Aworker - Platform for the Recruitment Industry on the Ethereum blockchain

  • Aworker is a blockchain platform for the recruitment. Aworker is aimed to disrupt the
    recruitment market, which volume in 2016 amounted to 429 billion dollars. With the
    help of WORK tokens and Ethereum blockchain technology, Aworker will help people
    find a better job, and companies to select the most competent employees.

    Core issues

    As of today, there are three main difficulties in the recruitment for businesses:
    1. It is hard to hire good employees. There are two reasons for this: it is difficult to
    find them and it is not always possible to assess them correctly
    2. High expenses of the recruitment. The average costs of hiring a new employee
    for medium level job is about $8,000.
    3. The complication of candidate’s assessment. It is not always possible to
    evaluate the professionalism of the applicant since the data is unreliable. A person
    can write on the resume and tell in the interview about himself anything he/she
    General problems for job seekers:
    1. Finding a job is challenging due to high competition. Even outstanding,
    talented specialists sometimes don’t get an offer because of the amount of CV that
    recruiter receives.
    2. Companies use data about people's professional skills for free. People are not
    paid for the information which they share on social networks, such as LinkedIn or


    Aworker is created to help:
    1. People get a job faster and with more preferable conditions
    2. Companies hire the best candidates and reduce costs per hire.
    Aworker uses Blockchain technology to create:
    • P2P platform for personnel recruitment. With the power of smart contracts, it
    is possible to change the rules of recruitment, when other people recommend
    candidates and all participants of critical stages receive a reward.
    • Reputation system, which will prove the qualification of specialists.

    Token WORK

    WORK token is a coin of workers.
    WORK token is tied to the hiring of employees in the company. The company will have
    to spend WORK tokens to find and hire an employee. The number of tokens is limited.
    The company will be able to buy tokens on the stock exchanges.
    Companies will receive an application for hiring and communicating with candidates.
    HR managers will be able to create a vacancy, using the opportunities of smart
    contracts, and to check core information about the candidate in the blockchain: what
    are his verified skills, competencies, completed projects, etc. Blockchain will provide
    more reliable information about applicants, which is now lacking in companies.
    We want to create the world where people are rewarded for their skills and
    achievements at work. And companies receive a reliable rating of specialists to
    facilitate the candidates’ selection process.
    Decentralization provides the best opportunities for creating the brand new
    ecosystem. Each person will be able to show professionalism and develop a
    reputation of a reliable employee for a couple of clicks.

    Aworker’s Benefits:

    We are creating a decentralized and reliable solution for employees and companies
    based on the Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts. Our solution consists of a job
    marketplace, skills verification and an independent rating of reputation. Employees
    get the opportunity to find a job and make money on their network, skills and
    professional achievements. Companies get access to a decentralized rating and skills
    verified via smart contracts.

    Aworker’s goals

    • To create a decentralized global ecosystem for companies and workers, which will
    help to find the best employees and recommend friends for proper open positions.
    • To create the universal decentralized system of employees’ assessment and
    reputation for the whole world.
    • To create a simple and reliable tool to verify reputation for a couple of clicks.
    • To enable people to make money on their skills to have additional motivation for
    the development («upgrade the professional skills»).
    • To create a decentralized ecosystem that will give employees additional offers and
    motivation for the development.
    • To enable an employee to become the best in the professional field.
    • To introduce the advantages of Ethereum smart contracts to the real world.
    Thus, our mission is to build a better ecosystem for Work 2.0 giving people an
    opportunity to verify their professional competence easier without the
    involvement of HR or reputational agencies, and to earn money on what they know
    and can do.

