[ICO] [Bounty] - Hybrid Betting - Ethereum-based betting game without a mandatory house edge.

  • Abstract

    • Hybrid Betting is an Ethereum-based betting game without a mandatory house edge.
    • Our model is totally different compared to any other betting platform out there.
    • No quotes, no man in the middle, just competitors that play against each other at the same level.
    • Our betting game platform is based on our token HYB, which is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) token.

    Market Potential

    The global online gambling market is estimated to be worth over $50 billion USD by the end of 2017 and is forecast to grow by around 10% for years to come. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, allowing players to gamble with ease and with a lower house edge than previous options, cryptocurrency gambling has already garnered a significant proportion of this market potential.

    A 2013 estimate suggests that up to 50-60% of all Bitcoin transactions were related to gambling at one point.

    Although previously dominated by Bitcoin, Ethereum has become a major player within the cryptocurrency world, offering significantly more features as well as a shorter block time and lower transaction fees. As Ethereum gains more users it benefits from network effects, which are currently leading many users to invest in and use Ethereum over Bitcoin, leading its market cap to increase to $38 billion USD in June 2017.

    Hybrid Betting can allow users to bet against each other without considering odds and the bookmaker edge: the brand new game we designed will allow punters to take care just of other punters in a game with no stronger parts.

    Profit Model

    Hybrid Betting profit model is based on the number of shifts played: each sport event can be a shift, we will take a small fee at the end of the betting phase (when punters make their decision) just before the event starts.

    Events shift can be composed by one sport event or more events together: we will set up all the events shift but in the future we can consider that events shift can be created by players too.

    We are considering a fee from 0.5% for bigger events to 2% for smaller events: no matter how low this fee is, it is raw profit for Hybrid Betting, as we don’t have funds at risk during play.

    The profits from this are also HYB tokens, increasing their demand as a consequence.

    Hybrid Betting Tokens (HYB)

    For the purposes of decentralization, enforcing beneficial market incentives, further developmental funding, and future endeavors of Hybrid Betting, the Hybrid token (HYB) will be created on top of the Ethereum network. This will be a standard ERC20 token, and thus will be secure, easy to store, use, and trade, as wallets and exchanges already have the needed technical infrastructure to interface with tokens that implement the ERC20 interface.

    For the technical details of the ERC20 specification, see that on GitHub.

    The Hybrid token will be used as currency for the Hybrid Betting platform and protocol. The fee is dynamic and fluctuates based off of the bet liquidity of every shift: for example, if few users are joining the shift, the fee are lower, compared to a higher fee when many users are joining the shift.

    The profit that Hybrid smart contracts generate are directly in our token: this “buy-back” feature allows the price of HYB to appreciate as the platform becomes more widely used.

    Beta Test

    We are ready for the beta test of the platform, we offer a token based reward to our betatesters: 1-25 beta testers to join get 2000 HYB for free (worth 1 Ethereum) 26-50 beta testers to join get 1500 HYB for free (worth 0.75 Ethereum) 51-75 beta testers to join get 1000 HYB for free (worth 0.55 Ethereum) 76-100 beta testers to join get 500 HYB for free (worth 0.25 Ethereum)

    To become a betatester just 3 simple steps:

    – Twitter follow and tweets sharing/like @HybridBetting on Twitter – Telegram channel join HybridBetting on Telegram – Registration to Register here (just email, username and password needed)


    Those wishing to invest in Hybrid Betting via purchasing Hybrid tokens will have the opportunity to do so via the Hybrid crowdsale. The funds received from the crowdsale go to fund the further development of Hybrid Betting, including third-party contract security audits and further web/application development.

    The crowdsale will last for 8 weeks and is set to begin on January 8th, 2018, 8:00 PM UTC. All information relevant to the crowdsale is available below.

