[ICO] LevelNet - First Distributed Cyber Security Platform

  • LevelNet integrates virtually all existing anti-virus technologies into one simple, user-friendly application.
    This distributed system enables participants to share threat data globally and in real time, allowing for the
    entire system to become much smarter, much faster, than any single security cybersecurity provider can today.
    LevelNet significantly boosts the capabilities of any user installed anti-virus program. If a user does not have
    any security applications installed, LevelNet can take advantage of its distributed network platform and act as
    a self-standing application.
    Today’s cybersecurity solutions are limited. As one of the main providers finds a threat, it will often take
    significant time for that knowledge to be distributed to the total system. New malware takes advantage of
    this window of time to infect the greatest number of devices. LevelNet creates an integrated, global, and
    immediately responsive system to stop more malware earlier than it was heretofore possible.

    LevelNet: Real-time Cybersecurity Solution

    • LevelNet offers preventive protection measures for a competitive price of $0.99-9.99 for an annual
    subscription per end-user device.
    • LevelNet Network & End-Point App integrates users into a single universal network of cybersecurity.
    Exchange data in real time about emerging threats on your devices. Combining all anti-virus capabilities
    into one Network.
    • LevelNet Cloud contains a database of incidents and updates it in real time thereby forming a reputation
    service for files and other objects.

    How it Works

    The LevelNet system provides cybersecurity measures against suspected files/viruses/threats detected by
    any of the anti-virus/cybersecurity software applications present on the LevelNet network. Suspicious files,
    viruses, and threats can be quarantined/deleted regardless of whether there is an installed antivirus software
    at the particular endpoint.
    It is essentially a network where each user exchanges information about IT security incidents (viruses and
    any other computer threats) detected on their device with other users in real time. This above process is done
    to prevent an attack directed at any device connected to the network. Network users agree to exchange such
    information beforehand.
    Threat detection is performed by monitoring the response of security systems installed on the user’s device.
    The response is analyzed by the client program that are located both on the user device and outside of it on
    other nodes of the network. After the analysis is completed, users are notified of the threat. Users receive
    threat notifications in the form of prepared bundles of information with various network protocols in place.
    The source of the notification can be either the user device with an installed client program or other network
    nodes carrying functional features of the program responsible for notifications. The client program then
    blocks the threat for all notified users via specialized program features, i.e., alerts, other features then scan
    for the sources of the various threats.

    Read White Paper For more Details:https://www.levelnet.co/files/...

    Business Model Overview

    A self-updating platform with significantly better a single AV package on it’s own:
    • Customers are able to combine the shared protective power of all their cybersecurity programs. This
    drastically increases the rates of threat detection and thus the overall security of the network.
    • For Corporate customers we offer participation in the Network with additional features such as private
    API and SDK.
    • We predict that the LevelNet Network will reach over 100 MLN connected devices within the next 5 years.
    • LevelNet’s business model assumes a system of free distribution for up to 2 years. Once the goal of
    reaching a customer base of one MLN members is achieved, then LevelNet will pivot to a freemium
    model with the provided breakdown:. . 69% unpaid users;. . 25% of users paying a $0.99/month nominal fee (for additional premium features); . . 5% of users on a $9.99/month plan;. . 1% of users on a $99.99/month corporate plan.
    • LevelNet will provide premium services for corporate users at prices ten times lower than other products
    currently available in the marketplace, these premium services include:. . Private an API for the uploading of specific files for an immediate check (which generate higher than
    expected threat detection rates).. . SDK tools to allow customization for large corporate clients (customers will benefit from best-in-
    class threat detection and threat awareness).

    Token Offering

    The main purpose of this fundraising is for the development and launch of LevelNet with its accompanying



    Key Deal Terms

    • Level Capital LLC (Level Capital) is the manager of the LevelNet project/user community and guarantor of
    participant rights.
    • LeveL Capital issues LVL tokens, which will only be distributed during the duration of the TOKEN
    • Level Capital will create Buyback funds and will use them to redeem tokens no later than 60 days after
    the date of the TOKEN OFFERING.
    • Level Capital will invest assets received during the TOKEN OFFERING in operations and infrastructure
    development for the completion of LevelNet Endpoint Security in preparation for its commercial launch.
    • LVL tokens will be sold on CryptoShare exchanges.
    • As the operator of the LevelNet project, Level Capital will at determined intervals redeem the tokens in
    exchange for the cryptocurrency, as quoted on cryptocurrency exchanges.

    • The investment phase of the project will be implemented by the roadmap.
    • LevelNet Capital will create investment fund structure with the possibility of raising funds and protecting
    the rights of token owners. Once the British Virgin Islands investment Legal entity designed and created,
    all holders of the LVL tokens will be able to exchange them for LVLS tokens. All shares Newly created (or
    reorganised) Legal entity will be on blockchain.
    • Ownership of LVLS tokens will allow for participation in the sharing of the fund’s profits starting in 2021. If
    the profits are not distributed, or there is none, then an option will be given for token holders to increase
    share participation in the fund at an optional discount.
    • During the second phase, LVLS tokens will provide shares in the LevelNet project. LVLS tokens can only be
    redeemed using LVL tokens.
    • The financing needs in this phase (product release) amount to $1.5-55 MLN. The project is evaluated by
    the “Development and Implementation Fund.”
    • LevelNet Capital will maintain a token equity holders register.

    Returns Model

    Phase #1 will determine the valuation of the company and is not an investment. Each phase provides
    privileges for the token holders. Below is a detailed summary of the benefits and other value propositions of
    each phase.
    Phase 1: Non-Investment
    LVL Token Details
    Holders of LVL tokens have a membership status that provides access to LevelNet services and software.
    LevelNet offers participants in the non-investment phase the following options:
    • Business API and premium services. Participants exchange tokens for subscriptions to LevelNet services
    in case they have more tokens than the required amount. The possession of tokens in this required
    amount will significantly reduce the costs of a corporate plan.
    • Lifelong use of the LevelNet application and any LevelNet services for ordinary users, without additional
    payment for premium features.
    • Option to participate in Phase 2.
    • Access to the “Buyback” and “Money Back Guarantee” funds, secured by a smart contract.
    • The possibility of receiving an LVLS financial instrument upon a successful KYC / AML procedure (see
    Terms and Conditions).


