Tokia (TOK) - Forever free Cryptocurrency exchange

  • A word from the CEO

    We live in a world where the pace of technological advancement has far exceeded anything
    witnessed in recorded human history.

    In 2008, a major milestone was reached in the development of cryptocurrencies – the
    inception of bitcoin. Yet this also happened to be the very peak of the global financial crisis of
    I find this rather telling. Just as the global financial crisis revealed the ugly underbelly of
    traditional banking, with “too big to fail” written all over it, science and tech pioneers were
    bringing into being a new solution. Crypto-currencies have the power to circumvent, and thus
    reduce reliance on, age-old financial system whose complacency has not gone unnoticed.
    In 2011 Mervyn King, then the governor of the Bank of England, recounted a revealing
    exchange he had had with a senior Chinese central banker: “We in China have learned a great
    deal from the West about how competition and a market economy support industrialisation
    and create higher living standards … But I don’t think you’ve quite got the hang of money and
    banking yet”.
    This statement is as true now as it was in 2011.
    TOKIA is not here to fight the “greedy capitalists”. We’ll leave that to the vocal pundits, who
    tend to make up for in volume what they lack in competence.
    Instead we’re focused on building business models that are economically viable and
    sustainable. These are the key to ensuring the stable and continuous existence of the
    products and services we depend on in our daily lives. This doesn’t mean that we’re afraid to
    call a spade a spade: the existing financial services landscape needs to be challenged because
    it is simply not good enough.
    My team and I believe that now is the ideal time for a product that offers everyday consumers
    a bridge to the economic advantages offered by cryptocurrency, one which is well-developed,
    convenient, and most importantly simple to use. This product is TOKIA.
    Anna Lunhu
    TOKIA Ltd., CEO

    TOKIA is an entirely new generation of cryptocurrency exchange platform.
    To understand what makes it so revolutionary, we need to understand the triangle of
    convenience it is based on.

    TOKIA aims to make Bitcoin payments direct and easy for everyone, everywhere.

    TOKIA will enable users to buy or sell all major cryptocurrencies, and also the world’s most
    widely used fiat currencies, in order to provide them with both high liquidity levels and
    maximum convenience.
    The three components create synergies with each other: Multi-currency blockchain Wallet
    enables users to store and manage all of their crypto assets that get traded on the exchange
    and get spent via the debit card from one convenient location; Direct debit card allows users
    to use virtual currencies in every day life, seamlessly converting their virtual currencies into
    traditional fiat currencies at the moment of payment; while the integration into a Fast and
    reliable exchange enables easy converting between multiple currencies stored in the wallet,
    and offers seamless conversion into traditional fiat currencies.
    This combination enables us to offer features which to our knowledge are not available
    elsewhere, e.g. users will be able to both convert their crypto currencies on the exchange and

    spend them without having to shuffle between multiple separate wallets, operated by
    multiple separate entities.
    This smart integration of multiple features alleviates the requirement to plan the use of
    crypto currencies in advance and gives the user full flexibility and control as to when, where,
    and how to best use their blockchain based assets.

    TOKIA’s product vision

    TOKIA has three elements: a wallet, an exchange and a direct crypto payment card. These
    elements interact to simplify all operations and make them more convenient for all
    cryptocurrency conversions.
    By introducing a large variety of fiat currencies, we will ensure that the whole cryptocurrency
    world is spinning faster thanks to the increased liquidity of assets.
    The exchange will also have a built-in cold storage feature, making all you blockchain based
    funds safe yet easy to access. Providing the opportunity to get into blockchain based currency
    is important to ensure the wider spread of this technology, especially in the parts of the world
    where traditional banking systems can’t offer financial services accessible to all.
    With this product, TOKIA is aiming to be a bridge between the traditional payment
    infrastructure and blockchain based assets and currencies.