    Aworker’s users

    There are four types of users in Aworker:
    - Employee
    - Aworker
    - HR manager
    - Employer

    1. Employee – a person who works for a company or looking for a job. An employee
    can respond to vacancies and enter information about his skills, competencies or
    work experience. Each month, an employee can be involved in a decentralized
    Aworker rating. The rating depends on the job title. Thus, an employee can
    become the best in the field in the city, region, country or world.
    The worker will be able to earn on:
    • Confirmed skills
    • Hitting in the top 10 specialists of his country
    • Receiving an offer and going to work
    • Attending an interview
    • Selling your private information
    The employee understands that the relationship between people and companies
    will be the most transparent in the future. And reputation is the most important
    human asset. Therefore, he is ready to show the results of his work and steps in the
    development of his skills on a monthly basis.
    A worker can also estimate an employer and leave a reply about an employer or a
    company. An employee’s skills are confirmed by Aworker community (Aworkers).
    Examples of professional specializations included in the rating of employees:
    – sales manager
    – sales consultant
    – marketing specialist
    – bank operator, etc.
    An employee will have three statuses: seeking a new position, not looking for a new
    job, open to offers.
    The employee will be able to hide the private information (for example, contact
    details) and indicate the cost of opening the data. The company interested in this
    employee should send an inquiry. After confirmation of the request, an employee will
    automatically receive WORK tokens and will open their data for this company.
    2. Aworker – the most proactive and qualified user of the application. He has more
    proven skills and higher reputation recommendations than the employee. Aworker
    can recommend his acquaintances to open vacancies, check the skills of
    employees and evaluate the candidates rating. The reputation of the 'aworker’ will
    depend on his results. The more often he will recommend the best candidates, the
    higher his rating will be. If the best candidate is the one for whom aworker will give

    his voice, then he/she will receive more reputation points for the right choice (for
    more details about this read in 3.3.5 and 3.4.5).
    Aworker will be able to earn on:
    • Recommendations of acquaintances to open vacancies (in case of friend’s
    recruitment or an interview visit)
    • Correct evaluation of candidates
    • Correct confirmation of skills
    Any employee, manager or HR manager has an opportunity to become an Aworker. To
    do so, you will need to increase your reputation to 3 points. Aworkers with a high
    reputation will be able to receive special orders from companies to search for people
    (for more details, see section 3.3.5). An aworker with a high reputation as a networker
    is a proven headhunter who can cooperate with companies on a remote basis.
    3. HR manager – a company’s representative who can inform about open vacancies,
    view assessment and employee’s rating. HR manager will be able to track Aworker
    job seekers in the application, communicate with them, have access to the rating
    and verified skills. Thus, the HR manager will have the most complete and reliable
    information about candidates and will be able to make effective decisions faster
    than nowadays.
    4. Employer – the next employee’s supervisor. A person can get the «Manager»
    status once it is confirmed by three employees from the company. The manager
    will be able to vote for the employees of the company (or other employees), but
    his/her voice will be equal to the voice of any aworker. The manager will also have
    an ability to write a review about the employee. In Aworker there will be a separate
    rating of managers, where aworkers will also be able to vote and choose the best
    manager. The evaluation mechanics will be identical to the evaluation of
    employees. The main difference is in the assessment of managerial skills and

    Employee’s Additional Income

    [Module 1] Decentralized Job Marketplace

    Using the Job Marketplace, employees will be able to:
    • receive a reward for friends who will work for the company;
    • receive a reward for acquaintances who will be invited to an interview for the
    • To see at every moment the status of the hiring process.

    • How it works

    Aworker will be able to receive a reward for the recommendation each time his/her
    acquaintance gets a job at the company. The entire process will be open to an
    employee, and he/she will always be able to see the hiring stage.
    In this case, the candidate search process becomes P2P, when other network users
    look for worthy candidates to the company and recommend them.

