Coinvest- The world’s first decentralized investment trading market for cryptocurrencies.

  • Invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and index funds with one account, one wallet, and one COIN.

    How It Works

    Trade and withdraw investments directly with our smart contract.

    1 Create a Coinvest virtual portfolio with your favorite cryptocurrencies

    Trade and withdraw investments directly with our smart contract

    3 Easily spend COIN using your debit card account


    • Trading Rewards

    Accumulate COIN rewards with every trade on the Coinvest platform.

    • Super Trader

    Make profit from trades in your virtual investment portfolio

    • Index Fund Management

    Collect 50% trading fee revenue from users that invest in your personal index fund

    • Value Appreciation

    Platform adoption, transaction volume, and buybacks increase COIN Value

    Crowdsale Details


    Token Distribution


    Token Value






    Execution > Idea. Our team has decades of corporate experience with companies such as Microsoft.

    Damon Nam


    Prior to starting Coinvest, Damon was a sixteen year Microsoft professional. In his last role as a US Services Partner Program Director, he was responsible for 75 partner organizations and over $90 million in revenue. Damon is responsible for architecting and executing the strategy to drive the overall mission for Coinvest.

    Byron Levels


    Byron Levels has 23 years of experience as an IT services professional and has worked for many Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, AT&T, and American Airlines. Byron is an architect and application developer with a strong focus on e- commerce and business application integration.

    Taylor Rieckens


    Taylor is a sales and business development professional that has driven over 100% year-over-year growth in the past five years as a Sales Director at Another Source. Her experience extends over ten years with Microsoft and Anheuser Busch in various roles leading sales, operations, and resourcing efforts.

    Ramiro Galan


    As the Creative Director for Coinvest, Ramiro drives the creative direction for the company. His corporate experience includes working in various lead creative and branding roles at IBM, Verizon, and 343 Industries (a Microsoft company).

    Umar Irshad


    As the Art Director for Coinvest, Umar drives the art direction, user-experience, and management of all design assets for the company. His experience extends to working with both startups and corporations across many different industries and verticals.

    Kevin Huynh


    Kevin has built a career in data analytics, most recently graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a Masters in BI and Data Analytics and managing digital marketing for Prior to that he consulted as a Senior Data Modeler for many top Fortune 500 companies, including McKesson and Kimberly-Clark.

    Mark Ayad


    Mark has over 18 years of corporate finance experience working at Xerox and Moneygram, two of the oldest companies in the world. Mark is an accomplished accounting and finance leader with skills in strategic financial planning, tactical analysis, and revenue management.

    Kim Huynh


    Kim has over a decade experience helping startups, SMBʼs, and corporations communicate their story. As a marketing maven, sheʼs helped developed a voice and driven marketing activities for brands such as Adidas, Sunglass Hut, and Estee Lauder.

    Dexaran Derat


    Dexaran is the Lead developer for the Ethereum Commonwealth team. As a blockchain enthusiast, he is heavily engaged in the blockchain community. Dexaran has worked directly with the Ethereum platform team on supporting projects as well as developed the ERC223 protocol.

    Robert Forster


    Robert has been a blockchain enthusiast for more than 6 years. After becoming fascinated with Ethereum, he immediately began coding Solidity. He has led the smart contract development for multiple Ethereum companies and is now the lead blockchain developer for Coinvest.

    Alexander Kravchenko


    Alexander is a Senior full-stack engineer and provides architecture oversight and quality assurance to all Coinvest development efforts. He previously worked at WeezLabs as an IT Engineer where he architected and developed high-load and e- commerce solutions.

    Elena Troyanskaya


    While Elena is a full stack engineer with experience in technologies such as AngularJS, RoR, AWS, etc., she is responsible for the development, infrastructure, and security of the Coinvest backend.

    Dmitriy Golovchenko


    Dmitriy is a pixel-perfect responsive front-end web development ninja with experience using technologies such as AngularJS, HTML5, CSS, and more. Dmitriy is responsible for all front-end engineering for Coinvest.






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  • Update on the Coinvest Private Beta MVP

    Since our journey started this Summer, our team developed our token and smart contracts. Both of which are available on GitHub at:

    Our Ropsten test network Investment contract address is: 0x2e6d78558b6287f0f3fadc4814550f55234aac2f.

    The general public is free to test all functions by interacting directly with our smart contracts.