    TOKIA Cryptocurrency Exchange

    •  Forever free cryptocurrency exchange

    To facilitate the conversion between crypto and traditional assets, as well as between
    cryptocurrencies, TOKIA will be offering an exchange platform.
    It will operate on a brokerage principle – TOKIA will act as an exchange agency that executes
    the conversion based on a single aggregated exchange rate, which is based on the prevailing
    rates at global crypto trading platforms.

    • ZERO fees

    TOKIA is designed to provide the best terms for exchanging cryptocurrency.

    There will be a threshold of cryptocurrencies you can exchange on the TOKIA platform in one

    month. This threshold is set at up to 10X the amount of TOK tokens you own, with 1 token
    representing $1 worth of exchange transaction performed. Exchanging cryptocurrencies up to
    this monthly threshold will be free for TOKIA token holders.

    • A wide range of supported altcoins

    The TOKIA exchange will support conversion to and from a wide range of digital currencies.
    We expect this list to include: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, LiteCoin, Ripple, and other altcoins.

    • A wide range of supported fiat currencies

    At TOKIA, we are committed to supporting as many native fiat currencies as is economically
    viable. We want to create the most convenient and accessible cryptocurrency exchange ever.
    In order to reach this level we will be aiming to provide more than 50 fiat currencies which
    can be converted into an ever increasing number of cryptocurrencies. Setting exact dates for
    the availability of each fiat currency will depend on demand from customers across all regions
    and the pace at which we are able to put in place the required banking infrastructure.
    Our vision is simple: to give TOKIA users the ability to exchange and pay in as many fiat
    currencies as there is a viable market demand for.

    The TOKIA wallet

    • Keeping crypto assets safe

    TOKIA’s mission is to provide reliable and effective currency exchange services to everyone.
    Our business model also has the provision of the highest possible security at its core. Yet we
    are still continually looking for additional steps to make safe processes even safer.
    Two-factor authentication will be applied to ensure greater security to clients’ crypto assets.
    This will give a higher level of control in the protection of your assets.

    • A low barrier for crypto purchases

    Our goal is to provide easy entry into the world of digital currency for everyone. Therefore, we
    want to develop a buying process that is no more complicated than executing a simple wire
    transfer. This transfer would be made in traditional currency into your TOKIA account. When

    the transfer is received, the traditional currency will be automatically converted into crypto

    currency and deposited into your TOKIA wallet.

    • Margin trading loans

    All TOKIA exchange customers can earn interest on their capital if they decide to provide it to
    other users as a loan. All interest rates will be determined automatically, with the rate
    dependent on time and the amount loaned to the other party. TOKIA will collect a small
    fraction of the interest earned.

    • Offline cryptocurrency storage

    Cyber security is the number one priority in the cryptocurrency exchange sector, so of course
    we will be using the very highest quality professionals for this purpose. On top of this, to
    make the exchange seriously safe, cold storage is the key.
    Keeping assets in offline storage, also known as “cold storage”, is not something new. The issue
    this does raise is convenience, as all the other cryptocurrency exchanges also decide how
    much of the capital they want to keep away from online trading.
    As a standard, we will aim to keep up to 1% of our total assets online at any given time to
    provide the required liquidity to the market. The rest will be available offline with an
    option to retrieve them at short notice. We will always ensure that the amount of assets
    online will be sufficient to cover the market needs for an average cryptocurrency user.
    Additionally, we will also be offering users the ability to define how much of their entire
    capital they desire to keep in either hot or cold storage. This is important if they expect to be
    performing larger transactions that exceed the spot capital availability offered by our default
    cold storage preferences.
    There will be options to regularly retrieve your cryptocurrency held in cold storage, similar to
    the possibilities offered by other exchanges. At TOKIA, however, we also aim to offer you the
    freedom to quickly retrieve your offline funds when you need them right here, right now. This
    will make your trading and cashing out much more efficient, and also easier to plan. Best of
    all, you don’t need to compromise on security when doing this as you inevitably will using
    other exchang

    The TOKIA debit card

    There has NEVER been an easier way to buy, sell and spend Bitcoin.
    Anyone, anywhere will be able to purchase major cryptocurrencies with TOKIA. All these
    altcoins can then be used to make purchases using your TOKIA debit card. No external
    exchange is necessary and the process couldn’t be simpler.
    One card, all cryptocurrencies instantly accessible for your everyday needs.

