Status - 2017: The year you made us. Celebrating a year of community

  • The 2017 Status Year In Review

    Friends: This amazing year is coming to a close. It was a year of tremendous growth for Status, the Status community, and the larger Ethereum project. Decentralization and the demand for blockchain-based innovations has even become a topic in the mainstream global media and in conversations around the world.

    All of the success and progress is the collective effort of the community at large. In the State of Us, we can accomplish a lot.

    2017: Look what we did together:

    Status Alpha

    On May 29, 2017, we announced Status to the world. Since then, we’ve seen enthusiastic interest and commitment to creating the product we envisioned in the white paper. With nearly 14,000 alphas downloaded around the world, we’re grateful to the community for helping us ready the product for the next stage and, ultimately, bringing the vision of a decentralized world to life.

    Want access to the Status alpha? Request access on our Riot channel >>

    The Road to Beta

    With input from the community and our growing team, we’ve defined a clear vision for the beta and a roadmap for how we will meet our milestones. One of our cherished core principles is everything we build is decentralized, and we only use protocols native to Ethereum; we want to realize the possibilities of a truly decentralized world, so we only use protocols that are part of the web3 stack. We stand by this and will not sacrifice our vision.

    Help build Status on Status Open Bounty >>

    Ever-Growing Community

    In 2017, we saw dramatic growth in community members, contributors, ideas, developers, writers, creatives, and idealists who share the common goal of a truly decentralized world. When we moved our community to the truly decentralized, open-source Riot and Telegram platforms, our members moved with us. This was a small step in our vision to leverage decentralized tools and become a truly decentralized, open-source project open to all who want an active role. Daily, we see conversations and ideas on Riot and Telegram that are a true testament to the intelligence and ingenuity of all of us.

    Join the conversation on Riot >>

    The Core Team — Fifty-Five Strong

    55. That’s us. The core Status team is now composed of fifty-five highly dedicated, passionate experts in Go, Clojure, smart contracts, QA, design, community management, writing, and thinking about how to make the Status vision tangible. In staying true to decentralization, we’re a fully decentralized team. Our office is the world in which we live in and the world in which we intend to connect through Ethereum.

    Join our growing team >>

    Partnering with Like-Minded Visionaries

    To push our vision, we’ve made amazing partnerships with companies, organizations, and projects. We’re happy to announce our partnerships with both Sirin Labs and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

    A look at 2017 by the numbers

    Thank you, all. We are honored to be working toward the reality of a decentralized, Web 3.0 with you.

    Let’s have an amazing 2018.


    Jarrad Hope, Carl Bennetts, and the Status Team

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