- The future of the credit business today

    • is the first global tokenized platform for car title loans. We connect the market of secured (or low-risk) lending with the world of crypto-currency and give the opportunity to solve financial issues for a billion car owners. gets rid of barriers to access the global financial system, uniting secure credit organizations around the world into the largest online banking. Our blockchain platform will calculate the risks with high accuracy and ensures the investment of your funds in a fast-growing and less volatile market - loans secured by property.

      Investing under real high liquid collateral?

      - This was not yet available to most investors!


      1: The Borrower installs the application on a smartphone and goes through the usual registration procedure for online banks: entering personal data and scanning the passport.

      2: Next, the borrower enters information about his car - the collateral. Here, with the help of the application, the user adds a photo of the vehicle and the car itself.

      3: Now the user has full access to the car evaluation function and the calculation of the available loan amount. Based on regional databases, the integrated module SHIFT.Appraisal determines the market value of the car and its liquidity ratio.

      4: To calculate the interest rate, an "intelligent" algorithm adjusting the rate is used, depending on the loan amount. At the same time, the maximum loan amount does not exceed 35% of the market value of the car.

      5: In order to get a loan, the user must undergo a verification procedure. This can be done in person at the nearest office or remotely by making a photo of the car with a special QR code installed under the windshield, preprinted on a sheet of A4 paper.

      6: After approval, the borrower gets the money to his account created in the system. Payments can be made with the support of mobile services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Also, you can attach a virtual or plastic card to the account Blockchain utilization:



      The global development program of the service includes two components: the technical development of the existing platform and the marketing promotion of the project around the world

      1Q 2018

    • Installing the system on the blockchain architecture / Development of the blockchain module.
    • Preparation of technical infrastructure for launching in the US, Latin America, Western and Eastern Europe, Russia, South Korea, Japan:
    • Integration of the evaluation module with local data aggregators of the car market.
    • Integration of the scoring unit with local official vehicle databases.
    • 2Q 2018

      Completing the installation of the system on the blockchain platform. Start connecting local partner companies in the target countries.

      3Q-4Q 2018

      Testing the system of issuing loans and interacting with partners (in target markets with prepared infrastructure)

      • Preparation of technical infrastructure for launch in target markets of the second stage China, India, Southeast Asia:
        • Integration of the evaluation module with local data aggregators of the car market.
        • Integration of the scoring unit with local official vehicles databases

      1h 2019

      Launching operating activities in target markets of the first stage.

      2h 2019

      Launching operating activities in target markets of the second stage.


      Achieving a dynamic pool of loans within the system of $ 9 billion.











      White Paper:

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      skype:[email protected]?chat

  • 2017 has come to an end, it's time to sum up!

    This year high-class blockchain developers joined our team. We have
    completed development the integrated platform based on
    blockchain technology. In addition to the office in Austria, branch
    offices were opened to work with partners in the USA, Russia and
    Argentina. The project successfully achieved ICO pre-sale goal.

    Stay tuned and do not miss an opportunity to get 20% bonus at the start of the main stage of ICO! We start on the 5th of February.

    We have collected the most important questions about ICO and published in our blog. We are waiting for your comments and additions! Also if you have some questions about how does works or ICO details, welcome to our Telegram group. For the latest news join our Telegram channel.

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