    Token Description

    Hybrid tokens are used as currency for the Hybrid Betting platform

    Ticker Symbol: HYB Start Date (Pre-sale): January 8th, 2018, 8:00 PM UTC Total duration: 4 weeks Base Token Price: 2,000 HYB = 1 ETH

    Token Pre-sale

    • From January 8th 2018 to January 10th 2018
    • Currency accepted: ETH
    • Min. purchase in pre-sale: 2 ETH
    • Max purchase in pre-sale: 200 ETH
    • Percentage of all tokens offered via pre-sale: 6% (3,000,000.00 HYB)

    Pre-sale Bonuses

    • First day: 3000 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 50%)
    • Second day: 2600 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 30%)

    Token Crowdsale

    • From January 10th 2018 to March 10th 2018
    • No minimum token purchase in crowdsale
    • Maximum token purchase: 200 ETH
    • Percentage of all tokens offered via crowdsale: 51% (25,500,000 HYB)
    • Total Possible Token Supply: 50,000,000

    Crowdsale Investor Bonuses

    • First day: 2400 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 20%)
    • First week: 2300 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 15%)
    • Second week: 2200 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 10%)
    • Third week: 2100 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 5%)
    • Final week: 2000 HYB per 1 ETH (bonus 0%)


    Token Sale Terms

    Founders’ Tokens Locked Post-Crowdsale?

    Yes. Locked for 6 months. Investor tokens will never be locked.

    The intended funding allocation from the proceeds of the crowdsale will depend largely on the amount of tokens purchased. With a low amount of funding, the project will be able to fully fund basic operations.

    With larger amounts of funding, more ambitious goals can be set. These goals include funding large advertisement campaigns to promote Hybrid Betting, overcoming legal barriers to more widespread adoption.

    As we cannot anticipate how many tokens will be sold or account for future unknown values, we cannot yet provide information showing exactly what proportion of funds will be allocated to which of these goals.

    The maximum possible tokens supply is 50,000,000 HYB. Of those, up to 51% (25,500,000) can be purchased during the crowdsale.

    People excluded from the crowdsale: USA people are excluded as per SEC rules; Singapore is excluded due to tax reasons; citizens of China are excluded due to China’s central bank regulation; citizens of South Korea are excluded for regulator’s ban.

    Investor money return in case of a failure

    We know the importance of money management; all we want to do is to launch our project using an ICO as we think is the best opportunity we will have ever. After the ICO will end we will disclose next steps; they will concern about advertising and community building.

    The software development will be done by us as we are a group of developer in J2EE and PHP languages: we will use external advisors when needed. Every step will take the opinions of our investors into consideration.

    In case of failure we will return all the investors’ money that has not been used, so the risk will be limited to the activities already done.

    80-90% back guaranteed

    We won’t use more than the 10-20% (based on the ICO result) of the total funds for the first phase, when we will approach that point we’ll discuss with all the investor about project’s future.

    For more information about the crowdsale or to participate in it, visit https://www.hybridbetting.com

    Development Timeline

    The code in HYB smart contracts is a relatively standard and lightweight implementation of the ERC20 standard, and the possibility for critical bugs is small.

    If a significant problem occurs that is recoverable, the necessary steps will be taken to remedy the situation. For example, if there was somehow a critical flaw in the Token contract, allowing someone to steal all HYB Tokens, we could fix the problem, deploy the new token contract (with the problem fixed), and restore the balances of all users, migrating the entire platform to the newer version of the token, similar to what happened with Ethereum and the DAO.

    An issue like this is very unlikely to occur unless it is caused by a problem within Ethereum itself, as the HYB Token is based on Ethereum (ERC20) tokens, so a critical problem with one could indicate the same problem with many others.

    We are evaluating the need of a betting license because we are not sure about that: our platform is Ethereum based, so is based on a decentralized technology: the matter is open and we think will be discussed in the future as the technology will become mainstream; we will keep an eye on that time after time.


    • Q1-Q2-Q3 2017 Market research – completed
    • Q4 2017 Website, Whitepaper, working demo – completed
    • Q1 2018 Crowdsale, development, and community building – in progress
    • Q2 2018 Continuation of development and other improvements, beta launch
    • Q3 2018 Full launch, betting license acquisition, community growth, further improvements as needed
    • Q4 2018+ Additional features, advertising, and community building

    Similar Projects

    As the size of the block-chain and Ethereum ecosystems has grown considerably over the last few years, a number of projects in betting business have emerged. Although some of these projects are similar in nature, but we offer a complete different user experience as we base our offer on a proprietary game that’s completely new; the creator of Hybrid Betting is an expert trader and investor with many years of work on markets, he mixed up all his knowledge in trading and sports betting to create a rousing game that will test the skills of all the players involved: forget odd and traditional betting, Hybrid Betting will give you a different experience, obtained mixing up different games and investment activities. Based on our research no one is offering something similar.



