VERE - Christmas&New Year's Eve Airdrop

  • Christmas&New Year's Eve Airdrop

    A free Airdrop distribuited in 4 phases!



    Airdrop distribution:

    1.25th of December 25%
    2.26th of December 20%
    3.31st of December 25%
    4.1st of January 20%
    5.10th of January 5% (distribuited to top 50% holders)

    Coin distribution:
    Total supply 28 mil.
    Airdrop budget 1.5 mil.
    Dev budget 0.1 mil
    The coin will be mined via POS until 19th of June(total supply)
    Pre-mine 1.6 mil.
    POS 100%


    Exchange soon

    wants to become a cryptocurrency used by most of the users for small
    payments, as tips or as direct payments to your merchandise.
    This way VERE will be trying to access as many users as possible through our airdrop.

    the 2nd Airdrop will be over, one of our objectives will be to get
    listed on a exchange. Coinsmarkets is one of our objectives.
    After coinsmarkets our road will suppose creation a good community along VERE. Creation of a forum, blockchain and a website where users will be able to spent their VERE on Amazon products.
    The next goal is to make VERE accesible to everyone. Android and iOS wallets will be mandatory.
    listed on a major exchange is also one of our objectives! We will not
    dump the pre-mine! We will ask for donations in order to be listed, if
    the project will get to that moment.

    Airdrop rules
    be accepted into the airdrop, you will need to be a member of
    Bitcointalk community. The number of coins shared will be equal with the
    total activity of users that joined the airdrop.

    Egs: 1000
    (total activity number of the users that joined the airdrop). You have
    the activity 10. You will receive 1% of the airdrop.

    Users will
    need to download the wallet from here: - (available from 24th of
    December) and fill this form: - (available from 24th of December).

    filling the form, the users will need to send us a DM with the wallet
    address they used in the form, in order to proof that you are the owner
    of the account.

    Airdrop will be sent in the next 24h after the airdrop is over.


    We will accept donations in  LTC,ETHER and VERE. More information on the way.


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