    To increase the interest for the community members, as well as to foster equitable spending on product
    development, we created a smart contract. This contract, using the funds from the “Return Fund,” will regularly
    buy back tokens from the market using the algorithm described below. Buybacks will be carried out on
    CryptoCurrency exchanges.
    The buyback algorithm is built by the Token Offering results, i.e., on the total number of tokens sold.
    Depending on the “Return Fund,” the smart contract algorithm redeems tokens automatically from exchanges
    on which it trades. Returned tokens are destroyed. This is the description of the algorithm:

    Smart Contract

    The smart contract that is used is an ERC20 standard token, based on Ambisafe EToken 7 contract. The source
    code is publicly available via github link in the footnote.
    Token properties


    The token code used is well tested and employed by multiple ICO’s, including Polybius 8, TaaS 9 and Propy 10.
    In case any bugs are discovered, the EToken protocol allows for easy migration of the contract logic to a newer
    version without any actions required from the users. 11
    Money Back Guarantee
    In order to increase investor interest, we created a smart contract that provides an opportunity to receive a
    reward for participating in the LevelNet project. Depending on the amount of token sold, the smart contract
    algorithm automatically calculates and sends a one-time payment to the investor from the “Money Back”
    Guarantee Fund. The tokens in this algorithm remain in existence. This is the description of the algorithm:


    Converting tokens into service subscriptions
    As described in the Business model overview, LevelNet provides not only the free distribution of an endpoint
    security application, additionally LevelNet at one tier offers paid subscriptions for the use of LevelNet’s API
    and SDK for corporate clients. Similar subscriptions packages are estimated at $50k per year. LevelNet will
    allow for token owners to exchange the tokens purchased during the Token Offering for a subscription plan,
    which then can substantially be used by the owner or sold to others.
    Subscription 12
    This allows the use of LevelNet services for different periods and with different functionalities for corporate
    users. This subscription can be used by the owner of the tokens or sold to others.
    Conversion Procedure
    Only LVL tokens can be converted into a subscription. LVL tokens exchanged for subscriptions are
    subsequently destroyed. In exchange for the tokens, a key file is supplied which allows users to activate
    LevelNet services. Also, it contains information about the subscription plan type.


    * Currently LevelNet is reviewing opportunities for additional subscriptions
    The exchanging of tokens for subscription key files functionality will be available on the levelnet.co website in
    individual accounts. The following functionalities will also be available in the personal accounts:
    • Exchanging tokens for subscriptions.
    • The settings for the duration of the subscription and as well as its start date.
    • Statistics on existing subscriptions.

    Phase 2: Investment
    LVLS Token Details
    LVLS is a financial instrument, which in Phase 2 offers the following:
    • Access to the fund’s profits;
    • Access to the register of fund shareholders;
    • The opportunity to nominate a representative to the Board of Directors;
    • The right to call an extraordinary board meeting.
    The Exchange of LVL Tokens for LVLS
    • LevelNet Capital plans to establish an investment fund or obtain a license to carry out investment activities.
    • All LevelNet assets will be in the fund balance.
    • LevelNet Inc. will issue up to 40% of shares and, under the option agreement, will transfer them under the management of the fund.
    • After registration, the fund immediately begins to issue LVLS tokens (a financial instrument that gives the right to receive a share in the fund).
    • Only LVL token owners can obtain the right to own LVLS tokens.
    • Only LVL token holders can exchange them for LVLS tokens. For participants, up to 40% of fund ownership will be available.
    • The exchange of LVL tokens for LVLS tokens will be carried out through the investor’s personal account, which is accessible via orderbook.io • All qualified LVL token holders will have the preemptive rights to purchase non-distributed LVLS. (in the USA only “qualified investors” can get LVLS tokens)
    • All LVL tokens exchanged for the LVLS token are subject to cancellation.
    • All exchange provisions are regulated by the Terms of Token Offering and cannot be changed.

    LVLS Release
    LevelNet Capital or the planned investment fund will undertake the release of a non-public LVLS financial instrument based upon blockchain technology.
    The investment fund is obliged to provide LVL token holders the option to exchange their shares in the amount of up to 40% of the investment fund. The total price is equal to the amount of funds in the investment fund «Development and Implementation» .
    The Investment Fund is obliged to provide this option for the exchange of issued LVLS tokens. This is in accordance with the terms in the clause concerning the conversion procedure from shares to tokens below.
    Conversion Procedure

    The exchange of tokens for ownership in the fund is calculated by the following formula:
    Share in the fund (LVLS)= Number of LVL tokens * Exchange value of the LVL token at the time of exchange / nominal value of LVLS - exchange discount.The exchange will be carried out through the investor’s personal account, which will be available at orderbook.io All LVL tokens exchanged for the LVLS fund are subject to cancellation.

    Token Distribution

    The issued tokens are subject to a distribution plan described below at the time of the Token Offering:

    * Tokens which are not distributed are destroyed

    Bounty Tokens

    To increase interest in the LevelNet system, LevelNet has developed several Bounty programs. The total
    number of tokens distributed by the Bounty programs on all platforms shall not exceed 2%. This is to preserve
    the economic interests of the participants and investors.
    Wings Platform
    The Wings platform is a Blockchain Crowdfunding DAO, for Wings, the dedicated tokens utilize a smart
    contract algorithm. They are distributed according to the following conditions:
    Wings Rules

    Option Pool
    The option pool is reserved for a subsequent option package for employees of LevelNet Projects.

    Fund Distribution

    All raised funds shall be divided into funds that will be spent for the following stated purposes. The funds are
    established from the money raised. The raised capital will be divided among the following funds:

    Buyback Fund

    This fund’s objective is to buy back tokens from the market. The Buyback Fund fund is created at the expense
    of investors.