    Paying with Bitcoin

    We will always provide the best terms for our debit card owners. Plus, we will be offering a
    variety of promotions and other exciting opportunities to gain exclusive benefits when you
    use your card. We will ensure all card related operations offer the best possible conditions,

    and we will be announcing the rates on offer as early as Q1 2018, once our negotiations with
    service providers is completed.
    Like any ordinary debit card, you’ll be able to pay for your groceries and your morning latte,
    and make online purchases using your TOKIA debit card. Unlike ordinary debit cards, you will
    be paying for them using the cryptocurrency that is available on your integrated blockchain
    You will be able to prioritise your cryptocurrency spending, putting you in complete control.
    You can choose which cryptocurrencies and wallets you use for your savings accounts and
    which you allocate for everyday spending. There will also be no possibility of you running out
    of funds, as switching from one currency to another will happen automatically. Of course you
    can also decide to limit your spending by disabling this automatic switching, helping you
    budget effectively.

    And using you TOKIA debit card, you know you will also be getting the best rate available.
    That’s because you TOKIA wallet automatically selects the best exchange rate depending on
    the currencies in the wallet at the moment of operation.

    Online customer support

    The TOKIA online customer support team is ready to deal with any inquiries. All issues and
    inconveniences are handled by our team of dedicated professionals. Support will be
    accessible online and via mobile, ensuring the necessary communication channels are on offer
    when required.
    We understand that continuous, high-quality support is the key to success, which is why we
    prioritise providing the very highest level of client support. Every user spreads the word about
    their product experience, and we want this word-of-mouth communication to be positive,
    encouraging more customers to join our community. We will dedicate all the necessary tools,
    resources and people to make this happen.

    Knowing your customer and anti money laundering

    Anonymous and pseudonymous use of TOKIA services will not be possible.
    All users will be requested to provide satisfactory identification, proof of residence and/or
    other documents necessary to meet all legal requirements.
    AML modules will be integrated into the payment infrastructure offered by TOKIA.
    That said, these measures are not intended to make users’ lives difficult. The goal here is to
    systematically improve the credibility of cryptocurrencies as fair and legal means of payment.
    We will use a leading KYC service provider to deliver our users a fast and effective
    onboarding process. TOKIA is entitled to bring top level Know Your Customer standards to its
    business operations.
    What’s also important to note is that the authentication process we have designed is intended
    to avoid the shortcomings of similar processes used by the traditional banking institutions,
    where long forms need to be filled in and then checked and corrected multiple of times.

    This authentication service will offer maximum convenience, and the verification of user
    information should take no longer than 24 hours.

    Security and audit

    To ensure TOKIA’s ability to comply with security requirements, we aim to conduct external
    security audit no less than once per year. The scope of such audit encompasses the entire
    TOKIA platform.
    First such audit is scheduled to be held in second quarter of 2018.
    We will also use independent security audits of a narrower scope throughout our product
    development lifecycle.

    Our security philosophy is based on two main principles:
    • Creating a reliable technology platform that has sufficient protection from external
    threats by design.
    • Protection from the human factor through adherence to widely accepted best

    TOKIA’s Business Model

    TOKIA's income structure is based on the different parts of the platform we offer. Below are
    the main modules of the TOKIA platform, followed by the business model itself:

    Online Exchange Platform:
    Allows conversion between all major cryptocurrencies, and from
    cryptocurrencies into the worlds most popular fiat currencies.

    Mobile Wallet and Exchange:
    A convenient mobile application for managing and exchanging
    all your altcoins.

    Debit Card:
    A next-generation debit card which allows you to make
    purchases anywhere using Bitcoin or any other cryptocoins.
    Transactions are instant, with no time and energy wasted
    manually converting cryptocurrencies into fiats on traditional
    crypto exchanges.

    Secure Cold Storage:
    Every user can decide how much of their coins should be kept in
    cold storage.