    Recommendations of their acquaintances will create a pleasant and friendly team in
    the company. Everyone wins in this case. An employee helps his acquaintances, and
    the company receives recommendations from a trusted employee.
    Now only employees of this company, recruitment agencies or headhunters can
    recommend their acquaintances to open positions. We want to expand these
    opportunities. Each person will be able to recommend his/her friend if he/she
    understands that this friend has all the competencies for this vacancy. Aworker with a
    high reputation will be able to become a remote headhunter for companies that will
    recommend acquaintances for a particular reward

    Aworker's hire scheme

    Blockchain technology makes it possible to create a transparency and reliable
    system that will take into account the interests of all parties. Employees of the
    company often do not know when the reward will be paid, if they hire their friend.
    Other people (not company employees) cannot recommend their acquaintances
    because there is no common and reliable platform. We want to make this process
    open so that each side has more detailed information to help make a decision.

    • Remuneration

    The remuneration between the participants of the recruitment process in Aworker is
    • 60% gets the one who recommended the best candidate
    • 20% gets the best candidate the company chose
    • 10% receive those who recommended people who came for an interview
    • 10% get people who come for an interview
    Thus, all the most qualified participants receive remuneration and aworkers who
    recommended them. All payments occur automatically in WORK tokens anywhere
    in the world.

    • Example of work

    HR manager creates a campaign in Aworker, where he indicates that he will be happy
    to consider candidates for this vacancy from Aworker users. HR manager specifies the
    settings who will be able to see this job: only employees of the company or all users of
    Aworker. Also, HR indicates the amount of remuneration for a suitable candidate. This
    amount is blocked on account of the company in WORK tokens. Now the HR manager
    chooses the time of reward payment: after hiring or after successfully passing the trial
    Aworker sees open jobs in the Aworker application, to which he can recommend his
    acquaintances. He understands that one of the vacancies perfectly fits his friend. The
    employee clicks the "Recommend to a friend" button and receives a link to this job.
    Then he sends it to his friend in the message. This friend goes through the link, reads
    and responds to the vacancy.
    The HR manager reviews his resume. He sees on whose recommendation this
    candidate came. The HR manager invites him to an interview. After several stages of
    the interview, this candidate goes to work for the company.
    Automatically the employee who recommended his friend receives a reward in WORK
    tokens. Some of the WORK tokens are collected by his friend, who passed all the
    stages successfully and was hired.
    An employee who recommended a good candidate raises his reputation by 5 points.
    This is indicated by his reputation as an aworker.

    Also, part of the reward is paid to other applicants, whom the company invited for an
    interview. They receive bonuses in WORK tokens for being selected by the company as
    suitable candidates. Aworkers who recommended these candidates are also rewarded
    in WORK tokens.

    Cases: Finding a job

    Case for an employee
    Fred opens up an Aworker application. He sees open vacancies, which he can
    recommend to his friends. One of the positions is «Specialist in the Bank.» He
    remembers that his friend George (with the position of a banking specialist) is now
    just looking for a job. Fred will be happy to help George find a new workplace. If
    everything happens successfully, then Fred will receive a reward of 1200 WORK
    tokens. He clicks on the "Recommend to a friend" button and gets a personal link.
    Fred writes to George in Facebook. He gives his link and recommends that he consider
    this vacancy. George goes to the site and reads the job description. He likes the
    conditions and responds to the vacancy. A few days later George calls HR manager of
    the bank Molly. After a phone call, Molly invites George to an interview. George comes
    to the interview with Molly, and then to an interview with the head of the branch of
    the bank. After that, the chief and Maria consult and choose the George. The next day,
    George gets an offer to work at the bank. He agrees. George becomes an employee of
    the bank from next week. He is grateful to Fred for telling him about this vacancy.
    Fred sees in Aworker the status of the bank's communication with George. And when
    the status is updated to «Accepted for work,» Fred receives 1200 WORK tokens.
    George receives 400 WORK tokens. Also, Fred raises his reputation in Aworker by 5
    points (it is not counted in the Workers' Rating).

    Case for a company
    HR manager Molly receives a task from the supervisor to hire five specialists for two
    weeks in different branches of the bank. Molly understands that in such a short time,
    she should use the most effective tools. She publishes a vacancy in Aworker to get a
    stream of proven candidates from high-reputation aworkers.
    Molly points out that the compensation will be 2,000 WORK tokens for a closed
    position. In this case, the reward will be paid immediately after hiring. This amount is
    blocked in WORK tokens on the company account.