    This fund’s size is dependent on the number of tokens sold during the TOKEN OFFERING. The fund’s formation
    algorithm is as follows:

    Each of the fund’s assets are deposited in Escrow. For the automatic depositing of funds, this Fund is
    regulated by the code section of the smart contract.
    All this fund’s assets are used for the buyback of tokens at market prices, according to the above rules
    described in the Buyback Fund.
    MoneyBack Guarantee Fund
    This fund is formed at the investor’s expense. The Money Back Guarantee Fund’s size depends on the number
    of tokens sold during the TOKEN OFFERING. This fund’s formation algorithm is as follows:


    Development & Implementation Fund

    This fund objective is the development, administration and management of the LevelNet project. A more
    detailed description of the fund’s expenditures can be found here. The fund is created at the expense of
    investors. This fund’s size is dependant on the number of tokens sold during the TOKEN OFFERING. This fund’s
    formation is as follows:

    The algorithm is calculated in such a way that as more tokens are sold, the less money remains in this fund.
    This algorithm is structured in this way to give the LevelNet project a reasonable financial valuation for this
    Operations Fund
    In order to increase the success of the TOKEN OFFERING, LevelNet has completed agreements to allocate
    commission fees to our partners:

    All other expenses, connected specifically to legal services, PR, SMM, development, and technical support
    will be carried out at the time of the TOKEN OFFERING this is at the expense of LevelNet founders. Expenses
    related with future uses are covered by the Development and Implementation Fund.


    The LevelNet Roadmap



    See Conditions:


    Management and Administration

    Pavel Shkliaev
    • Security design & analysis
    • Security software architect
    • Multiple tech startups in the USA and Russia

    Alex Bodiagin
    • Networking & driver development
    • Security software architect
    • System programming

    Anton Aksenov
    • Successful Entrepreneur
    • MBA
    • International operations
    Arthur Eolyan
    • Tax Law
    • Corporate Law
    • International Law


    Ivan Krivonos
    Software Engineer
    • Linux System Developer
    • Security design
    • Osx system developer
    • Hypervisor Architect

    Alexey Kudryavtsev
    Software Engineer
    • Windows low level developer
    • Malware researcher
    • Security software architect

    Alexander Volkov
    Software Engineer
    • Windows Low level developer
    • Authoring 0day exploits
    • Malware researcher

    Andrey Baranovich
    Security Engineer
    • Binary hacker
    • Security researcher
    • Linux system developer

    Goshko Stanislav
    Security Engineer
    • Security researcher
    • Strong assembler developer
    • Binary hacker

    Boris Solovyev
    Software Engineer
    • System developer
    • Malware research
    • Automatization

    Anton Leshchenko
    Software Engineer
    • Linux system developer
    • Networking & driver development
    • Embedded systems

    Ivan Novikov
    Traffic and Data analysis
    • SEO
    • Google Analytics
    • Advertising

    Partners and Advisors

    Dave Anderson
    Former Director Solutions Marketing
    McAfee, Voltage Security
    Broad experience in all aspects of growing companies including strategy, sales, and operations, from successful startups to Fortune 50 companies.

    Nick Bilogorskiy
    Sr. Director, Threat Operations at Cyphort, ex. Chief Malware Expert @ Facebook
    A founding team member at Cyphort, a next-generation anti-malware startup, and is currently leading threat operations there. He came to Cyphort from Facebook where he was the chief malware expert and a security spokesperson for the company.

    Wings Platform
    The Blockchain Crowdfunding DAO
    A decentralized platform to create, join and manage projects

    Ethereum Asset Platform
    Engineering, strategy, legal and marketing services to perform your ICO
    Daniel Fadeev
    Marketing and data analyst
    • Administration
    • Successful Entrepreneur
    • International communications https://www.linkedin.com/in/fa...

    Tatiana Abgarian
    Corporate Counsel
    Productive, versatile attorney with more than 10 years of international business experience.

    Lemon Digital
    Creative agency
    Lemon Digital is a world class creative design agency who have collaborated with top 50 ventures http://lemon.bz/
    Fiduciary and administration services.
    Estera is a world-leading global provider of fiduciary and administration services.
    Andrey Zamovskiy
    Chief Blockchain Architect
    Ethereum Architect, CEO, Ambisafe, Inc
    Enterprise Software Development Company
    Diceus is a leading enterprise product development and service company headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Kiev, Ukraine.

    Appleby Inc
    Law firm
    Appleby represents combined ingenuity and talent from the most significant international offshore financial centers. Focused on the development of new products and the provision of effective service to its many international clients.
    Oleksii Matiiasevych
    Technical Partner/Smart contracts engineer
    A white-hat hacker, with years of experience in the blockchain space.
    ICO platform
    A trading platform for Ethereum-based tokens
    Kris Kaspersky
    Security Expert Senior Reverse Engineer McAfee, Check Point Software Technologies
    A white-hat binary hacker, cyber security expert https://www.linkedin.com/in/ne...



    White Paper:https://www.levelnet.co/files/...










  • LevelNet - Affiliate program. Earnings — 10% of the amount of tokens sold.

    About the program

    By joining our affiliate program, you will receive a referral link to your email — this is the unique link assigned to each registered user. After receiving it, you will be able to post materials from the Media Kit, which will include: articles, graphic elements and much more that you can post on your site, social networks and other platforms. We have prepared the best practice on using referral links for the best result for you.

    How it works

    The process is very simple:

    1. When a user clicks on one of your links, they will be redirected to our ICO landing page, and their activity will be tracked by our affiliate software.
    2. If these users buy LevelNet tokens, they will be marked with your partner ID.
    3. For each purchase in BTC or ETH, received from users that you brought to our landing page, you will receive a commission of 10% of the purchase amount.

    For example. If the user from your affiliate link sends us 10 ETH, you will receive a commission of 1 ETH.

    Direct link : https://www.levelnet.co/pa.htm...

