Digix Dev Update 19th Dec 2017 — Japan Roadshow, New Business Developer, State of Tech Dev

  • Japan Roadshow:

    The Digix Team started December by traveling to Tokyo for a series of promotional events and meeting with our new lead investor, GlobalBrain and their headquarter office.

    1. Japan Cryptocurrency Meetup

    We did a meetup with Ziliqa and Bluzelle during the week in Tokyo to a strong crowd interested in cryptocurrencies.

    This meetup was kindly hosted by the team at altaapps and the review can be found here.

    2. GlobalBrain Alliance Forum 2017

    The annual event that GB has hosted saw a turn out of 700 people ranging from corporates, national conglomerates to startups alike. We have begun introducing what we do to enterprises and corporates looking for 2 solutions: Asset tokenization as well as cross border settlements with DGX, the anticipated Gold Token.

    Left to Right: KC, Shaun, CS Teo, Takashi, Pavel (Bluzelle)

    Japan’s crypto culture is well propagated throughout it’s retail and corporates such as payments with Bitcoins via Bitflyer in BIC Camera stores.

    On this trip, we see a near future where our asset tokens, DGX, can be a method to transact directly for goods and services in Japan and its stablecoin property will be highly revered.

    Rounding up our Japan trip…

    Due to the introductions from GlobalBrain, we had the opportunity in Japan to meet with corporates in the region who are looking for a cross border settlement solution that DGX could potentially play a role in. Apart from that, we met with top local law firms to find out how best and proper we can penetrate the Japanese market quickly and correctly. Look out for an interview of digix at www.coin-otaku.com

    Japan is one of the most forward looking and fastest moving country to adopt cryptocurrencies with 15 virtual currency exchanges currently licensed in the country, and we intend to make DGX available to Japan through the proper channels.

    New BD hire

    We are very proud to welcome Xie Huiling who will be joining us as Digix’s Business Developer.

    Huiling focuses on business development. She previously worked in the business development function in an international law firm, focusing on achieving growth, process optimisation, cross border outreach and pitch preparation. She graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with honours from Singapore Management University, and has not looked back on her legal training since.

    New logo re-branding

    Over the past few months, we had engaged a branding consultant to relook into revamping the logo and branding colors of Digix in line with our launch into 2018. More details will be revealed!

    State of Tech Dev

    We are currently going through 2nd week of 3rd party security audits of the Core 2.0 libraries. Several minor issues have been found and we are working on the fix. We will share the preliminary report and the corresponding fixes by next week.

    We expect to have the completion of our Core 2.0 unit test suite to be completed this week after which we will submit the candidate commit hash to our security auditors. This means that all code relevant to dgx 2.0 will be frozen (finally!) and submitted for review by our smart contract auditors.

    We also spent some time improving our Vagrant based development environment. This will allow us to have a much better developer experience as we scale our development team in preparation for the DigixDAO Governance development project. We have begun detailing the technical paper for DigixDAO governance including the proposed architecture. We will have the paper out for public feedback by mid January.

    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to all our readers!

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