    Now Molly starts to receive responses to the vacancy of the Specialist. She sees it all in
    her Aworker personal account. At the same time, some of the candidates come on the
    recommendation from users. She considers the candidate's resume, the profile of the
    candidate (if he is in Aworker) and the user who recommends this candidate.
    Molly drew attention to George, who was recommended by Fred with a good
    reputation. George is a user of Aworker so that she can see proven skills. Molly
    understands that George is a good worker and has all the necessary competencies for
    this vacancy. She calls George, invites him to an interview, and changes the status of
    communication to "Invited to an interview."
    In the interview, she communicates with George and is convinced that he will perfectly
    suit the vacancy of the Specialist of their bank. She invites George to the next stage -
    "Interview with the Chief." George another day is interviewed by the head of the
    branch, and after that Molly invites George to work in the company.
    George goes to work in the bank next week. Molly changes her status in Aworker to
    "Hired." Automatically reward (in WORK tokens) goes to the account of Fred and
    Molly is pleased with the fact that in the shortest time she was able to:
    I. Close all vacancies with good employees;
    II. Invite the most suitable candidates for interviews and spend a minimum of time
    on unscrupulous applicants;
    III. Assess the professional competencies of candidates in a matter of seconds.
    Case for an aworker
    George has been looking for a job for a month now. The proposals he receives did not
    suit him because of working conditions. He spends 5 hours every day to view work
    sites but gets few invitations for interviews due to high competition.
    On the same day, Fred contacts him and sends a link to a job in one of the banks.
    George understands that he is perfectly suited to this vacancy, as it meets all the
    requirements. He likes this bank and the working conditions that they provide.
    He registers in Aworker and sends a resume for a job. He also follows the
    recommendations and sends a skill test: an experienced PC user. He even passes the
    case to a client-oriented specialist. These skills are confirmed in a few days.
    After that, HR manager of the bank Molly calls him and invites for an interview.

    After the interview, George is invited to a meeting with the head of the branch, which
    leads to a job offer in their bank.
    George starts working at the bank next week. At the same time, George received 400
    WORK tokens for successful entry to work. George can leave WORK tokens as an
    investment or exchange them.

    • Special Features

    Aworkers with a high reputation (more than 30 points) will have access to the
    individual conditions of work with companies. In fact, an aworker with a high
    reputation can help companies find employees remotely.
    The company is interested in such users, as they were convinced of the quality of their
    • They understand people;
    • They recommended candidates who have been recruited;
    • They can analyze and make conclusions about specialists.
    Companies will be able to work in two directions with known aworkers:
    • To create exclusive vacancies with the best reward only for aworkers with a high
    reputation. It is relevant for people looking for more qualified positions.
    • To create vacancies with payment for recommendations. When the reward is paid
    not for a closed job, but for the recommendation itself. Here the cost of rewards for
    the recommendation will be less than for a closed position, but the reward will be

    Read full details in White paper:

    Roadmap of Product Development

    The product development schedule may vary and not be final. The order and
    functionality may vary depending on the feedback we receive from the first
    Stage 1: Aworker Alpha. Release of personal users cabinet
    Objective: to develop a employees’ personal cabinet in which users can add their
    Release date: January 2018 – February 2018
    Stage 2: Developing a personal account for Companies and Job Marketplace
    Objective: to develop a personal cabinet for the Companies. Accounting for incoming
    applications and placement of vacancies within Aworker.
    Release date: February 2018 – March 2018
    Stage 3: Integration into the blockchain and security audit, Skills Verification
    Objective: to develop smart contracts to confirm skills and check system security; to
    develop smart contracts to vacancies; to improve a personal cabinet.
    Release date: March – April 2018
    Stage 4: Development of the Ethereum blockchain–based Ranking
    Objective: to develop a decentralized Ranking where employees will be ranked via
    smart contracts; creating different smart contracts for each vacancy; to create the
    anti–fraud system and integrate with identity verification tool (Civic).