  • Level net - Our experience in the field of information security

    Friends, we strive to provide the highest possible level of your security. We want to talk about our team creating this level of security in our LevelNet project.

    Andrei Baranovich is a security engineer. • an experienced hacker; • researcher of IT security; • Linux system developer.

    Andrey works in Kiev and is engaged in information security for more than 18 years.

    Stanislav Goshko is a security engineer. • researcher of IT security; • an experienced hacker; • professional assembler-developer.

    Stanislav graduated with honors from theDonetsk National Technical Institute, after which he worked in the team of antivirus developers Comodo.

    Stanislav and Andrey are experienced specialists in the field of information security. They are one of the key people in our team, and the main task of our project is to create a system that neutralizes any threat of private information or the performance of your device. Also in our team works a person involved in the development of theMcAfee antvirus — Dave Anderson, and other people who are experts in IT with operational experience.

    We believe that the concept of all traditional antiviruses is outdated by its concept: normal programs can not provide the necessary speed of updating the database on various new threats. There is always a certain time period between the creation of new malicious software and the release of an update for the antivirus where it can eliminate the threat from this very malicious software.

    There is a risk of infection of the computer and the loss of any important information, or the failure of the device in that certain time period .

    LevelNet is designed to solve this problem: The used technology of the general decentralized service should reduce the process of updating the commonly used virus database in 10 times.

    The application is planned to be released both for mobile devices and for personal computers, including separate conditions for corporate users. Any costs will be minimal due to the use of service decentralization: there is no need to store a large amount of data on a single server.


    LevelNet Team.

  • The LevelNet Team: Who is at the helm?

    The key to the success of each project is a strong crew and captains who masterfully handle the management, are able to steer the right course and not let the project go to the bottom. We present the team of the founders and leaders of the LevelNet project — the first decentralized blockchain cyber security platform.

    Pavel Shkliaev, CEO and founder

    Pavel has been successfully developing cyber security software since 1996. He has a technical background in aviation and economics at the Perm National Research Polytechnic University (PNIPU). Worked as a team lead in various venture teams.

    He founded the Largo Management Group, where he held the CFO position from 2010 to 2014, and also founded ICS Software. He has launched several successful start-ups in Russia, has extensive experience in team building, strategic management, reverse engineering and software design.

    Alexey Bodiagin, CTO and founder

    Alexey has 16 years of experience developing software in cyber security, reverse engineering, databases creation, driver development and networking, as well as system programming.

    Works together with Pavel in ICS Software as a technical director. He released his own computer game in the arcade futuristic racing genre — Lagsters.

    Anton Aksenov, COO

    A successful entrepreneur and investor, an MBA graduate. He is among the founders of such projects as PEZHON — popular online auto parts store, Zipik and Superfond. Anton helps the team to build relationships and promote LevelNet technology on the international market.

    He collaborated with major investors Jim Boswell and Jose Merino, a blockchain enthusiast, leader and co-founder of SID Ltd. Anton has extensive experience in project management, team building, strategic management and business management.

    Alexander Fedotov, CMO

    Has more than 10 years of experience in Internet marketing. He is engaged in building customer acquisition funnels, creating and implementing marketing strategies. Having a technical education (IT), operates and successfully applies various Internet marketing tools.

    He worked as a marketing consultant in dozens of projects, helped with the sale of the largest online/offline retailer of small and large household appliances in Ukraine. Helped various ICO projects to collect about 10 million USD, to build marketing funnels in the shortest time, starting with attracting traffic and increasing recognition, ending with a conversion into an investor.

    Arthur Eolyan, CLO

    Former lawyer of BVDevelopment (Baring Vostok) and head of the legal department in international projects. Arthur’s tasks include resolving tax legislation issues, corporate and international legal relations. In 2009 he graduated from the London Language School St. Giles International. He is a representative of the large international Austrian company Egger.

  • LevelNet — an ultimate weapon in the fight against cyber attacks

    Habitual antivirus technologies update their database with a delay and it often takes a long time before the updated system rules take effect. In the meantime, user devices are at risk, and malware uses this “window” to infect as many devices as possible.

    Individual antivirus providers often become inefficient in this regard and unable to provide timely protection of user data. In addition, individual providers are not able to offer a universal solution to ensure information security on a global scale.

    To provide reliable and effective real-time protection, LevelNet has developed an innovative cyber security platform that uses a dynamic database on cyber attacks. The system is constantly updated and is always ready to quickly repulse cyber attacks, using solutions of various antivirus services, and integrating them into a single infrastructure that can lead cyber defense to a fundamentally new level.

    Thus, not specific antivirus programs are involved in the detection of threats on the user’s device, but an entire network of antivirus services that works regardless of specific software installed on the user’s computer. All antivirus solutions monitor and analyze devices in non-stop mode, providing permanent protection of user data and regular system updates.

    This will ensure the security of data from any threats that arise in the network. As soon as information about the presence of a threat appears on one of the network devices, it is instantly recorded into the common database and warns other devices for future detection. Users will not have to wait a long time for updates while their computer is under threat. Now he will be warned about the existing threat within a short period of time, and an entire antivirus service alliance will create the solution for data protection.

    The LevelNet platform is the optimal solution for individual users and companies. First, they do not need to have specialized knowledge to eliminate security threats and to spend a lot of time solving a specific problem. Second, in order to prevent and eliminate threats, combined antivirus solutions from independent providers will be used to facilitate the rapid detection of malware.

    The LevelNet network is a universal solution for both individual nodes and computer networks, which does not require the installation of additional software, is “lightweight”, easy to use and inexpensive to maintain.

  • LevelNet and Chronobank have declared a partnership

    Friends, we are pleased to inform you of our strategic partnership with Chronobank, a revolutionary blockchain platform for  cryptoassets management. Together we create the best service, providing our customers with effective and reliable information protection tools.

    The banking industry, like any financial sphere, is a subject to frequent hacker attacks and is vulnerable to hacking. The goal of our partnership is to jointly provide users of our services with the latest solutions in p2p security an support the ideology of decentralization, which allows each participant of the ecosystem to contribute to the development of its community and infrastructure. LevelNet and Chronobank CEOs issued a statement.

