0chain and BitClave announce partnership

  • California-based 0chain and BitClave announced their partnership. 0chain is a zero-cost decentralized cloud, has an efficient multi-dimensional consensus based on DPoS to achieve superfast speed that rivals traditional cloud. 0chain’s massive scalability, self-forking ability, and its efficient token economy enables off-chain transactions and storage to be on a blockchain at no cost to DApps.

    BitClave is constantly evaluating solutions to address Ethereum scalability issues. The problem is challenging and new solutions and proposals are regularly emerging. Recently, the Ethereum 2.0 vision and incremental steps for improving scalability were presented at the Devcon 3 conference. BitClave is exploring the approach of main chain and multiple sharded chains further and is evaluating the option of running 0chain blockchain as the sharded chain.

    The most attractive properties of 0chain solution are obviously superfast transaction speed and integrated storage at zero cost to BitClave’s BASE ecosystem. 0chain’s self-forking ability will also help to scale the architecture when the number of transactions increases with the introduction of new BitClave products and the growth of BASE community.

    “We are very excited about this partnership. Starting this partnership with BitClave early in our development process will help us better align development efforts with BitClave needs hence smooth the integration and adoption of our solution in a high demanding platform like BASE”- shared his thoughts the founder of 0chain, Saswata Basu.

    “We have very high expectations for this collaboration, since a zero-cost blockchain with integrated storage sounds like a very effective solution to address scalability challenges” — commented the co-founder of BitClave, Vasily Trofimchuk.

    0chain is planning its pre token sale in April 2018.

    BitClave successfully completed its token sale on Nov 29, 2017 and reached the cap of 25.5M in 32 seconds.


    About 0chain Network:

    0chain Network is the first free scalable cloud for DApps. It’s zero-cost decentralized cloud is superfast, infinitely scalable, and self-forking. It is built around an efficient token economy for a free sustainable decentralized cloud.

    To read more about the 0chain Network visit the following for more information:

    Project Website: https://0chain.net

    Whitepaper: The 0chain whitepaper

    GitHub: https://github.com/0chain

    Medium: Introducing 0chain

    Telegram: https://t.me/Ochain

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/0costcloud

    About BitClave:

    BitClave is the next generation of search data privacy. BitClave Active Search Ecosystem is a platform that enables direct consumer-to-business interactions with no need for intermediaries. BitClave gives users control over their data and compensates them for relevant searches.

    To read more about BitClave visit the following for more information:

    Project Website: https://www.bitclave.com/en/

    Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/84tv53w

    GitHub: https://github.com/bitclave/

    Slack: https://slack.bitclave.com/

    Telegram: https://t.me/BitClaveCommunity

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitclave

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