apologize to those that weren’t able to. We value your support and hope to have you alongside us as we continue the journey to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses. We’ll continue to work hard on your behalf and bring to market something that we’ll all be very proud to be a part of.

    Welcome to the Coinvest family!

    For more information, please visit our website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

  • Coinvest Token Swap Strategy and Details

    Details regarding our upcoming fork and token swap strategy for COIN V2

    In an effort to more closely align with market standards, to ensure the strongest viability of our token in the marketplace, and to protect the assets of investors, Coinvest has elected to hardfork its current token COIN to create an upgraded COIN V2 token. During this fork, Coinvest will upgrade and align with the ERC865 standard while removing the ERC223 standard, thus creating a token that is a standard ERC20 asset. In order to most effectively execute this process we have developed an overarching strategy that encompasses the mechanics of the hardfork, the token swap process (from the end user perspective) and the communications required to initiate this process.



    • Create a token that more closely aligns with the cryptocurrency market and ecosystem that provides the highest level of utility and value as an investment vehicle for the Coinvest trading platforms and DAPPS.
    • Protect the assets of investors who have purchased COIN as a value appreciating investment trading vehicle needed to participate in the Coinvest trading platform network.
    • Provide advancement in the technology associated with our COIN token and smart contracts which allows greater simplicity in the execution of contract methods; which translate into greater simplicity and usability for end users.


    To facilitate the forking of the COIN token, Coinvest has developed new smart contracts that improves our protocol architecture building upon the original requirements form the previous token. The new requirements include the ability to interact with the COIN protocol without the need to create an account (no login, user data storage), enables users to pay gas fees with COIN instead of ETH, and supports the compatibility for legacy exchanges using only the ERC20 standard.

    Technical Details

    The COIN V2 token utilizes the standard ERC20 specification along with the addition of the ERC865 functionality. The following is a list of the upgrades specific to the COIN V2 token that is being implemented in this fork:

    1. Add ERC865 functionality to the token, which allows one address to transfer for another as long as the own has cryptographically signed the transfer transaction.
    2. Use traditional ERC20 specification with the approveAndCall method for simpler code paths to initiate and complete investment transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.
    3. Remove broker functionality in the investment contract to allow any frontend to use the delegation methods for transfers and sells.
    4. Add receiveApproval contract function to our investment contract which is called by the approveAndCall method after the receiving contract has been approved to withdraw.

    Key Activities

    • Completion of the new COIN V2 smart contracts: Completed
    • COIN V1 token hard fork and deployment of new smart contracts to COIN V2: Completed
    • COIN V2 token professional security audit(4/16–4/27): Completed byAuthio
    • COIN V2 security audit fixes and revisions (Week of 4/30–5/4): In progress
    • COIN V2 community security audit and revisions (5/7–5/11)
    • COIN V2 token swap and distribution (Week of 5/14)

    Token Swap

    After some consideration of the various methods to deploy the new COIN V2 (hereafter referred to as simply COIN), the Coinvest team has decided to use a token swapping process to distribute COIN to investors and token holders. During our assessment of the benefits of each method (with Airdrop being the alternative) it was determined that the token swap method more closely aligned with our goals of providing a safe, secure and seamless method for transferring the new COIN to investors and token holders.

    The Coinvest token swap smart contract will be open forever with no deadline. However, it is recommended to swap COIN at your earliest convenience in order to leverage COIN on the Coinvest platform and future exchanges

    Advantages and Disadvantages

    Our team has assessed the benefits and potential gotchas for the token swap process versus an airdrop:


    • Managed by a smart contract which prevents manipulation
    • Prevent scam attempts by selling the old COIN
    • Less room for error in execution
    • Less complex and quicker to implement
    • Less confusion as there will not be two versions of COIN on the market


    • Will require manual interaction from users to exchange
    • User will be required to have Ether to cover gas costs for an exchange (est. $.10 — .20 cents USD in gas per transaction)


    The token swap process is a relatively simple process from the end-user perspective. The following diagram represents the process visually.