    At LevelNet, we developed the world's first decentralized cyber security platform, accessible and easy to use. LevelNet Ecosystem is a protection, LevelNet uses relevant data from several platforms and anti-virus programs.

    Pavel told about the cooperation with Chronobank : "Sergei and Chronobank are cryptocurrency pioneers and I am very glad that we were able to come to this agreement. This agreement will help us become leaders and give significant competitive advantages."

    "We care about the security of our users and we want every user to feel protected against security threats. LevelNet company products provides such an opportunity. If security is important to you, just like us, pay attention to the innovative approach to cyber security offered by LevelNet company, they are now conducting their ICO and are aimed at serious results. "- Says Sergey.

    Chronobank is an ambitious global blockhain project, aimed at the evolution of HR and financial spheres. The platform is developed by experts who have more than 100 years of combined experience in the blockchain, IT and recruitment industries. The company issues tokens, the price of which is backed by man-hours.

  • LevelNet Bounty Tokens Distribution Information

    The LevelNet Airdrop for Bounty Program 1.0 has been launched on March, 27. 

    The total token number allocated for this bounty distribution is 7,701,500 at the current 

    token price of $0.01.

    327 out of 450 eligible bounty participants are currently receiving
    their rewards (credited into their ETH wallets). Another batch of tokens
    reserved for 123 participants is to be sent later on. 

    The full list of the approved members and airdrop numbers are accessible at https://goo.gl/wte8Lk


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: The LVL tokens will be tradable/transferrable after the main token sale is over.

  • LevelNet united network — non-stop effective protection

    The rapid development of technologies is accompanied by huge spread of threats and leads to the emergence of new problems in cyber security. Unfortunately, regular antiviruses do not cope with a large number of new threats to user data protection and do not develop quickly enough.

    New threats emerge everywhere, but different antivirus services find solutions at different time. This leads to the fact that many users remain vulnerable to new threats for a long time, while updates of the signature database do not take effect.

    No antivirus product is capable of 100% protection of these devices by itself — this is the fragmentation problem of the antivirus software market. Developers focus on a narrow range of information security problems and are not able to cope with the threat on a global scale because of the limited data on new threats.

    One network is the protection of everyone.

    Imagine a united network designed to help each user with the elimination of cybersecurity problems. Users exchange data about current security threats by transferring it to one network. Thus, users do not have to wait for the antivirus update to be released, because the system works in real time. If at least one antivirus program has found the solution, this solution will spread all over the network and eliminate this problem on all devices.

    Detected, identified, eliminated

    LevelNet not only notifies you immediately of a detected threat, but also instantly deadlocks it on the end device. Threats are identified by monitoring the response of security systems installed on various devices.

    The platform leverages existing solutions of cyber security and anti-virus services platforms, regardless of what services are installed on a specific device. The work of LevelNet is aimed not only at eliminating current threats to data protection, but also at preventing future threats. Users on the network will receive timely notifications of potentially dangerous objects transmitted from other devices on the network. The monitoring and eliminating threats process is carried out continuously throughout the LevelNet network.

    Data processing scheme in the LevelNet network

    The data in the network is displayed dynamically. Any changes in threat data are instantly communicated to other nodes of the LevelNet network. This ensures a quick update of the database.

    Demonstration of the LevelNet work

    You can see how the LevelNet system works by watching a short video on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDLfvA9EqNU .

    Security for one is security for all!

  • LevelNet repulsing any cyber attack

    Number of Internet users is growing constantly. Emergence and rapid development of such markets as the Internet of Things (IoT) stimulates network’s user audience expansion. But the high growth rates of the technology market overlap with the development of hacker attacks methods, which also improve rapidly. And the only true solution will be to provide users with such cyber security systems that are able to withstand the advanced threats without delay, as well as to prevent future cyber attacks.

    At the moment, modern solutions do not provide adequate user protection. First of all because the developers of antivirus software focus on existing threats elimination, and not on protection against malicious programs that may appear in the future. In addition, when new cyber security threats are identified, signature databases are not updated for a long time, leaving end-user computers vulnerable to malware attacks.

    Another problem in the market of antivirus technologies is fragmentation — antivirus solutions are able to provide protection only within their own systems, not including solutions developed by third-party companies. There are cloud-based services that perform virus scans using cyber-protection systems of various developers. But such solutions also remain ineffective in ensuring real-time cyber security.

    LevelNet is a new, more flexible and faster system — the world’s first distributed cyber security network — replaced the obsolete solutions. LevelNet integrates all existing antivirus technologies, making it more flexible and intelligent than solutions of individual developers. The virus database is updated constantly and with minimal delays, providing effective real time protection.

    Antivirus programs have never been improved so quickly. Once a threat is detected at least on one node, data on it is immediately translated to the global network, which uses all the resources to quickly find solutions and eliminate the detected threat. The process occurs regardless of which anti-virus software is installed on specific device. LevelNet significantly expands antivirus software capabilities. If the user did not install any antivirus applications, then the capabilities of a distributed network system that functions as a standalone application are used for protection.

    LevelNet is a united network in which each user can share data on an identified threat with other devices on the network around the world. The detected threat will be instantly resolved and the solution recorded in the database, preventing further attacks. All users in the database are completely protected from any type of cyber attack once and for all. LevelNet is an easy-to-use, affordable and efficient solution that provides real-time information protection. It is a new word in the cyber security world.

  • LevelNet anti-hacker network

    The emergence of new technologies and systems caused a wave of users interest. And, of course, every user cares about their data security. To achieve the highest security level, users resort to various antivirus programs. However, they discover that in this market there are no universal means of cyber defense, and all solutions function independently of each other.

    If security systems do not develop quickly enough, hackers will find easy access to user data. This is the main problem for the fast-growing innovative technologies market. Developers within a separate company do not have enough resources to provide the most flexible and effective information protection. Besides they do not implement antivirus technologies of other developers.