    Easy To Buy Bitcoin:
    Pay for Bitcoin using your traditional bank account and get them
    straight to your TOKIA wallet.

    Business model

    TOKIA business model is straightforward: we enable our users to purchase, store, convert and
    spend cryptocurrencies by offering a seamless integration between the block-chain based
    assets and the traditional fiat currencies

    Revenue streams

    • Exchange fees

    TOKIA will collect a small fraction of the value of the exchange transaction as a fee for using
    the exchange. However, this fee will only apply to TOKIA customers who do not hold any TOK
    tokens, or to TOK holders who have exceeded their monthly free-of-charge exchange


    • Margin trading loan fees

    All TOKIA customers have the option of earning interest on their capital by providing it to
    other users as a loan. All interest rates will be determined automatically. The rate will depend
    on the time and amount of the loan.
    TOKIA will collect a small fraction of the interest earned.

    •  Debit card fees

    As any other debit card issuer, TOKIA will incur cost which it has to pay to the traditional
    banking infrastructure providers for the use of their payment infrastructure by TOKIA users.
    These might include card issuance fee, card annual fee, and cash withdrawal (ATM) fee.
    We may hence collect debit card related fees in order to cover the cost burden generated by
    the use of debit cards.

    •  Future revenue streams

    Going forward, TOKIA also has to possibility to add additional revenue streams. These could
    include revenue from the use of the TOKIA direct payment card, which would always be
    subject to fair use policies.
    The objective of these fair-use policy based revenue streams would be to ensure that the cost
    burden of maintaining and developing the underlying technology and organization that runs

    TOKIA operations is shared fairly among all TOKIA customers on all sides of the spectrum,

    from occasional to heavy users.

    Potential customers

    TOKIA potential customer is everyone who currently owns or wishes to own blockchain based
    assets and wants to effectively utilise them as means of payment outside of the crypto
    currency ecosystem.
    While the total number of crypto currency users around the globe is difficult to assess with
    reasonable accuracy, at the time of writing this figure is estimated to exceed 15 million and is
    likely to grow substantially in the future.

    The TOKIA Roadmap


    Seed round lead by private investors. (500K EUR)


    Technical talent attraction started.


    Selection of and negotiations with the payment processor started.


    Opening of the development offices.


    Token sale started.


    Platform setup with payment processing service provider completed.


    We plan to be listed on 2 major crypto exchanges.


    Tokia Authorization & Settlement Engine (ASE) ready for testing.


    Mobile wallet & Exchange ready for use by the general public.


    First non-test payment processed via Tokia ASE.


    Shipment of payment cards to Customers.


    Launch of the cold-storage feature within Tokia Mobile Wallet.


    ICO plan

    The key facts about the TOKIA ICO:

    Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin and credit card accepted:

    TOK Tokens

    All tokens that are not sold during each round of the ICO will be burned under the
    requirements of the TOKIA smart contract.
    TOK tokens that are reserved for TOKIA founders and team members will be frozen for 12
    months and cannot be sold, exchanged or otherwise traded during this period.

    TOK Token privileges

    TOKIA token holders will be eligible for several privileges.
    Everyone who purchases tokens during the ICO will be prioritised on the waiting list for the

    TOKIA card. Then, depending on the number of tokens purchased, we will waive exchange
    fees, issue and deliver the TOKIA card for free and offer premium TOKIA wallet features for

    TOK token holders are also incentivised to hold on to their TOK coins, as these will be
    essential to our exchange loyalty program. For TOKIA community members who purchase
    1000 or more TOK tokens we will waive the exchange fees for exchange transactions, whose
    cumulative value in USD does not not exceed 10x times the tokens held (i.e. if you hold 1.500

    TOK tokens, we’ll waive the exchange fees on 1.500 x 10 = 15.000 USD worth of trading per

    TOKIA community members who acquire 5000 or more tokens will be subject to 50x

    ICO funds usage

    All funds received from the ICO will be used for the development of the TOKIA cryptocurrency
    exchange platform. Specifically:

    TOKIA token distribution

    Funds distribution

    Executed ICO & token sale offered by TOKIA

    1 - averages verified at on 30th of November, 2017, 13:46 Central European Time.
    2 - prices verified at on 30th of November, 2017, 13:46 Central European Time.