    1. The token holder will need to log into his/her wallet that holds the COIN V1 tokens.
    2. The token holder will initiate a transfer (send) of all COIN V1 tokens to the specified token swap address.
    3. Upon receipt of the COIN V1 tokens, the token swap contract will disburse the COIN V2 tokens back to the wallet address that initiated the transfer.


    1. It is assumed that the sender has ETH in his / her account to cover the gas fee of the transfer of COIN V1 to the smart contract.

    Conversion Rate

    The mechanics and execution of the token swap smart contract are simple. Investors will receive new COIN in a 1:1 swap upon sending old COIN to the smart contract.

    1 OLD V1 COIN = 1 NEW V2 COIN

    Estimated gas costs are expected to be $.10 — $.20 per transaction / swap. We understand that token swaps are not convenient. Additionally, when they require ETH in order to send tokens to our smart contract address. To cover these gas costs, we will cover the future expense of two trade fees on our platform. More specifically, each wallet addresses from our token swap process will be will credited two free trades on the Coinvest platform (upon public launch). The credit equates to a value of approximately $10.00. Meanwhile, also encourages the future use and adoption of the Coinvest platform.

    Next Steps

    Please look forward to additional communications via our official website at for token swap instructions.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What does this token swap mean with the current COIN I hold? This means that your current COIN has value and will be required in order to swap to the new COIN that is used and accepted in the open market.
    • Can I transfer old COIN to another wallet in the meantime? Yes, old COIN is unlocked and transferrable.
    • Can I trade old COIN on centralized / decentralized exchanges? No. Exchanges will only be provided our new token contract address using the ERC20 standard we have implemented in the fork. Old COIN is based upon the ERC223 standard which is not compatible with some exchanges.
    • Can I purchase COIN from others privately until it reaches exchanges? Technically, yes if you would like as old COIN has value and will be required for swapping to the new version of COIN. However, please note that purchasing or trading from unauthorized sources can result in scams, lost funds, and more. We will not be able to assist in help, provide support, or troubleshooting any issues related to any private deals.
    • What is the deadline to swap old COIN for new COIN? There is no deadline to swap COIN. The Coinvest token swap smart contract will be open forever with no deadline. However, it is recommended to swap COIN at your earliest convenience in order to leverage COIN on the Coinvest platform and future exchanges

    For more information regarding COIN V2, please see the following resources:

    COIN V2 Announcement and Collateral:

    As a Coinvest investor and a member of the Coinvest family, we appreciate your support and hope that the aforementioned process can be completed with minimal to no inconvenience for you. If you have any questions or need assistance with the the token swap process, please contact us directly and we will do our best to assist you. For your convenience we can be contacted via email at [email protected] or visit our website at https://coinve.stand use the chat feature located at the bottom right hand side of the page to receive immediate assistance during our regular support hours.

    For more information, please visit ourwebsite. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Telegram orDiscord.

    Join our Discord to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:

  • Coinvest COIN V2 Token Audit and Bug Bounty

    We’re excited to announce that our COIN V2 Token and TokenSwap contracts are ready for audit!

    A professional audit has been performed by our friends at Authio (in which he results of Authio’s findings can be found here). However, especially as this is a new and non-finalized token standard, we need the community’s help to make sure our contracts are as safe as can be.

    Program Details

    The scope of our bug bounty program includes the following contracts related to the COIN V2 Token:

    • CoinvestToken.sol
    • TokenSwap.sol

    These contracts can be found in the CoinvestV2Audit GitHub. The COIN Token is based off the ERC865 standard with many improvements. It allows users to pay the gas for token functions in COIN instead of Ether.

    Check out the following resources for detailed information regarding:

    The bug bounty program runs from the publication of this post through the 12th of May.


    Our team will assess each submission individually and assign a level of severity according to its likelihood and impact to the security and performance of the token itself. Compensation will depend on the severity of the issue found.


