Edgecoin (EST) (Bounty) - The future of education is smart and built on Ethereum blockchain

  • Edgecoin is the world´s first education and e-learning token built on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Edgecoin wants you to understand its smart education approach and how it is
    going to benefit your future life. With Edgecoin we build the technology
    that will revolutionize education as a whole. Edge smart contracts will
    disrupt the dusty and outdated education system and its certification
    and approval process from the scratch. Join the future of education now!

    What is the future of education?

    "Imagine the future of education 10 years from now on. The entire academic and professional career of every student and later employee is recorded on the blockchain in and by smart contracts. These smart contracts contain all of your skills, qualifications, certificates and also job records. Just one klick on your unique smart contract public address authorized by you can provide proof of your skill set for inquiring parties such as public authorities, institutions, employers and so on. No more notarized documents, translations or huge PDFs with all of your data."

    Our vision for starters

    The vision is the groundbreaking disruption of the old education industry and all of its branches. The following points are initial use cases which Edgecoin can provide right after the mercury phase.

    Initial edgecoin use cases built in smart contracts

    • Users pay with Edgecoins on every major e-learning platform for courses and other content they have passed or consumed.
    • Users obtain valid, encrypted and unique certificates via Edgecoin smart contracts in just one process.
    • Students can see and manage their academic development or the whole career in their Edgecoin based smart contract (online and/or stored on a secure device) that was provided by their university at the beginning of their studies.
    • Institutions can get rid of their heavy documented certification process by having it all digitalized, organized, governed and issued by the Edgecoin technology.

    Read White Paper For more

    Token Sale:

    Details of the upcoming Edgecoin ICO will follow soon!

    creators of Edgecoin believe that digital tokens are more than
    cryptocurrencies or assets for financial speculation. The aim of this
    Pre ICO Sale and the following ICO is collecting enough funds in order
    to shape the future education built on blockchain.

    Join us by supporting our vision!

    (EST) ICO will go live soon: Please send a minimum of 0.1 ETH to the
    EST smart contract address that will be provided here soon. Investing
    less than 0.1 ETH will fail.

    • Start: January 6th at 8PM UTC End: April 6th at 8PM UTC
    • Project Protocol: Ethereum, ERC20
    • Accepted Crypto: Only ETH
    • ICO minimum invest: 0.1 ETH

    • Token Total Supply: 100.000.000 EST
    • ICO Supply 40.000.000 EST
    • 1ETH = 5.000 EST (Edgecoin)
    • Token name: EST

    Join Edgecoin Bounty campaign now!

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    Edgecoin desktop and web wallets?

    Since Edge is a so called ERC20 token built on Ethereum you can easily use all ETH compatible Wallets to store, send and receive your Edgecoin tokens. As you can see below we put some of them together here so you do not have to go to gitHub for downloading them. Just klick the links for convenient download.

    Mist Win32-Bit

    windows 10 logo 32-bit


    Mist Win64-Bit

    windows 10 logo 64-bit


    Mist Linux 32-Bit

    linux logo 32-bit


    Mist Linux 64-Bit

    linux logo 64-bit


    Mist MacOSX

    apple osx logo



    myetherwallet logo







    Planetary Roadmap

    Mercury Phase

    Mercury I - Q4/2017

    Pre-ICO and building an international team while widening our network.

    Mercury III - Q1/2018

    Building BaaS partnerships with educational institution, schools and universities all around the globe. Northstar College, Audiobrain already signed MoUs.

    Mercury II - Q1/2018

    ICO and acceptance of EST on major exchanges. Product development based on use cases. BaaS test MVPs.

    Venus Phase

    Venus I - Q1/2018

    Brining Edgecoin BaaS to a wider audience outside of the Blockchain community by strengthening our partnerships.

    Venus III - Q3/2018

    Expanding Edgecoin and its eduction technologies to more ecosystems and smart governance solutions besides Ethereum.

    Venus II - Q2/2018

    We will see the first use cases in real life. Edgecoin BaaS real MVPs at schools and universities.

    Mars Phase

    Mars I - Q4/2018

    Building up team & infrastructure to meet customer request. Edgecoin on hardware devices such as yubikeys.

    Mars III - Q2/2019

    Making the world a smarter place. Fostering education for those without access to it. Following our mission: Making education a Human Right!

    Mars II - Q1/2019

    Increasing market shares by fostering product and business development and staying ahead of competition.










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