    LevelNet, an innovative system for providing cyber security, comes to help solve this problem. It integrates all known antivirus products into one simple, affordable and fast application. All decentralized system participants can share threat information around the world, providing real-time defence of information. This approach makes the system more intelligent and faster than the current antivirus systems of individual developers.

    The use of a common system for ensuring cyber security on the principle of a distributed database, as in a blockchain, is a brilliant solution that was ideally implemented in the LevelNet project. Updates and search for solutions for all types of the highest level virus attacks are conducted in no time. This allows users’ computers to be constantly protected, regardless of whose devices have antivirus software installed.

    This model has another advantage over more traditional solutions: after detection of a new security threat by leading developers, it takes a long time for the information to be delivered to the end user. This expose user devices to the risk of infection with new viruses before signature database is updated.

    The LevelNet network will help to expand the capabilities of antivirus applications installed by users and will provide cyber protection to those who do not have antivirus software, acting as a stand-alone application for blocking malicious code and cyber attacks.

    Now users will be able to take advantage of the latest cyber security systems without having to worry about choosing antivirus applications and without the need for specialized knowledge to work with them. LevelNet provides the most convenient and intuitive solution — the next-generation anti-hacker network.

  • LevelNet will protect your ICO

    Cybercrime is rapidly evolving and easily adapting to changes in ever-improving technologies, so that antivirus providers regularly face new challenges in protecting users’ information and should enhance the effectiveness of cyber security systems. Young market segments such as cryptocurrencies, blockchain technologies and ICOs, are attractive for “black” hackers and are the most vulnerable.

    Currently, none of the antivirus products can provide fully reliable protection on its own. To solve this problem, the antivirus software market must be provided with integral global cyber security systems.

    Modern cyber security systems problems

    Today’s computer security systems’ capabilities are limited, and their methods of protection are outdated. When a new security threat is identified, it takes a long time for all the elements of the system to receive an updated solution. Malicious programs use this window of opportunity to infect the largest number of devices possible .

    For most existing threats, antivirus programs are still effective and slightly less effective in combating future threats. But they are virtually unable to eliminate new threats online. To increase the protection effectiveness faster and more advanced methods will be required, ones that do not depend on the capabilities of specific antivirus software. Such a solution is provided by LevelNet — the newest system for ensuring cyber security, combining all current antivirus technologies into a single distributed cyber security network.

    LevelNet solution

    The LevelNet system responds instantly to any malware activity. All users whose devices detected threats transfer information to the network in order to quickly find a solution using global resources and transfer the found solution to other devices if their node eliminated the problem.

    All data on new threats instantly translated through the network, which immediately starts searching for solutions, using all available cyber defense methods. This approach allows you to quickly repulse any hacker attacks. The network is constantly scaled and all users are involved in the LevelNet ecosystem support and development, making it faster and smarter than even the best antivirus solutions separately.

    LevelNet does not depend on the capabilities of specific antivirus software. Therefore, if a solution to new virus attacks is found, it instantly enters the LevelNet database and becomes available to all devices connected to the network. In addition to the fact that users no longer have to wait for updates for a long time, LevelNet automatically updates the database without them having to install additional software and applying additional settings.

    LevelNet company provides round-the-clock and prompt support to users, helping to solve any difficulties and problems. The system is easy to use and implemented as a handy application. To work with the End-Point App application, users do not need specialized technical knowledge and skills. The application is implemented for maximum convenience and will suit even inexperienced PC users. A new word of security in the crypto industry and a new level of cyber security — it is all about LevelNet.

  • LevelNet — hackers shall not pass!

    The LevelNet system is an innovative distributed network for ensuring cyber security in real time. LevelNet combines three important features: availability, speed and efficiency. The network is easy to use and fully automated.

    LevelNet is completely independent of what devices have antivirus software installed. The network integrates all existing antivirus solutions. Even if a specific antivirus software is not installed on the end user’s computer, the LevelNet system will provide a solution using all the capabilities of antivirus software from different vendors. Otherwise, the system will expand the functionality of installed antivirus software.

    LevelNet system principle of operation

    The LevelNet network is designed so that users can share information about cyber security violations (viruses and other threats) detected on devices online. This approach will ensure prevention of cyber attacks on all devices connected to the LevelNet system. An agreement on sharing such data is concluded in advance.

    Threats are identified by monitoring the response of cyber security systems installed on each of the users’ devices. Analysis and protection is performed through antivirus programs installed on the user’s device or on other nodes in the network. Result of this analysis is a notification of the presence of a computer threat in the form of a ready data packet using various network protocols. Here are three schemes for detecting threats coming into the network from client devices.

  • LevelNet Cyber security and blockchain

    The ubiquitousness of ICOs puts forward new requirements to ensure user data security from cyber attacks and virus threats. The development of such sectors of the market as cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO is followed by increasingly aggressive and thought-out methods of hacker attacks, and, consequently, it is necessary to improve methods information protection.

    Despite the fact that the cybersecurity systems market is quite extensive, it is associated with the strong fragmentation of antivirus software providers. Modern antivirus companies are characterized by a lack of flexibility and limited resources to provide more flexible and effective solutions. This is justified by the fact that developers are focused on eliminating existing viruses and not on prevention of future threats. Because of that virus databases update occurs with a significant delay and thus, undoubtedly, jeopardizes the users’ computers security throughout the time until the update finally comes out.

    This and other problems were solved by LevelNet developers. The LevelNet system was developed precisely to cope with the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology popularity. LevelNet is the newest distributed security network, easy to use, affordable and fast. Thanks to the innovative approach to information protection, the LevelNet network protects user data in real time.

    The prompt response and recording of any changes in the virus modus operandi aren’t the only LevelNet benefits. At the heart of the system is the integration of existing antivirus solutions into a single network that provides instantaneous data exchange between end users’ devices. LevelNet shares data on detected threats and quickly searches for solutions on the global virus database.