    We want to reward our Early supporters who help us promote the project,
    1% of Tokens created are reserved for the Bounty Program.

    - The bounty pot will be split according to points accumulated among the participants

    - Every bounty supporter needs to register on https://www.hybridbetting.com/...
    verify the email and activate his bounty profile in the platform

    - Following the ICO, all stakes data will be calculated, whereupon
    the winners and bounties will be officially announced.
    Participants will be asked to send their ETH wallet addresses (e.g.
    https://www.myetherwallet.com/) to our email address to claim their

    - We created 60 million HYB tokens One percent (1%) of this (or 600,000 HYB tokens) will be used for the bounty campaign
    If the ICO upper limit (Hard Cap) is raised before the closing date of our token sale, we will stop the sale.
    If the amount is less than the maximum, the ratio will apply to the amount raised

    -The HYB tokens will be distributed after our ICO's end

    -The bounty pot of 600,000 HYB tokens will be distributed among different channels.

    Best performers beta testers - 20% (120,000 HYB tokens)

    Twitter – 15% (90,000 HYB tokens)

    Referrals – 10% (60,000 HYB tokens)

    Bitcointalk signatures – 20% (120,000 HYB tokens)

    Bitcointalk translations and moderation – 15% (90,000 HYB tokens)

    Youtube – 5% (30,000 HYB tokens)

    Blog – 5% (30,000 HYB tokens)

    Newsletter subscriptions – 1 stake per subscriber 4% (24,000 HYB tokens)

    Telegram subscriptions – 1 stake per subscriber 4% (24,000 HYB tokens)

    Translation of Whitepaper – 2% (12,000 HYB tokens)

    We keep the right to disqualify participants who are not following guidelines and uploaded malicious links
    Details of the bounty campaign may be subject to change without notice.

    Hybrid Betting Team

    Bitcointalk Signature:

    We will reward all the supporters with HYB Tokens
    to everybody will add our Signature and Avatar to the Profile, helping
    us to promoting the project.

    20% (120,000 HYB tokens) of the Hybrid Betting Bounty Program budget will be allocated for Signature Campaign

    Stakes allocation for each rank:

    Newbie - 1 stake/post

    Junior and Member - 2 stakes/post

    Full Member - 3 stakes/post

    Sr Member - 4 stakes/post

    Hero/Legendary - 5 stakes/post

    Rules, Terms Conditions:

    1: Keep the signature until the end of the Campaign. Removing a signature in the middle of campaign will disqualify you.

    2: You must do a minimum 10 posts per week. Less than 10 posts will not be counted.

    3: Posts must be constructive and On-topic. Spamming, low quality posts, copy paste and off topic posts will not be counted.

    4: Eligible posts must be 75 Character Long. Posts shorter than 75 Character will not be counted.

    5: Payment will be done once at the End of the token sale.

    6: Keep your signature till spreadsheet updated with your final post count (allow at least one week to count posts)
    Removing a signature before post count will simply disqualify you.

    7: we keep the rights to apply new rules, change rules and do any other reasonable changes if necessary (including payment
    amount and structure)

    How to join:
    Add Signature to Your Profile, write your profile name and profile
    link using the Hybrid Betting Platform Bounty Program page
    using the "Signature" section form. Send us all your post link using
    the "Signature" section form.

    Bitcointalk Translation:

    We will reward with HYB Tokens everybody for translations and moderation of our bitcointalk topic.

    15% (90,000 HYB tokens) of the Hybrid Betting Bounty Program budget
    will be allocated for Bitcointalk Translations and Moderation campaign.

    Moderators answer inquiries from community members and keep the post alive.

    Our team is permanently available to answer requests from moderators.

    A single post dead thread will get you disqualified

    Usage of Google Translator (or other similar tools) work will get you disqualified.
    Apply only if you are able to provide a high-quality translation.

    Stakes allocation for each rank:

    -Point reward for translating and moderating ANN thread: 100 points

    -Point reward for translating and moderating BOUNTY thread: 50 points

    -Bonus reward for thread that has more than 1000 views: 50 points

    -Bonus reward for thread that has Russian/Japanese/ language: 50 points

    We are interested in these languages translations:
















    Due to governments ban we are not interested in:




    Write your profile name, profile link and topic link using the Hybrid Betting Platform Bounty Program page
    using the "Bitcointalk translations and moderation" section.


