[Bounty] FundTokens (FUNDZ) - financial fantasy trading platform | gameplay & blockchain based technology

  • What is the FundFantasy Project?

    FundFantasy is the first provably-fair fantasy gaming platform for finance enthusiasts, powered
    by blockchain technology. Our platform enables trustless and transparent gaming, and is
    therefore a natural solution to well-known problems in both the online trading and the online
    gaming/gambling markets. When the age-old sports betting industry was revolutionized by the
    rise of Daily Fantasy Sports, people were reminded of the fact that good ideas can change the
    world. This is precisely what FundFantasy intends to do to the online trading market.
    FundFantasy is currently beta-testing its very own Financial Fantasy Contest Platform
    simulating investments in financial assets in a fun, secure, and responsible environment, free of
    the conflicts of interest which plague both markets.

    Platform Highlights

    ● Fully transparent : All contest details are upfront and available for examination prior to
    entry. As soon as the contest starts users can view and compare their portfolios with the
    ones submitted by their opponents.
    ● Provably Fair : Asset prices are based on accurate, publicly available data from
    well-known and respected financial data API’s. Portfolios are encrypted until contests
    lock up and start, and are thus inaccessible even to FundFantasy employees.
    ● Simple to use : Very intuitive gameplay. Users allocate 1 million virtual US dollars to
    their long/short positions on the assets available on our platform.
    ● Social : Users can create their own contests and invite their friends.
    ● Profitable : Users can participate in contests carrying FundToken, BitCoin, and Ether

    ● Low fees : FundFantasy charges only up to 10% from every contest.
    ● No actual ownership of financial assets
    ● No conflict of interests
    ● Responsible Gaming & Self Exclusion : Users can limit and restrict their own gaming
    ● Multiplier contests : Users have the chance to win x2, x3 of participation costs.
    ● Lottery-size prizes : Top-heavy contests will make sure winners get hefty prizes.
    ● Low entry barriers : Free contests are also available.
    ● Multiple Entries allowed : Users can craft and submit the finest portfolios they can think
    ● Much more fun!

    The Platform FundFantasy

    Our self-funded platform is already built and operational, and the alpha version is scheduled to
    be launched in the coming months. Contests will be published on the platform’s lobby. All of
    the details are upfront for users to examine before entering contests, including ticket price, fees,
    prizes, date & duration, entries and so on. Since ticket prices are fixed, participation risk is
    known in advance and is independent of market volatility.
    Asset prices come from well known and respected 3rd party financial data providers. Portfolios
    are encrypted from the moment they are submitted until the contest locks up and starts, at
    which point they will be visible to the contest’s participants, making our contests provably-fair
    top to bottom.
    Although the game revolves around financial assets, our platform does not purchase any
    financial assets on behalf of clients - it only relies on market data to conduct the relevant
    calculations. As such it is characterized by a much lighter attitude, lower counterparty risk, full
    transparency, and chances at higher payouts. Users enter contests by purchasing entry tickets
    and submitting their portfolios. Contests vary in duration, size, asset-classes, and other
    variables. Decentralized smart contracts will manage the whole process; deposits, ticket
    purchases, contests, prize payouts and withdrawals are all done without human intervention.

    Test Runs and Market Validation
    Our alpha version has been successfully tested with over 100 users. Polls that were taken among
    the users show that:
    ● 46% would play in FundFantasy regularly
    ● 31% enjoyed themselves and would probably play once in week
    ● 14% would rather trade/invest in the old-fashioned ways
    ● 9% “don’t like the financial stuff”

    Business Model

    Contest Flow

    When the user wants to enter a contest he now has to craft his portfolio from the list of available
    assets. In order to submit his portfolio, the user must purchase a ticket to the contest. Ticket
    prices vary from contest to contest. Income from ticket sales is automatically distributed via
    smart contracts into:
    ● 90%-95% Prizes to winners
    ● 5%-10% to the FundFantasy Network and be used for:
    ○ Marketing FundFantasy
    ○ Funding the FundFantasy PrizePool -
    Hosting Free Daily Contests & Guaranteed Contests
    When a contest comes to an end, the remaining funds in the pool are paid in prizes to the
    winners according to the prize allocation model, and via a self-executing smart contract. All
    funds are stored and transferred with smart contracts, thereby eliminating counterparty risk
    and allowing speedy automated payments to the winners. Withdrawing and depositing funds
    are also fully automated.

    Go-To-Market Strategy

    ● Bounty: visit our bounty thread at bitcointalk.org for details.
    ● Alpha Launch: FundFantasy will launch an invite-only alpha to allow early adopters to
    test out the system and earn FUNDZ by playing.