    This does not only provides high-speed responses to current threats and malware, but also helps prevent further attacks, regardless of antivirus programs installed on users’ computers. These features make the LevelNet system faster and smarter than the antivirus technologies of individual developers.

    LevelNet provides cyber security services to both private users and corporate customers, allowing them to significantly reduce expenses on antivirus software. The annual subscription for services will be offered only for 0.99–9.99 dollars. In the era of rapidly developing new technologies, including blockchain and ICOs, LevelNet is the best solution for providing effective cyber protection.

  • LevelNet - 21st century protection from hackers

    Each technological development branch for mankind is marked by increasingly accelerated growth rates and an increase in systems complexity. The current situation places high demands on new methods of information protection. At every new stage, it is necessary not only to create more advanced cyber security systems, but also to instantly respond to new emerging threats.

    The market for cyber security systems is one of the largest. In 2017, its total value reached $ 400 billion, and the value of the antivirus software segment — 25 billion. However, with such capitalization, the market has a significant drawback — many antivirus solutions are delivered to users independently of each other and do not use the solutions of various platforms, developing applications for protection of information only within its own product.

    In the conditions of rapid technological growth and, accordingly cybercrime, cyber security systems should be improved, among other things. But the resources of individual antivirus software providers are rather limited and do not allow to ensure proper scalability and flexibility of their information security systems.

    LevelNet company presented the platform ready to solve this problem. The LevelNet innovative system for ensuring cyber security is designed accordingly to the requirements put forward by new Internet technologies on the market. The system integrates all known antivirus programs into a single cyber security network and effectively protects user data in real time.

    Now data on all actions of hackers are saved in a single database. The slightest change in the virus, its path and activity, immediately become known to all devices connected to the network and devices become not susceptible to this attack. This is facilitated by the LevelNet system, aimed at providing comprehensive protection for users around the world.

    Users exchange information about detected threats with lightning speed, which allows them to constantly update the virus database and quickly search for solutions using all the available resources of antivirus software. The search for solutions occurs independently of the devices on which this or that antivirus software is installed.

    Thanks to all these qualities, the LevelNet system becomes much faster and more intelligent than the programs of individual antivirus providers.

  • LevelNet signed a partnership with the Bancor platform

    Innovative real-time cyber security network LevelNet announced the integration of the Bancor protocol to ensure continuous liquidity of LVL tokens for millions of users around the world. LevelNet raised $ 584,000 at the private token sale stage and is now preparing for a presale, which will start on April 20, 2018.

    Thanks to the integration of the Bancor protocol, the owners of LVL tokens will have access to continuous liquidity through the Bancor network regardless of trading volume or stock lists. This will increase tokens convertibility and will provide automatic exchange through Web3 wallets, such as, MetaMask.

    Pavel Shkliaev , CEO and founder of LevelNet

    About LevelNet

    LevelNet has developed the world’s first decentralized cyber security platform, accessible and easy to use. LevelNet ecosystem is a global integrated network that allows users to instantly share data about attacks, providing effective real-time protection and early warning of future security threats. To ensure the most rapid and reliable information protection, LevelNet uses relevant data from several platforms and anti-virus programs.

    About Bancor

    Guy Benartzi , CEO and co-founder of Bancor

    The Bancor protocol is the standard for creating digital smart tokens and cryptocurrencies, convertible using smart-contracts built into the protocol. With the help of the Bancor protocol, companies and organizations can issue their own tokens and conduct ICO on the basis of this platform. Smart-tokens are combined into united liquidity network, providing instant access for cryptocurrency converting. The protocol is based on the innovative “token connector” method, which allows you to calculate the price and ensure continuous liquidity of all integrated tokens online, without comparing the data in a two-way exchange, meaning, based on the current price without a spread.

    Bancor provides a web application that allows to convert tokens instantly into any cryptocurrency.

    LevelNet invites everyone to join their ICO!

  • LevelNet signed a partnership with HOQU

    Dear HOQU community, we’ve got great news — we have entered into a strategic partnership with LevelNet. The goal of our partnership is to ensure the security of the infrastructure and users of the decentralized marketing platform Hoqu.

    The heads of both companies made a joint statement and join forces in creating a better service for their users. The principal mission of LevelNet and HOQU is to take care of the safety of our customers and partners.

    Pavel Shkliaev, CEO and founder of LevelNet

    Our company provides users with a simple and affordable innovative platform LevelNet, using completely new and effective methods of integrated protection of information networks. We have developed a framework for an integrated cyber security network that allows users to exchange information on cyber attacks (viruses and other network threats) in real time to prevent further incidents.

    “We are happy to be partners with Hoqu and stand up for the users of the decentralized partnership platform.” — Pavel informs . “ We believe that an innovative approach to partnership agreements will have a positive impact on the HOQU prospects. Large players will come for marketing services and will need protection. Our LevelNet anti-virus solution will provide HOQU customers with reliable protection. Also, Levelnet will be happy to use the HOQU platform in order to find partners for various marketing campaigns. We consider the product to be innovative, affordable, easy to use and cost-effective. We are happy to invite the HOQU community to join our LevelNet ICO !”

    Alexey Shmonov , CEO and co-founder of HOQU

    Alexey Shmonov, HOQU CEO made a statement: “We are the first decentralized marketing platform in the world, allowing advertisers and partners to interact without resorting to intermediaries, which guarantees transparency of the operations of the CPA marketing scheme through smart contracts. We thank our users for their trust and announce a strategic partnership with LevelNet. Understanding the importance of information security of the company and our users, we took care of this by signing a partnership with the innovative platform for cyber security LevelNet.

    Pay attention to the new security approach offered by the promising company LevelNet. Currently, the LevelNet team is conducting its ICO. I invite you to support our partners and take part in their ICO! “

    HOQU is a large decentralized partnership platform. Among the partners of the company are such large platforms as Ethereum, BlockLancer, LDJCapital and DAIBC. HOQU combines performance-marketing schemes with blockchain, allowing advertisers to launch an affiliate campaign with minimal costs. The platform unites all advertisers in a single partnership network, providing new standards of transparency and effective models of CPA-marketing.

