BitNodes - X13 POSe/POW | Masternode | Dash fork | Instant Secure Decentralized

  • BitNodes is a "code fork" of DASH, but BitNodes is a faster network, and
    creation masternodes is not worth much, allowing new participants to
    build a new decentralized network.


    BitNodes - Instant Secure Transactions Worldwide.

    We increased the speed of block generation and changed the hash algorithm to X13.

    BitNodes uses the POS & POW protocol with an innovative reward mechanism that dynamically distributes 50% of the reward between the masternodes.

    BitNodes is designed for a crypto community, with the ability to quickly anonymous transactions and a fair management system.

    We are going to become leaders in crypto currency progress, because BitNodes is easy to use and has the most secure and evolving code of the program

    Some of the technical features used in BitNodes.

    Masternodes: The masternodes are the main participants of the network, which hold a constant amount of 1000 NODE, which allows them to demand payment of interest for each generated unit. The scale is arbitrarily drawn so that each Masternodes has the same average value. You can see winning masternodes by simply typing console "winners of masternodes", you will get a list of NODE addresses for future blocks. Masternodes also helps to maintain a reliable and fast network of connections around the world.

    Instant X: You can send money faster between NODE wallets thanks to the support of of masternodes. Thus, the transaction verification will be faster, but approximately 1000 ultrasound is limited. The transaction cost will be higher than a typical transaction to reward the masternodes that confirmed the transaction.

    DarkSend: DarkSend is a function that makes an anonymous part of your coins. Parts, anonymous, will be available only in DarkSend networks and can be exchanged anonymously between purses. Anonymization of a currency includes a variable cost depending on the volume to be processed and takes a long time.

    Mixing coins: coin milling is done by Masternodes, servers operating in a decentralized network of volunteers who are responsible for signing transactions. Then random random patterns are chosen to perform the coin mixing.


    Algorithm X13
    Symbol NODE
    Mode POW & POSe
    Start Mining Tuesday, 26-Dec-17 09:00:00 UTC
    Block time 120 seconds
    Recalculated difficulty Every 24 hours
    Max coin available 100.000.000
    Transaction confirmation 6 blocks
    Mining maturation time 25 blocks
    Masternodes Creation 1000 NODE



      We want many BitNodes to be available to our community to mine, grow, and benefit from.

    • Instant Transactions

      For urgent transactions a payment can be instantly received and confirmed by the recipient via the InstantX function.

    • GPU Based Hashing Algo

      BitNodes was designed to use the X13 hashing algorithm which keeps mining open to GPU miners.

    • MasterNodes

      Our MasterNode-based infrastructure ensures stability within the community and constant maintenance.

    • Open Source

      BitNodes is free and open source, you can download the source on github.



    32 bit exe

    64 bit exe

    32 bit zip

    64 bit zip


    tgz 32 bit

    tgz 64 bitarm





    Source Code

    Block Explorer:


    Coming Soon!

    Reward for mining

    Block division for POW

    BlocksRewardsExt. Date
    1 to 5000100 NODE~02 Jan 2018
    5000 to 1000050 NODE~09 Jan 2018
    10000 to 1500025 NODE~16 Jan 2018
    15000 to 2000012.6 NODE~23 Jan 2018
    after6.25 NODE~20 Jan 2070

    Block division for POS

    Generated rewards for masternodes: 50% of blocks


    • Where is my wallet data located? You can find your wallet in the following directory:
      • - Windows: %APPDATA%\BitNodes\
      • - Linux: ~/.bitnodes/
      • - Mac: ~/Library/Application\ Support/BitNodes/
    • My wallet is stuck syncing. How can I fix this?
      • - Try to completely close your wallet and restart it
      • - Add this text to your "binnodes.conf" file, which is located in the BitNodes data directory: addnode =
      • - Resync the blockchain, it may take several hours
    • How do I backup my wallet?
      • The most important thing in cryptresources is the backup of your wallet! Always save backups in several places.
      • Backup wallet.dat of BitNodes wallet application folder
    • How to encrypt my wallet? 

           - Encrypting your wallet is a great idea so that other people do not use your computer to steal your money or your wallet.dat file. Do not forget the encryption                     password. If you lose it, you will not be able to access your funds.

    • Which port does the BitNodes use? 

           - BitNodes uses port 2882. Be sure to let your firewall only accept that port. If you use SSH, make sure only your IP address can connect to the server.

    • How much masternode cost? 

            - Masternode costs 1.000 NODE. For profit, it should be available around the clock.

    • When you plan to add BitNodes to exchanges? Within 2 months we will deduce a coin for at least 3 popular exchanges. Currently, the cost of the coin is not defined, but we are confident that it will compete with Dash and other coins.



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