Zclassic Update and Price Rally

  • Zclassic, which was a fork of Zcash a few years ago has been lying dormant for a number of months. 

    However, after the announcement by the head developer that they would be re launching as bitcoin private. No doubt the market has seen some optimism in this and hence the price has rallied 100 fold.  


    Zclassic as an interesting fork of Zcash in that it tries to address a number of the concerns that they initially had around Zcash. One of these was the "founders tax" that many thought of as greedy. This was 20% of every block reward for the first four years.

    Do you think that the changes and new commitment to the coin is likely to make it more desirable. Would you include it in your portfolio and do you rate it over Zcash?

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