    • Critical: 10 ETH A critical bug is a bug that will enable stealing of funds, loss of funds, or permanent disablement of a contract.
    • High: 5 ETH A high bug significantly affects the ability of the contract to operate. These would include ERC incompatibilities and non-working functions.
    • Medium: 2 ETH Medium bugs entail an issue regarding the contract not operating as it was designed. For example, if the whale limit on our contract was able to be bypassed, that would be a medium bug.
    • Low: .5 ETH Low bugs are less significant errors such as a send being able to fail without throwing.
    • Informational: 0.1 ETH  Informational errors have no impact on the operation of a contract but should be brought to attention, such as a comment not matching the updated code.

    All bugs are rewarded at the sole discretion of our team using the OWASP risk / severity model.

    Note: Coinvest employees and paid auditors are not eligible for bounty compensation.

    Please report bug bounty submissions to [email protected].

    For more information, please visit our website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

  • COIN V2 Token Swap Contract Announcement

    We’re excited to announce that our COIN Token V2 token smart contract and token swap smart contracts have passed audit and are live!

    As mentioned in our previous announcements, we performed an update to our COIN token contract for upgrades that will further the enhance the performance of our protocol. These details including full documentation and a demo can be found here:

    Our token swap contract address is now live on our Official Coinvest Website. Please view our token swap guide here to best prepare yourself in advance:

    The token swap process is as easy as sending a normal tranaction to another wallet address. The following diagram represents the process visually.

    1. The token holder will need to log into his/her wallet that holds the COIN V1 tokens.
    2. The token holder will initiate a transfer (send) of all COIN V1 tokens to the specified token swap address.
    3. Upon receipt of the COIN V1 tokens, the token swap contract will disburse the COIN V2 tokens back to the wallet address that initiated the transfer.


    • It is assumed that the sender has ETH in his / her account to cover the gas fee of the transfer of COIN V1 to the smart contract.

    As a reminder, please ensure that:

    • Your wallet is ERC-20 compatible
    • You own the private keys for your wallet
    • You do not send any funds from an exchange address such as Coinbase or Bittrex or those funds will be lost
    • Do not send funds to anyone requesting funds directly on behalf of Coinvest (as our team will never solicit anyone requesting funds)
    • If you send ETH, any other ERC-20 tokens, or any other token besides COIN to the token swap address on the page, you risk losing your tokens forever.

    Should you have any questions on the token swap process, please contact: [email protected]

    True to our word…

    During our token sale, due to technical limitations within the smart contract, we were previously allowed to set the conversion rate to 1100 = 1 ETH, where we had previously communicated that the price was pegged to 1100 COIN at $700. To align with our communication and to make sure that no investor had a price higher than the $0.64 as originally stated, today we have distributed extra COIN to those investors in our token sale who contributed at a price greater than $700 per ETH. Additionally, we have made the first quarterly COIN distributions to our bounty participants. For more information on how to add the COIN V2 token as a custom token in your wallet, please view

    We hope that this reinforces to our community that we are always looking to do what is right by our investors, and build some additional trust with our community. This is just one of several actions, including awarding early investors two free trades on our platform, conducting surveys, and providing excellent customer support, to show how much we truly care about our community. We have every intent on making this a successful project and intend on sharing that with our community, to which none of this would be possible without.

    Final thank you!

    Overall, this marks an important milestone at Coinvest as the enhancements to our protocol and smart contracts bring us a step closer to accomplishing our overall mission. This is just one of many steps we are taking in order to create something truly impactful. Stay tuned for additional announcements and milestones that are planned in both the near and long-term. We truly thank you for your support and we are glad to have you as part of the Coinvest family!

    For more information, please visit our website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

    Join our Discord to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:

  • Token Sale Offering Announcement with Republic Crypto

    Republic and Coinvest join forces to provide access and bring power back to the people.