    Team leaders



    white paper:


    Smart Contract:








    E-Mail (General):

    E-Mail (Wholesale):

    E-Mail (Bounty):


    Bounty Program

    Tokia introduces the bounty program in order increase the effectiveness of our communication
    while spreading the information about goals achieved by developing the business.
    As a participant of Tokia bounty program, you will be rewarded for writing and sharing posts
    about Tokia, getting feedback on them, adding followers or views on share videos too


    Requirements for Tokia bounty on Reddit:

    You must have an account with over
    100 posts and 20 comment-karma

    The account must be over 1 month old.

    Negative karma and posts will not be
    accepted for bounty program.

    Up to 3 comments or post gets
    rewarded on the same account.

    All posts must be submitted to the
    relevant sub-reddits such as: r/ bitcoin,
    r/ethereum, r/ethtrader, r/icocrypto, etc.


    Requirements for Tokia bounty on BitcoinTalk:

    The account must be Full Member of BitcoinTalk (or more advanced).

    Write over 80 comments on Tokia threads in the forum.

    At least 2 comment per day must be posted.

    None of the comments should be qualified as spam. These posts will
    not count and won’t be accepted for the bounty program.


    Requirements for Tokia bounty on Youtube:

    The Tokia bounty program will apply to up to 3

    The channel must be created at least 3 months ago.

    The video must be at least 2:00 minutes or longer.

    The video description must clearly show the link to

    Videos without the voiceover only get 50% of tokens.

    The preferred topics: (I’m Looking to Invest)
    Tokia Description (Breakdown) Tokia ICO (How it

  • Tokia (TOK) -  The Challenges Facing Traditional Financial Markets !


    Traditional financial markets are facing challenges on an unprecedented scale. Most are overly
    regulated and too complicated to adapt to new technologies quickly enough. Furthermore,
    existing giants have no incentive to adopt new and - in their eyes - unproven technologies. To
    them the potential gain appears marginal at best, while the level of uncertainty and the
    investments required are substantial.

    The result? More cost effective and efficient ways to deliver everyday services to every corner
    of the world are slow to arrive, if they arrive at all.

    What’s most striking, and regrettable, is that nowhere in this decision making process are the
    needs of users considered. Traditional financial market players prioritise only their own
    potential risks and gains.

    • Financial Markets

    The traditional chain of financial service providers consists of a high number of
    intermediaries. Every middleman has its own cost structures, which means they each charge
    commissions in return for providing the services required.
    These corporations have been using the same operating principles for years. There are two
    reasons for this. On the one hand, the scale and scope of these operations means they are not
    easily changed. On the other hand, maintaining the same traditional business models is
    convenient for these players. Well-established financial corporations use their market
    dominance to ensure their expensive and ineffective operations continue unchallenged. And
    it’s usually their customers who pick up the tab.
    Two major problems arise due to this lack of change:
    • Firstly, important services become expensive for customers, for some user groups
    prohibitively so.
    • Secondly, a limited number of players dominate because it is very complicated for any
    new business to enter the market and become an equal player in the ecosystem.
    Combined, these two problems create a sort of lock-down in the sector. The offerings brought
    by the traditional finance and banking industry fail to serve the needs of a significant part of
    the population. However, new entrants who could meet these needs by challenging the status

    quo are unable to easily enter the market with new product offerings because the
    intermediaries involved are highly interlinked.
    So where has this lock-down brought us to? An example that highlights the inefficiency and
    expense it causes is international bank wire transfers. Using ordinary banking systems this
    kind of procedure is slow and complicated. What’s more, the cost can easily exceed 10% of the
    amount being transferred, especially with small sums.
    It’s a service that brings few, if any, benefits and a lot frustration. But for many customers, this
    is the only option available. But an alternative is possible.
    With cryptocurrencies and other blockchain based products the story is completely different.
    Critically important is the fact that there are usually no middlemen between the two parties
    making the transaction, just the blockchain itself. This fact brings two major benefits:
    • It takes seconds to perform the transaction, and this time is not affected by how far
    apart the parties are.
    • The cost of the transaction is reduced to just a fraction of a percent of the amount
    being transferred.