    Release date: May 2018
    Stage 5: Development of companies’ advertising cabinet
    Objective: to develop companies advertising cabinet and employees’ reward system
    for proven skills; audit of advertising messages behavior logic, accounting statistics,
    and distribution of rewards.
    Release date: 3Q 2018
    Stage 6: Development of companies’ applications
    Objective: to develop a recruiting automation system for companies; to integrate into
    the blockchain and audit of the security system; to integrate with job sites (Monster,
    Indeed, HeadHunter, etc.).
    Release date: 4Q 2018
    Stage 7: Development of Aworker API and mobile application
    Objective: to develop an API to integrate third–party companies with Aworker and
    display an independent ranking on their sites; to develop a mobile application for iOS
    and Android
    Release date: 1Q 2019
    Stage 8: Development of recommendation system
    Objective: to develop a recommendation system for companies and people based on
    behavioral data.
    Release date: 1Q 2019


    The sale of Aworker tokens (WORK) to support and develop the Aworker ecosystem
    will be carried out with the help of a smart contract in the Ethereum blockchain.
    Participants wishing to support the project will be able to purchase WORK tokens for
    ETH. The total number of WORK tokens is limited.
    The sale of WORK tokens will take place during 4 crowdsales:
    Pre-ICO: Token Sale #1, Token Sale #2, Token Sale #3.
    ICO: Token Sale #4.
    • Issuing and selling WORK tokens will be done using Ethereum smart contract.
    • Participants who want to support the development of the Aworker project will be
    able to send ETH to the address indicated on the site or in the official
    groups of the project.
    • Accepted currency: ETH.
    • Tokens of team members will be blocked for 1 year in an Ethereum smart
    • The minimum amount to start the project is 2,079 ETH. This amount can change
    before the beginning of the Token Sale.
    • If the Token Sale #4 does not collect the minimum amount, then sales on this
    crowdsale will be canceled and all ETH will be returned to holders of WORK
    tokens automatically using the Ethereum smart contract.
    • The number of available tokens is limited (Hard Cap). If the sale of tokens will
    reach this limit, the release of tokens will be stopped. Hard Cap is equal to 44,987
    • The Token Sale #4 will last 31 days, if not previously achieved Hard Cap.
    • Tokens that will not be sold at crowdsale will be automatically burned.
    • Tokens purchased on the early stages (#1, #2, #3) will be available to investors
    through 2 weeks after the end of the Token Sale #4.


    The data in the tables may change before the beginning of the crowdsdales. It
    depends on the course of the ETH and other factors.

    Aworker Tokens Distribution

    Special terms for early investors at ICO

    Aworker offers special conditions for early investors at the main stage of crowdsale
    (Token Sale #4). The earlier the investor wants to support the Aworker project, the
    more favorable bonus he/she will get. For the very first investors, there are additional
    bonuses. The bonus starts at 8% and decreases every 20% of the tokens sold. For
    those who want to support the project in the last place (after 80% of the released
    tokens), bonuses are not provided.

    Allocation of Funds

    The capital collected at the crowdsdale will be distributed according to the table
    below. The sale of Tokens is carried out to ensure the development and promotion of
    the project.

    WORK token

    WORK token will be issued on the basis of the Ethereum token. WORK token is a
    utility token.
    The Ethereum based tokens take a number of advantages of Ethereum:
    • Security and predictability (Ethereum is the world’s blockchain #2 used by most of
    the decentralized applications).
    • Reliable support (Ethereum based tokens can be managed by official clients in the
    Ethereum network).
    • High liquidity (Ethereum based tokens have the best infrastructure and are
    accepted easier by stock exchanges).
    Our Ethereum based token will be created under ERC20 standard. See more details
    about ERC20 standard at:

    Value of WORK token

    WORK token is the coin of workers.
    WORK token is connected with hiring people in the companies. Company has to spend
    WORK tokens to find and hire an employee. The number of tokens is limited. You can
    purchase tokens in the exchange.
    The value of the token depends on the spread of the Aworker ecosystem. The more
    users and partners will be in the Aworker ecosystem, the more highly valued the
    WORK token will be.
    Examples of using the WORK token in the application:
    • Hiring employees on aworkers’ recommendations includes spending WORK
    • Monthly access to the business account has to be paid with WORK tokens.
    • Placement of advertising in the application in WORK tokens.
    • Acquisition of partners' products on special offers. With the increase in the number
    of partners, the value will increase too. At the same time, the higher the employee's
    reputation, the more favorable conditions he will get.
    • Allocation of the employee profile for job search.

    The acquisition of tokens in the early phases

    The early phases (Token Sales No. 1, No. 2, No. 3) will offer 6,018,908 WORK tokens at
    a discount from the value of the token on the ICO (Sale of Tokens #4).
    Early participants will be able to purchase WORK tokens at stage #1 under the most
    favorable conditions with a 30% discount. In total, at stage #1, 357,143 WORK tokens
    will be available with a 30% discount. All calculations will occur at the exchange
    rate at the time of the transaction. WORK tokens purchased at the early phases
    stage will be sent to the user's personal wallet immediately after the ETH transfer.
    Dispose of WORK tokens will be possible in 2 weeks after the end of Token Sale #4.
    The investor at the stage #1 of Token Sale acquires WORK tokens for 1 ETH (including
    30% of the discount). He receives 3,436 WORK tokens (instead of 2,405 tokens). All
    calculations will occur at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction. The
    volatility of the ETH course at the time of the ICO (Token Sale #4) will not affect the
    tokens purchased by the investor earlier during the Token Sale #1 (or at any other
    early stages). If the investor wants to purchase WORK tokens at the ICO (#4), then all
    calculations will occur at the current exchange rate at the time of the transaction.

    Aworker Team

    Anton Cherkasov
    CEO & Co–founder
    Anton – the Aworker project thought leader. Blockchain fan.
    He has gained a lot of experience in creating SaaS and e–
    Commerce startups. The founder of the SaaS service Kepler
    Leads. He has an extensive expertise in launching SaaS
    projects and promoting them on the market. Worked in the
    Wildberries development team (Russia’s largest online
    clothing store), Gazpromneft subsidiary.

    Michail Doshevskii
    CTO & Co–founder
    Michail is a developer at Kaspersky Lab. Manages the
    development management at Digit. Key competencies – the
    design of services and applications, C #, REST API, Microsoft
    technologies stacks: ASP.NET, Web API, Azure.

    Sergey Streltsov
    Sergey is a content director, formerly Global Marketing
    Director, at Yoola (the world's largest independent
    multichannel network). Has a wide experience in promotion
    in B2B and B2C markets. Expert in the video content niche
    and product promotion.

    Mikhail Barkov
    HR Director
    Mikhail worked at the position of HR Director in PAZOLINI
    (one of the world leaders in the production and sale of
    footwear and accessories) and Talent Acquisition and
    Development in L'Oreal. He is responsible for product
    promotion on the HR market and hiring employees for

    Svetlana Fomenkova
    Director of Development
    Svetlana has an extensive expertise in the development,
    strategy and promotion of the company. She worked with
    such brands as Lexus, Philip Morris, FHM, The Macallan,
    Hearst Shkulev Media, FIFA and others.

    Dmitriy Kondyrev
    Blockchain Developer
    Dmitriy is an experienced smart contract developer with
    knowledge of Solidity and rich experience of systems
    programming on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Evgeny Petukhov
    Backend Developer
    Eugene is an experienced .Net developer. C# development
    experience is 9 years. He worked as a leading programmer
    at Norilsk Nickel. He has experience in the development of
    web applications and desktop applications.

