Hashgoal - Most profitable multipool ( BTC, LTC, NLG, AUR, ADC, SNRG, GRS)

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    Hashgoal is most profitable altcoin multipool paying mining rewards in BTC/LTC/NLG/AUR/ADC/SNRG/GRS . it also support profit switching to select profitable crypto coin to mine and increase miner profit.

    Hashgoal currently support 3 algos (Scrypt , Sha256 , X11 ) and looking forward to add more algos.

    Our payout schedule is Every 12 Hours.

    Available Payout Options:


    Mining guide:

    Stratum URL : stratum+tcp://stratum.hashgoal.com

    Scrypt Ports: 1115 Vardiff 8 , 1116 Vardiff 1024

    Sha256 Ports: 1111 Vardiff 256 , 1112 Vardiff 8

    X11 Ports: 1120 Vardiff 0.0006 , 1121 Vardiff 0.01

    Mine at any of the above ports with any of above multipools coin address with coin symbol. (Ex. "LTC wallet address.ltc")

    Contact : [email protected]

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    Audiocoin , Synergycoin , Groestlcoin is added to multipool.

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