Indorse (IND) New Exchnage update

  • Indorse Listing on RightBTC!

    We are happy to announce the listing of the IND token on the RightBTC Exchange

    Indorse IND now trading on RightBTC

    Headquartered in Dubai, RightBTC is a leading coin-to- coin exchange supporting transactions in BTC, ETH, LTC, ETP and many other digital assets.

    To create liquidity for the exchange, the sell side was funded with 543,162.22544879 IND tokens. A total of 443,162.22544879 IND were purchased by Indorse on the Liqui exchange between December 1, and December 6, 2017. An additional 100,000 IND were used from a previous purchase made during the funding of the Bancor relay. The purchases were staggered to avoid influencing the market price of the tokens. However, due to limited liquidity available on the exchange, there was an increase in IND pricing due to the buys. 90 Ether was used to make this purchase.

    Although we could have used tokens available from other existing allocations such as marketing, a decision was made to purchase the tokens instead since this is for adding liquidity, and should not increase the amount of tokens currently available on the market. By purchasing the tokens on the open market we move tokens from one liquidity provider to another without increasing the supply in the market.

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