Zcoin (XZC) Release Wallet v0.13.4.3

  • @zcoinofficial

    Release Notes:


    Non mandatory update if you're already on v0.13.4.2. Recommended just to reduce excessive logging and cosmetic updates.

    Before anything, backup your wallet.dat (File > Backup Wallet), ideally in a different drive.

    When upgrading to a version prior to v.013.4.1, it would prompt you to do a one time reindex to enable txindex=1. This will take about an hour.

    If upgrading from v0.13.4.1 or v0.13.4.2, no reindex is required. If you have a Znode started, if you start and stop the daemon quickly within an hour, a znode start is not required though always good to double check and verify the start status.

    If you are stuck when upgrading to this version, make sure to go into your Zcoin data directory and delete peers.dat and banlist.dat then do a reindex.

    Read this guide on how to reindex.

    Instructions on how to setup your Znode: https://zcoin.io/zcoin-znode-setup-guide/


    • Non mandatory but recommended update if from v0.13.4.2.
    • Further reduced logging (was still too verbose)
    • GUI fix for missing sync status.
    • Mac compilation fixes

    Safety Precautions

    Before doing any Zerocoin mints or spend, make sure to do File>Backup your wallet.dat and save in separate location so you can restore in the case a mint/spend does not confirm.


    • Version: v0.13.4.3- SHA256 Hashes:
      • Windows: 0a0c1cb0ae0b3328be0ff57f5ca57da1e8c1f031c5bd79011f9f3cbc0e6dc3f7
      • Linux: 65ae2040b603260268877d8e9e4ff6845dbd82ebfff6b507e6f50f03b09d72df
      • Mac: 65d52c848e4153e0c6901555b72eaa5422ee16ad798fcc55857373e786e15e63

    Download Wallet v0.13.4.3:


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