    Our goal in the middle of November was to complete our end-to-end MVP before the end of 2017, (which included a web front-end for users to test through our user-friendly interface instead of an ABI / JSON interface). At present, we are behind on our target and did not meet our goal of releasing this last week. During the last two weeks, we experienced some delays due to holiday schedules and failed delivery commitments. However, there are no excuses. We take full responsibility for not meeting our communicated deadlines to our community and have made changes to our team and process in order to improve moving forward.

    We apologize and will get better.

    While functioning, the current build of our MVP is not at a stage that aligns with the quality, security, and expectation that our users expect from the Coinvest brand. With this being said, we feel that we’ll be able to get to our destination and have our MVP available in the next couple of weeks.

    In the meantime, we’ve created a user interface demo for you to preview the initial design, flow of the platform, and demonstrates how trades will be executed. We would love your feedback on the overall design and experience.

    Click here to view the project `MVP`
    This prototype brought to you by

    Please note that the actual design and interaction is likely to change upon our public release later in Q1. Our strategy for our upcoming minimal viable product is to provide a proof-of-concept that:

    • Validates the interactions with our smart contracts and the blockchain as architected and expected
    • Gathers feedback from the community for adjustements, fixes, and refinements

    We will continue to work hard in order to drive development to completion within the coming weeks. We have also recently hired a new engineering resource (with years of experience from IBM and Shopify) that will work alongside our current team to help execute our vision beyond the MVP itself. We’ll look to make a number of these announcements soon and will keep you updated upon our progress.

    For more information, please visit our website at

    Join our Telegram to join our community conversations or say hi to us at any of the channels below:


    The Coinvest protocol is the heart of the platform while the smart contract functions contain logic that is executed when a token exchange, transaction, funding, and distribution occurs. The protocol can be accessed directly using the following contracts:

    • Token Offering Contract

      • Private Whitelist and Crowdsale Functions

    The private whitelist and crowdsale functions contain details and actions specific to the public token offering. This includes, but is not limited to the ability to purchase tokens and variables such as initial token price, discount rates, and more. The COIN token crowdsale variables are based upon the details outlined in the crowdsale section of this whitepaper.

    • Investment Contract

      • Invest Function

    In the event of an investment, this function will execute, confirm, and anchor investment data to the blockchain. This protocol is also referred to as InvestChainᵀ  ᷟ below. Additional variables specific to this use are recorded to the blockchain for record history and smart contract execution. Investment portfolios require a full deposit of COIN approved by the user, and sent by the DAPP to the smart contract. The funds are held by the Investment Contract until they are sold and withdrawn by the user at a later date (initiated through the Coinvest or partner DAPPs). Thus guaranteeing non-custody of the funds by a human body throughout the entire investment process.

      • Liquidate Function

    This contract handles the distribution of the fee schedule when the <sell> function has been initiated. The distribution supports the core Coinvest DAPP as well as custom DAPPS created and operated by others.

    • Oracle Contract

      • Oraclize Function

    The Oracle contract will use Oraclize to frequently update market prices of the different cryptonized assets on the Investment contract.

    • DAO Contract (Future)

    The DAO contract will be implemented in the future and will allow all COIN holders to vote in new contracts to replace old ones. To begin with, these contracts will all be combined, disallowing the owner wallet the ability to switch out contracts with no approval while providing maximum security. However, contracts will be split up and put under DAO control to enable easy updates.

    • User Database Contract (Future)

    This contract saves all investment data on the holdings of each user. Once the DAO is created, compartmentalizing this contract from the Investment contract will allow updates of the Investment contract without affecting users.

    All data in all cases above can be validated by the Ethereum network nodes.

    Coinvest InvestChainᵀ  ᷟTechnology

    The COIN protocol utilizes InvestChainᵀ  ᷟ, a technology created by Coinvest that anchors transaction data to the blockchain. In other words, provides a receipt of investment history for each on-chain trade. This receipt provides irrefutable proof of the investment data recorded at a specific time. Thus, preserving data integrity and increasing overall trust in the industry. Each receipt contains the following elements:

    • Buy timestamp

    • User wallet address

    • Index name

    • Cryptonized asset name(s)

    • Cryptonized asset price(s)

    • Cryptonized asset allocation

    • Amount invested

    • Sell timestamp

    To provide complete trust and transparency, Coinvest will also create tools to validate these receipts, as open-source components for commercial use for the public. (Similar to cryptocurrency explorers, transaction data can be retrieved by way of different variable)

    Coinvest will also develop API’s that enable partners in the COIN token ecosystem to accept the COIN token as a method of exchange AND provide complete transparency and validation to their users as well.

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