    We started Coinvest with a goal of decentralization and to bring power back to the people. This premise is demonstrated in our decentralized investment trading platform and overall mission. Since the beginning of the year, we have conducted token sale offerings for consumers to purchase tokens for use on our future platforms. This included a private sale in January and a public token sale in March that was limited to US-accredited and all international investors. These offerings excluded US non-accredited investors due to the limitations of the filings and disclosures of the offering themselves.

    To provide equal opportunity and distributed access, we are excited to announce a final public offering in partnership with Republic. This offering realizes our goal of enabling access to COIN across a full spectrum of audiences, geographies, currencies, and leaves no potential investors unaccounted for. The Republic and Coinvest partnership is a fully compliant CF offering that is registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and includes all investors including US non-accredited.

    A compliant CF offering does have its advantages and disadvantages. More specifically, legally provides access to any investor over the age of 18 regardless of geography, financial status, and more. Additionally, enables consumers the convenience of investing using fiat currency (using a credit card, ACH, bank wire, etc.) and invest with a minimum amount of only $100 USD. Alternatively, compliant CF offerings are limited to a max legal raise of only $1.07M. While this offering does enable an additional round of fundraising, we believe the partnership with Republic adds significantly more value than the amount of funds being raised. Particularly,

    • Access to investment for US non-accredited investors and any others that may have missed the opportunity to invest in previous offerings
    • Access to investment using fiat currencies
    • Additional marketing and exposure to the Coinvest brand and family of products
    • Provides access to the Republic network which includes notable leaders, and venture capital firms in the technology and blockchain industries

    The token economics remain the same with a fixed token supply of ~107M. The price per token and bonus for the offering will be equivalent to the main token sale from March at $.64 USD (10% bonus included). A full raise of $1.07M through this offering with Republic will result in an estimated circulating token supply of ~11M.

    The offering is currently open and available on the Republic Crypto website. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity before the offering is filled.

    We are extremely excited to partner with the world-class team from Republic. The ability to offer access to US non-accredited investors, coupled with access to the network of tools and resources from Republic offers significant value to everyone in the Coinvest ecosystem. We look forward to a successful partnership together that extends beyond the offering itself.

  • Coinvest Announces New Products to Complete Its End-to-End Investment Solutions for the Blockchain Industry

    Coinvest adds to its product portfolio to accomplish the company’s mission of democratizing cryptocurrencies and bringing them to the masses.

    DALLAS, TX — Coinvest, an emerging blockchain startup comprised of Microsoft alumni, is announcing an expanded portfolio of revenue-generating products. The company’s 2018–2019 roadmap is supportive of their mission to democratize and lower the barriers to investing in cryptocurrencies by providing simple, accessible solutions to all audiences.

    Connecting the dots, Coinvest presents new product solutions to support investors of all levels in seeing investments through from start to finish — from research to trade execution, asset management and liquidity.

    A full portfolio of products for all audience during all stages of the investment lifecycle.



    Coinvest has launched CoinDNA (Data, News, and Analytics) — an educational website that aids users in research, the first step of their investment journey, providing insights to help navigate investment decisions, including market data for individual tokens, a daily market report, and custom frequently-asked analytics.

    CoinDNA is available now, is free to use, and fully supported on mobile devices.


    Coinvest Platform

    Coinvest is a fully decentralized investment trading platform that leverages smart contracts and blockchain technology to empower users to invest in hundreds of cryptonized assets using only one COIN. Coinvest caters toward the average consumer and eliminates the need for managing multiple wallets, private keys, and token protocols.

    Coinvest Plus

    Coinvest Plus is an exchange with an advanced order book matching system that pairs trades together, catering to sophisticated traders or institutional investors who require additional tools and features to perform analysis and execute trades at higher frequency. Unlike exchanges that require a percentage-based fee for every trade, both products will offer an affordable and predictable flat rate of only $4.99 per trade.