    Alexander Zachinalov
    Front–end developer
    Alexander is a front–end developer at SOKOLOV (one of the
    world's leading e–commerce jewelry sales leaders).

    Igor Kolyvanov
    Full–Stack developer
    Igor has a 6–year full–stack development experience. He
    worked at Sberbank. He has strong back–end development
    (C#) and front–end development skills (React, Angular,
    JavaScript, HTML / CSS).

    Pavel Remizov
    IT Architect
    Paul is an experienced IT architect and developer. Blokchain

    Vasily Kuznetsov
    Co-Founder of the biggest Russian blockchain community
    and ex-manager in Russian AI Community. Experienced tech
    entrepreneur and digital marketer.

    Serafima Aleksandrova
    PR Мanager
    Serafima has an experience working as a Public Relations
    Manager in international digital agencies like WelkerMedia
    Inc, Lobster Media. She is a digital content marketing
    enthusiast with advanced mathematical skills.



    White Paper:






  • Aworker partners with CareParrot

    Aworker has entered into a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with CareParrot Inc., a startup domiciled in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

    Aworker and CareParrot are creating a roadmap to understand how their individual cryptocurrencies (WORK and CPX) will interact within each other’s ecosystem or mutual mobile apps. We both decide how User’s from both networks can mutually benefit using and interacting from co-created dapps (decentralized desktop or mobile applications) earning tokens that can pay for services on both systems. And more!

    “I’m very pleased with the chance at working with Aworker. As the heads of organizations ourselves, I can say we both deeply care about those we work with and want to see this model benefit the communities at large. Employee health is vital to a strong efficient organization. I can truly imagine the strength in seeing positions filled in the health industry without the need of a 3rd party recruiter. ” — Comments from Joseph CEO and Founder.

    Feel free to contact us and sure follow our next updates in Telegram (eng), Twitter (eng), Facebook (eng).

  • Aworker Token Update

    Hi, everyone

    I would like to announce that Aworker project is changing the symbol of token. We will no longer use ‘WORK’ as its symbol because our project was copied and this symbol is used in several other projects. We don’t want to be one of these companies that use copycating as one of the promotional methods.

    Token Name: Aworker token Symbol: AWO

    The new AWO token will represent Aworker Platform from now on. The Aworker token (AWO) will be introduced to create cryptoeconomic incentives on the Aworker protocol. AWO is a utility token which will be designed to support and maintain the platform. Token is used to pay verification fees and data exchange between system users. It will be also a fungible asset for application participants who want to buy/sell the token to use on the platform. The number of tokens is limited.

    Aworker is a decentralized solution that consists of a data protocol, a people identification system, P2P job marketplace, a verification system. All together, these features form a multifunctional infrastructure for the creation of a unified Reputation system.

  • Aworker Bounty Campaign Is Closing

    The bounty rewards will be paid in two weeks after September 30, 2018.

    They will be split among the bounty members in each of the 2 sections listed below according to the following categories:

    • Promotional Bounty
    • Bug Bounty

    You must have been completed one or several of the requirements described below to participate in the bounty campaign (you could participate in several bounty campaigns).

    You were not allowed to delete the posts, reposts or retweets, remove the likes or favorites or otherwise undo the requirements listed below during the campaign in order to remain eligible for bounty rewards.

    The reward tokens will be transferred to ETH wallets of bounty campaign members in October, 2018. The tokens will be distributed proportionally to the category and the members’ stakes held in each category.

    Rules of Bounty Rewards Campaign

    Each member must comply with the rules listed in this section to be eligible for the bounty rewards campaign.

    • A campaign member’s Bitcointalk account must have a positive trust rating.
    • You agree not to remove, delete or otherwise undo any threads, posts, articles, forum signatures or any other content or changes listed in the participation requirements until September 30, 2018 in order to remain eligible for bounty rewards.

    Aworker Bounty Campaign at Bitcointalk

    If you have any questions about bounty campaign, please, leave it here.

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