[ICO] LevelNet - First Distributed Cyber Security Platform

  • Hi, guys!  For your convenience we have 24/7 support in all of our social media channels and we are always happy to help you. Here the answers for the most frequently asked questions from you .

    Why do not I get tokens right after purchase, but only after ICO?

    This is done in order to prevent the over-the-counter turnover of tokens before the end of the ICO. We want to ensure equal conditions for all. And we also need to comply with the legislation of some countries that impose restrictions on the transfer of tokens before the end of the ICO.

    How do you plan to make profits?

    The issue of cybersecurity is extremely urgent in the modern world. The turnover of the antivirus products market is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars per year. LevelNet has no analogues at the moment, so we are counting on our niche. In addition, with the growth and development of the company will grow and the price of tokens, and this means the welfare of our investors. You can find out more in detail with our business model and financial model in the Documents section of the website: levelnet.co

    How do I earn money on your ICO or token?

    There are several ways to make money on our tokens. Of course, the first option — market speculation on the growth / fall of the value of the token, the opportunity to sell it more expensive than bought. An additional option is the exchange of the LVL token on LVLS during the second phase. The LVLS token will allow owners to participate in the distribution of profits, receive dividends. Another step is to purchase corporate licenses for access to LevelNet services and its further resale.

    Why will your token grow in price?

    We have no right to make promises regarding the growth of the price of the token. However, if you analyze existing companies, the determining factor in the increase in value is product development and team achievements, as well as many other factors. We plan to develop our product and grow as a company, hence the price of our tokens also has growth prospects.

    Do I need to complete a KYC / AML procedure?

    When buying LVL tokens for up to 20 ETH, there is no mandatory KYC / AML procedure, but we reserve the right (at will or at the request of the regulator) to ask to go through with it at any time.

    Hope this post was helpful. Have a nice a day!

  • LevelNet - USA restriction explained: why this is the highest definition of hypocrisy

    Last week due to SEC Statement on Cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings the participation in our project was restricted to United States residents. Here is some explanation why that happened.

    LevelNet did indeed receive a directive from The Vermont Department of Finance last week to cease and desist all activity relating to crypto token offerings for residents of the state.

    Our company responded immediately to this directive and discontinued all sales and promotional efforts relating to crypto token offerings across the US. We have enacted systemic roadblocks for US residents to limit site access. We also issued a press release announcing that US residents can no longer participate in our project, even though the option to purchase tokens was never available to US residents to begin with.

    Regarding the situation in general:

    We are deeply disappointed in the current state of events. We spent a lot of time trying to meet all of the US regulatory and legal requirements but we are now forced to exit the US market.

    As of September 2017, the Financial Regulator has consistently increased procedural complexity around ICOs and has issued continuous amendments introducing new limitations.

    We consider the requirement to register tokens as securities, whereas they are not listed on crypto exchanges, to be preposterous and detrimental to the development opportunities of technology startups. We also believe that requirements for investing in startups should be made less stringent for non-qualified investors. When the government mandates that only qualified investors are able to invest in startups, citing risk to the everyday consumer as justification, while legalizing gambling in the form of state sponsored lotteries, that is the definition of hypocrisy.

    We hope that all of the startup founders that have attempted to obtain financing through VCs and investment management institutions will read these words and unite behind this message. The drive of the founders to promote their projects through crowdfunding and ICOs should not be limited.

  • TOP 5 frequently asked questions from last week

    1. On which exchanges will the token be traded?

    The listing results will strongly depend on the results of the ICO. We have spent 4 months working to be within the legal field and to comply with the demands of all exchanges.  Now we are already negotiating with more than 7 exchanges, and with some of them, preliminary agreements have been reached.  The project management does its best to list the token on the largest exchanges: Binance, HitBTC, Poloniex, Kraken.  A secondary task is to list on the exchanges: Bitfinex, Bittrex, LiveCoin  The rest of the exchanges will be added at the request of the users, you can specify the desired exchanges and if there are sufficient number of users, we will make a listing on these exchanges.”

    2. What currencies are accepted for token payment?

    We accept payments in bitcoins (BTC), lightcoins (LTC), Ethereums (ETH) or bank transfer in US dollars (USD). It is also possible to make a payment with a VISA card through the Starengine platform.

    3. Do you have a referral program? How does it work?

    Yes, we have a referral program. You have the opportunity to earn 10% of the investment amount given to us by users you invited. Write to us an email, we will discuss the conditions: [email protected]

    4. Why are you doing partnerships? How to become your partner?

    Partnerships are needed to expand the scope of activities, the base of potential customers, attract new users and much more. As a rule, a mutually beneficial partnership is concluded. To consider the options for interaction, you can send your proposal to us by e-mail: [email protected]

    5. Who do you see as your competitors?

    We do not have direct competitors. Also, based on the information that we have, so far no one has developed such a product. Indirect competitor is Virustotal and other antiviral scan aggregators. Although, as always happens, eventually they will appear.

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