    We will reward with HYB Tokens everybody for Twitter promotion of HYbrid Betting Platform.

    15% (90,000 HYB tokens) of the Hybrid Betting Bounty Program budget will be allocated for Twitter Campaign

    Follow our official Twitter account: @HybridBetting

    Retweet or Reply positive comment with hashtags to our ICO tweets

    Retweet tweets that are answers to other users won’t be counted

    Each tweet has to contain our 2 official hashtags: #HybridBetting #HybridBettingICO

    The retweet/comment has to remain posted for at least 1 month after the end of the campaign

    The number of points earned for each retweet depends on the number of followers the account has.

    We don't accept brand new accounts on Twitter and profiles with less than 30 followers.


    30 – 100 followers: 1 Point

    101 – 500 followers: 3 Points

    501 – 1000 followers: 6 Points

    1001 – 1500 followers: 9 Points

    1501 – 2000 followers: 12 Points

    2001 – 2500 followers: 24 Points

    2501 – 5000 followers: 50 Points

    5001 + followers: 100 Points

    Add yout twitter account name (@username) using the Hybrid Betting Platform Bounty Program page
    using the "Twitter" section. Send us all your your tweets and retweets links using the "Signature" section form.


    We will reward with HYB Tokens everybody for Youtube promotion of HYbrid Betting Platform.

    15% (90,000 HYB tokens) of the total bounty pot will be distributed to Youtube project promoters.

    Every Youtube channel with at least 500 subscribers has a chance to earn points in the campaign.

    Each unique video posted can only earn points once.


    The video is at least 1 minutes long

    Positive message about the project

    It is posted at least 1 week before the actual token sale and remains posted after the campaign for at least 1 month.

    Points system:

    500 – 2,000 subscribers: 10 points

    2,001 – 5,000 subscribers: 50 points

    5,001 – 10,000 subscribers: 200 points

    10,001 – 30,000 subscribers: 500 points

    30,001 – 50,000 subscribers: 1000 points

    50,001+ subscribers: 2000 points

    Bonus reward for vlog with more than 500 views: 50 points
    (participant needs to send an updated link to validate view counts.)

    insert the link of your Youtube Channel and the link to the video using the Hybrid Betting Platform Bounty Program page
    using the "Youtube video" section


    We will reward with HYB Tokens everybody for Blogs promotion of HYbrid Betting Platform.

    10% (60,000 HYB tokens) of the total bounty pot will be distributed to Blog project promoters.

    In order for a blog post to qualify:

    It must be at least 200 words

    Needs to contain the link to our ICO website at least twice

    Present unique analysis/opinion of the project, as opposed to repost/translation

    Remain published at least 1 month after the end of the coin sale

    Participant needs to send an updated link to validate view counts

    Point reward for every blog post: 100 points

    Bonus reward for blog post with 500 views: 50 points

    insert the link to the blog post using the Hybrid Betting Platform Bounty Program page
    using the "Blog" section

    White Paper:

    We will reward with HYB Tokens everybody for Whitepaper translation.

    2% (12,000 HYB tokens) of the total bounty pot will be distributed to Whitepaper translation.

    Please contact us at [email protected] to confirm and reserve your translation: better if you
    can send links to other translations made before.

    Points for translation and moderators are given as follows:

    Whitepaper translation: 150 points

    Rules and Terms:

    - Translations must be original, using any kind of tools such as
    Google are not allowed. If found the translator will be blacklisted.

    - We reserve the rights to add rules, or do any kind of reasonable changes.

    send us an email to [email protected] with "Translation of Whitepaper" as subject and the language
    spot request in the body

    Beta Testing:

    We will reward with HYB Tokens the top performing Beta Testers on the Hybrid Betting Platform.

    Payment: 20% (120,000 HYB tokens) of the total bounty pot.

    Points system:

    Every table match won is 1 point; if a table ends with more winners 1 point for each winner.

    Join: all the registeres Beta Testers are automatically qualified for the Beta Testers Bounty Program,
    just register on our platform.






    [email protected]

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