    Blockchain based transfers benefit both private users and businesses. For the former, it makes
    it possible to transfer small amounts at a low cost. For the latter, they can rely on blockchain
    to execute substantial wire transfers to clients or partners in a fast, reliable manner that is
    also highly cost effective.
    But there’s a problem. At present, cryptocurrencies function fairly well as an asset, but remain
    virtually impossible to use as a means of payment in everyday life: users have to manually sell
    their crypto assets on an exchange, then transfer the resulting amount in traditional currency
    to their bank account. Only when this transfer is completed can they use these funds to make

    TOKIA - bridging the gap

    Can traditional financial players provide the fast, efficient, affordable financial services
    businesses and individuals need? The answer is no. They can simplify their front end
    operations, but the machinery behind it still causes problems because of the way it is
    structured. For example, someone making an international transfer is still charged even if the
    transaction isn’t cleared. To make matters worse, it will probably take a long time for them to
    become aware that the transaction has been declined, an additional headache for both
    businesses and individuals.
    Let’s be clear. Traditional banking has been with us for thousands of years, and has done a
    decent job of stimulating economic growth. But now it is lagging behind. Emerging
    technologies are already there and ready to be adopted, but by failing to do so these
    companies are both depriving their customers of the gains these new technologies bring and
    making themselves vulnerable to competition from new entrants. And these new players don’t
    depend on a long chain of intermediaries to offer their products to the market.
    Blockchain might just be the technology that will change how we perceive
    financial and banking services; completely new ways of adding value to
    customers will emerge.

    •  Cryptocurrencies vs. traditional financial markets

    Effectively managing assets and providing safety in times of economic decline is vital for any
    financial service provider. For hundreds of years these providers relied on precious metals,
    mostly gold, to preserve the value of assets during economic downturns. It is still widely

    believed that gold can withstand and hedge the risks caused by economic uncertainty and

    political upheaval.

    The major advantage cryptocurrencies have that no other asset class has ever
    had is decentralisation.

    Yet there is a risk inherent in physical asset classes like gold. In times of unrest, these asset
    classes can break down because they are still attached to physical locations like land or bank
    By contrast, cryptocurrencies benefit from being decentralised - they are free from any
    physical location. There are no known ways to stop blockchain based currencies from
    distributing information updates, whatever the political circumstances. This means assets are
    kept safe around the world, around the clock.
    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining increased interest from investors as their
    immense potential becomes clear. On the one hand, they provide the hedge investors need.
    On the other hand, they’re currently also a great short-term trading resource because of the
    volatility in price. This makes them high-risk, short-term investments with high-yield
    potential, something every trader is looking for. And they have the capability to hedge
    traditional financial derivatives. This unique combination is what makes cryptocurrencies a
    true phenomenon.

    • Limited global availability

    One of the clearest limitations of the traditional financial system is its inability to offer
    accessible, reliable and affordable services to people around the world. Almost 3 billion
    people lack access to banks or similar institutions.
    With very complex operations and cost structures burdened by overheads, traditional financial
    service providers put a hefty price tag on inclusion in the global economy. And the result?
    The poorest in our societies remain poor. Using the current methods employed by traditional
    banks there is simply no way to include them in the global financial system.
    But a potential solution to this problem is now available, and it’s connected to the fact that
    almost half the world now has access to the internet. This is important because access to the

    internet means access to blockchain based financial services, with their much lower costs and
    much greater efficiency.
    Blockchain technology is based on information distribution through the web. This enables
    financial data to be transferred at a tiny fraction of the cost incurred by traditional banks.
    Using Bitcoin then, or any other blockchain based currency, as a means of payment has
    incredible potential in less developed countries.
    In the short term, TOKIA’s strategy is aimed at increasing the adoption of cryptocurrencies by
    utilizing existing payment infrastructure as a stepping stone. This will initially limit our ability
    to penetrate the huge potential market that currently lacks access to traditional banking.
    However, our long term goal remains to overcome this restriction and open up the field of
    global financial and payment services to the next billion potential customers. This will be
    possible when the adoption of cryptocurrencies gains the critical mass required for a native
    crypto-payment industry to become both useful and economically viable