    The Coinvest platform and Coinvest Plus exchange interact together to support features such as native wallet exchange support, reserve collateralization, and more.

    Both will be available for private beta testing in June. User-Interface demos for both platforms are available now:

    Asset Management

    Coinvest offers three asset management options to meet the needs of any level of investor:

    Coinvest Platform Wallet

    The Coinvest platform has an intuitive integrated wallet that will safely store your cryptonized assets, enabling the storage of multiple coins such as Bitcoin, ERC-20 compatible tokens, and more. Coinvest also provides a seamless exchange between assets from your wallet (similar to ShapeShift), facilitated directly with the Coinvest Plus exchange at the flat fee of $4.99.

    Coinvest Vault

    For the best balance of security and liquidity, Coinvest has partnered with Cardinal Peak to introduce its premium hardware wallet offering featuring:

    Coinvest Vault seamlessly works with all Coinvest products to provide an integrated user-experience that is intuitive while providing cold storage, and best-in-class security.

    For details including additional security features, please visit the Coinvest Vault website here. Coinvest Vault will be available in Q1 2019.

    Coinvest Safe

    Coinvest presents Coinvest Safe — a software wallet that offers all of the Coinvest wallet features, with an interactive, child-friendly user experience, and without the integrated trading platform.

    The Coinvest Safe wallet with help introduce children to the world of blockchain while encouraging responsibility. Parents can now send allowance and savings while helping teach core financial and technology concepts critical for the future.

    Coinvest Safe will be available for private beta in Q3 of 2018.


    Coinvest has developed two solutions help investors painlessly spend their cryptonized assets:

    Coinvest Commerce

    Coinvest Commerce is an API that merchants can easily integrate into their website to accept payments in COIN — enabling cryptocurrency to be used as an immediate source of funding for e-commerce transactions.

    Coinvest Debit

    Coinvest Debit will enable users to spend their cryptonized assets directly from their Coinvest wallet or physical Coinvest debit card.

    Coinvest Debit will leverage exchange services directly from the Coinvest Plus exchange to convert cryptonized assets to fiat, and global merchants will be able to seamlessly accept payments without knowing the transaction originated from cryptocurrency.

    Both products will be released in 2019.

    We hope that this announcement reinforces our commitment to our overall vision. Additionally, creates value for our community and token-holders through revenue generating products and a sound, sustainable business model. As always, we appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to the journey together.

    About Coinvest

    Coinvest is a blockchain technology company focused on developing solutions to democratize cryptocurrencies and bring them to the masses. The company’s mission is to create decentralized tools for the world to seamlessly and securely invest and use cryptocurrencies. Coinvest is lead by a team of Microsoft alumni and prominent advisors Tony Scott, former CIO of the US Government, VMWare, and Microsoft as well as Pete Cashmore, founder of Mashable. Coinvest is one of the few blockchain companies in the world registered with the United States SEC and FinCEN. For more information about Coinvest, please visit:

    For more information, please visit our website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

  • Coinvest Welcomes New Talent to Growing Team

    We are excited to welcome two new members to Coinvest — Abhay Kamble and Josh Datko.

    Abhay Kamble joins the team as a Vice President of Product, where he will play an integral role in lead product vision, strategy and development, and execution across a number of products and teams at Coinvest. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kamble brings more than 20 years of product development, having led product management for global companies such as Walmart and Microsoft.

    Josh Datko from Cryptotronix joins Coinvest as a Chief Security Architect. In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of security architecture and design for Coinvest hardware and associated software. Josh is also a key liaison between our Coinvest and Coinvest hardware partners. Datko has extensive experience building embedded, secure systems deployed in the defense and commercial markets. He received his undergraduate degree from the Naval Academy and graduate degree from Drexel University, with research focused on security, privacy, and artificial intelligence.

    We are thrilled to have Abhay, and Josh join the Coinvest family! But even more so, continue to build out our team with industry leading talent in order to achieve our mission.

    For more information, please visit our website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

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