Radium (RADS) Update #41 — Radium Core v1.4.7 Upgrade

  • As promised in our most recent post, our developers have been working to improve the Radium Core wallet and are pleased to announce that Radium Core v1.4.7 is here! This is phase 0.5 of the previously mentioned updates, and focuses on improving the efficiency and ease of use of the wallet. This is intended to make the upgrade to v1.5.0, at the end of phase 1, as smooth as possible.

    Radium Core v1.4.7

    Click here to download the latest Radium Core v1.4.7 release (Mac releases will coming out over the next few days).

    Below you can find a list of the main changes in Radium Core v1.4.7:

    • Peer Discovery: Updated wallet code so wallets now connect to set peer seeds, obtain a list of new peers, and disconnect from the seed automatically. This process offloads the work of syncing new clients, so the peer seeds can do their job without bogging down.

    What this means: Wallets will now find peers much faster than before. Updating the config file with a list of peers will no longer be necessary. Users with low connection counts should gain connections faster.

    • Code Upgrade: Partially upgraded the wallet base code from blackcoin POSv3 to bitcoin 0.11

    What this means: Many code improvements, bug fixes, and generally faster and cleaner running code.

    • Increase op_return: Increased the op_return maximum limit to 480 bytes.

    What this means: Entire Smart-Transactions can now be encoded as a single prunable null-data output, reducing blockchain bloat, decreasing SmartChain fees, and lowering RAM requirements for the wallet. We can also write more complex Smart-Transactions with expanded functionality. The improved null-data encoding will be activated in the future SmartChain 3.3 release.

    • Supply hard Cap: Set the total supply cap at 9,000,000, per the original project specifications. What this means: No user impact for approximately 40 years. Block rewards will cease once max supply reaches 9M, around year 2059.

    Hardfork-level changes will be implemented early next year, so stay tuned for more improvements and developments coming soon!

    — The Radium Team

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