  • LevelNet - Sale starts for you right now if you are in whitelist!

    Dear partners! We open sales for those who have already added to our Whitelist — right now. You can buy tokens without waiting for the opening of sales, and get the biggest bonus at the beginning at a rate of 15%!

    We remind you that on April 20 the LevelNet Pre-Sale started, and you can buy LVL tokens with a huge discount and with the largest bonus possible: Each participant who submitted his/her email and wallet in advance will additionally receive 15% of bonus tokens to the purchased amount.

    Link for purchase: https://tokensale.levelnet.co/registration

    Our LevelNet product provides effective user data protection in real time, thanks to the use of all existing antivirus systems and lightning-fast update of virus databases. We care about the security of each user and offer the best solution in the antivirus software market. The owners of LVL tokens will be able to appreciate all the advantages of the platform and will receive exclusive access rights to the LevelNet system and products

    We invite you to take part in our Pre-Sale and get the maximum discounts for tokens under conditions of the bonus program!

    If you have not registered in the Whitelist yet, do it right now and get the maximum bonus of 15%!

    Sincerely yours, LevelNet team.

  • LevelNet guards your ICO

    Technological innovation markets, such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies are characterized by high growth rates. With the development of technology hacker attacks becomes more and more aggressive, and protection against them requires improvement. Specific antivirus software providers cope with individual tasks. But to cope with more global problems we must combine our efforts in creating a collective cyber security system.

    Fragmentation of the antivirus software market creates certain limitations in the struggle against cyber threats. Their systems are not flexible enough and resource-intensive to provide effective user data protection from new, more advanced methods of cyber attacks. And that’s why:

    “When solving problems, antivirus providers focus on existing malware, without paying attention to future threats. To effectively protect against viruses, rapid response and the use of sequential measures are necessary, regardless of specific antivirus system used.

    - A relatively long period of time is required before an updated signature database appears. During this period, user devices remain vulnerable to new malware types. It turns out that modern antivirus systems can not provide effective real-time protection.

    - Some companies provide protection within their own ecosystem and do not take into consideration antivirus solutions of other companies. Of course, there are providers that use software from different developers to check for viruses. This approach to providing protection is much more efficient and does not fully depend on the capabilities of a particular product. But such a process is virtually not automated and does not provide protection online.

    At this point, the LevelNet system comes to the rescue. This is an innovative decentralized network for ensuring cyber security. Simple, affordable and effective. LevelNet has the following features:

    - LevelNet is a unique system that unites users around the world and constantly updates the virus database. Users share information about emerged threats with each other, which prevents them from appearing in the future. Due to unified system organization, the search for solutions and updating of the database occurs at a high speed, instantly delivering the solutions found to users’ devices. In order to start using the LevelNet network, it is not necessary to install any antivirus software. But for users with already installed antivirus software — LevelNet will help to expand its functionality. Two scenarios are possible:

    • The LevelNet system detects a new threat with the help of an installed antivirus. The solution is distributed throughout the network and gets into the database, eliminating possible appearance of this threat in the future;
    • The system detected a threat, but the solution has not yet been found by the installed antivirus or there is no antivirus on the user’s device. In this case, information about the threat is sent to the network, and various antivirus programs are used to solve the problem.

    - Another important point is the integration of all existing antivirus solutions into one cyber security network, which makes solution of global problems and the effectiveness of preventing future threats possible.

    - And finally, the ability to exchange data between devices in the LevelNet network around the world provides real-time information protection, which makes the LevelNet system much faster, safer and more intelligent than existing individual solutions of other developers. LevelNet is a new word in cybersecurity.

  • LevelNet announces extension of the Pre-Sale and Bonus period

    Dear friends! We inform you that our Pre-Sale period has been extended to 30.05.2018, and now you have more to study our project in greater detail and receive bonuses when buying LevelNet tokens.

    Reasons for Pre-Sale period extension

    We have established a fiat payment system, and now each participant can purchase LVL tokens not only for BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC, but also via bank transfer or VISA card.

    We also brought all our paperwork in compliance with regulator’s requirements to ensure high liquidity of our ICO. All investors pass mandatory KYC and AML procedures. Another good news is that now we can accept payments from US residents as well. US citizens also receive a share in LevelNet Inc. when buying tokens.

    About LevelNet

    LevelNet is the world’s first decentralized system to provide effective real-time cybersecurity. We have developed a comprehensive approach to user data protection that allows all devices connected to the LevelNet network to instantly share data on virus attacks and cyber threats, providing maximum level protection.

    We use resources of all existing antivirus solutions, which allows us to update the virus databases quickly and without delays, counteracting even the most sophisticated cyberattacks. Thanks to innovative distributed technologies, we have created a more flexible, intelligent and efficient cybersecurity system, and now your devices will be under reliable protection 24/7

    All Pre-Sale participants will receive bonuses and exclusive access to LevelNet services and products. We invite everyone to join LevelNet ICO!

  • LevelNet platform — demonstrate statement of cash flows

    Dear friends!

    We inform you that our team LevelNet continues to work on the product.We are always open to the user and would like to provide a cash flow statement from September 2017- May 2018, and now you have more opportunities to study our project and more detailed LevelNet development plan.You can read the detailed information about the project statement of cash flows of advertising and marketing in the statement of cash flows. Our team is always open for dialogue with the community. And we want to give you a detailed report:

    About LevelNet

    LevelNet is the world’s first decentralized system to provide effective real-time cybersecurity. We have developed a comprehensive approach to user data protection that allows all devices connected to the LevelNet network to instantly share data on virus attacks and cyber threats, providing maximum level protection.

    We use resources of all existing antivirus solutions, which allows us to update the virus databases quickly and without delays, counteracting even the most sophisticated cyberattacks. Thanks to innovative distributed technologies, we have created a more flexible, intelligent and efficient cybersecurity system, and now your devices will be under reliable protection 24/7

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