    The challenges currently facing cryptocurrency exchanges

    In less than 10 years, blockchain has developed rapidly. New cryptocurrencies have been
    formed and the basic features of the whole infrastructure developed. There is no doubt this
    market has evolved substantially in a very short period of time. Nevertheless, significant
    technical, legal and political obstacles remain which need addressing, with the later two
    especially important. What’s more, because a great number of modern cryptocurrency
    exchanges were created by enthusiasts, only a small number of them have the level of
    technological maturity necessary for keeping assets safe.
    There are also major hurdles in abstracting the complexity of blockchain and cryptocurrency
    technologies and making them accessible for everyday users.
    A final issue is that there are very few convenient integrated products on the market. These
    products are critical as they can become single points of access to the market for someone
    wanting to enter the world of cryptocurrencies.

    Insufficient compliance

    The main issue most countries have with cryptocurrencies is their inability to
    control them.

    Despite their enormous potential, lawmakers and regulators are cautious when it comes to

    cryptocurrencies. One reason is that they are commonly used as a way to generate and
    transfer large sums in the ‘grey zone’ of the internet, thus avoiding taxation. So, to avoid
    complicated legal issues, authorities are refusing to support cryptocurrencies.
    The knock on effect of this is to make investors cautious of entering this market because of
    concerns over client due diligence, anti-money laundering legislation and other issues
    connected with the pseudonymous nature of cryptocurrencies.

    Isolation from traditional banking

    Another key issue is that cryptocurrency exchanges are only beginning to discover the best
    practice needed to keep their trading infrastructure secure from potential malicious activities.
    As a result, in many exchanges a high degree of technical security breaches are still possible,
    as well as a lack of legal protection of the assets involved. This is one of the main reasons
    why ordinary financial institutions are avoiding blockchain based markets.
    So what are the results? Due to the reasons mentioned above, traditional banking institutions
    don’t accept cryptocurrencies as an asset class, which means they remain unable to provide
    vital financial services to half of the world’s population.

    Trading fees

    The affect of the current impasse is that sizeable fees remain applicable to both parties in
    cryptocurrency exchange markets. This makes trading costly when it reaches a certain
    At TOKIA, we believe that a blockchain based, well automated exchange should have low
    costs and be affordable to all.
    Once developed, the whole infrastructure is always there. Of course, updates and new
    functions are vital, but the most important factor is the ability to provide a complete set of
    services. This means the cost of these individual functions needs to remain low.

    Issues with cryptocurrency wallets at present

     Asset safety

    One of the most important issues facing the market is being able to create convenient
    cryptocurrency wallets which are able to keep assets safe.
    Cryptocurrency exchanges hold large amounts of assets, which is both a cause for celebration
    and for concern. These assets need to be secured from hackers, and the more assets there are
    the tougher this becomes. Unfortunately, major breaches on popular exchanges resulting in
    huge loses are all too common.

    Liquidity challenges with cryptocurrencies

     Limited availability of fiat currencies

    Any exchange can offer USD to Bitcoin conversion. Some are also able to convert to GBD and
    EUR. However, the number of people living in countries where these three currencies are used
    barely reaches 1.5 billion.
    This still leaves around 6 billion potential cryptocurrency users unaccounted for, stifling the
    adoption of Bitcoin.

  • "Tokia (TOK)  Beware!
    We recently found that there is a TOKIA app on the Google play store. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. This app is not from nor licensed by TOKIA.
    Link -

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