    ● Daily Free Contests, MegaJackpot and Guaranteed Contests: Automatically
    contributing a proportion from the FundFantasy Network Fee to the FundFantasy Prize
    Pool will allow us to attract many new players by presenting them with the opportunity
    to win cryptocurrencies. This will serve to jumpstart our platform and increase demand
    for FundTokens.
    ● Affiliate Marketing : The online trading industry relies heavily on affiliate marketing,
    and we believe FundFantasy can become viral very quickly by doing the same. Our
    expertise in this field will come into play post-launch.
    ● Online Marketing: Our giveaways will allow us to advertise Free Contests carrying
    cryptocurrency prizes, as well as Jackpot Contests carrying large prizes. We believe that
    these campaigns can create massive inflows of new users seeking to play and own
    FUNDZ for chances at large prizes in cryptocurrencies, participation rights in exclusive
    contests and discounted entries to contests.
    In order to speed up the user acquisition process, the platform will also start hosting contests
    which accept BTC, ETH and possibly other currencies. At this point, in order to support
    FUNDZ with real world value, FUNDZ usage will be incentivized with considerable discounts.
    For example:
    If the ticket to contest A is 1 Ether, the 1st place gets 10 Ether, and the FUNDZ discount is 50%,
    then, users can either:
    ● Pay 1 Ether to acquire the ticket, and get a chance to win 10 Ether, or

    ● Buy 0.5 Ether’s worth of FUNDZ on a public exchange, use them to acquire the ticket

    and get a chance to win 10 Ether. This way the token value will have additional
    real-world support.

    FundTokens (FUNDZ)

    FundTokens are functional utility tokens within the FundFantasy platform, and can be used to
    purchase entry tickets to contests which are hosted on our platform.
    ● Valuable - FundTokens grant access to:
    ○ Discounted entries to contests that pay out large prizes in various currencies
    (such as BTC, ETH, FUNDZ and others).
    ○ Exclusive contests for FundToken owners
    ● Deflationary:
    0.5% of all payments made using FundTokens will be burnt, i.e. destroyed. This
    means that the total supply of FundTokens will decrease over time.
    FundTokens comply with the ERC20 standard. This means they are very easily interchangeable
    with other Ethereum-based tokens or Ether, and allow for easier listing on exchanges with
    infrastructure already in place.

    Token Sale

    The total supply of FundTokens will be 80,000,000 FUNDZ. New issuances of FUNDZ are not
    possible. During the pre-sale phase, FundFantasy will accept payments from select individuals
    or entities prior to the token sale, at a negotiated price. FundFantasy reserves the right to change
    the price per token for pre-sale customers. The total amount of FundTokens to be sold in the
    presale is 4,000,000 tokens, which constitute 5% of the total supply of FUNDZ.
    The token sale and the corresponding token creation process will be organized with smart
    contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to purchase FUNDZ can do so by sending
    ETH to the designated address which will be published prior to the token sale.

    During the public token sale we will make 56,000,000 FundTokens available for purchase, which
    constitute 70% of the total FundToken supply.
    Bonuses will be given to participants in the token sale according to the bonus schedule (see
    “Bonus Schedule” below). The token sale is due* to begin on January 25th, 2018 (GMT 12:00),
    and will end when one of the following occurs:
    ● February 25th, 2018* (GMT 12:00)
    ● FundTokens are sold out.
    ● 15m USD are raised
    * FundFantasy reserves the right to postpone the launch date and/or closing date of the public
    token-sale by no more than 90 days.

    Token Distribution

    FundTokens will be distributed as follows:

    Lockup Period

    Founders, the team and early contributors are prevented from selling their tokens for a period
    of 180 days.

    Bonus Schedule

    Purchasers of FundTokens during the token sale will enjoy a bonus on their token purchase:

    * Individuals interested in purchasing over 150,000 FundTokens should contact us for better

    Undistributed Tokens

    FundTokens left unsold will be distributed (“airdropped”) proportionally among the
    participants in the token sale according to their holdings relative to the total amount of tokens
    sold in the token sale. For example, if a participant has purchased 10% of the total amount of
    tokens sold, he will receive 10% of the tokens which were left undistributed when the token sale
    is finished.
    Only participants in the Pre-sale and the Token Sale will be eligible for the airdropped tokens
    (Founders, Team, Advisors, VC & Early Contributors will not receive any of the airdropped
    tokens). The airdrop will be calculated as follows:
    Let Pi be the amount of fundtokens purchased by participant i at the token sale
    Let Ai be the amount of airdropped fundtokens for participant i
    Let Bi be the balance of participant i after the token sale

    Token Sale Summary

    Road Map



    White Paper:https://www.fundfantasy.io/ass...








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