Investing bitcoin in tech start-ups

  • Have you ever wanted to be an early stage investor of a successful start-up like Uber or WhatsApp? Those investors made millions in just a few years. Investing in tech startups is one of the quickest ways to make a fortune and there are many people worldwide who want to get started.

    In partnership with leading escrow service, we created, a project that gives everyone a chance to become an 'early bird’ investor. We're a little bit Kickstarter, a little bit NASDAQ, fueled by bitcoin. We used venture capitalists' approach to investing and applied it to the rapidly-changing tech industry. What we've got is an all-in-one, online, investor-friendly ecosystem that lets startups and investors work with each other safely and effectively. With TipTopFund, you can make the best investment decision in your life.

    Still in beta version, TipTopFund utilizes the simple idea of an online supermarket of start-ups. Here’s how it works:

    1. Investors buy shares of startups by depositing bitcoin via the escrow,
    2. The escrow releases funds accordingly to an approved plan of startup development, stage by stage,
    3. As the business develops, its value grows, reflected in the price of shares we possess, and investors can trade shares online.

    Because tech start-ups develop fast, you can expect significant ROI: for example, one of our current start-ups forecasts more than 100% growth of value in 2017 (
    And this is just the beginning, as a company matures and starts making sales its value may grow dozens times and even more if company gets acquired or goes to IPO.

    Our unique features:
    - Third-party respected escrow with multi-signature accounts for top-notch funds protection;
    - Investors become co-founders of startups (through TipTopFund as trustee);
    - Project initiators don't touch the money, investors finance development of the company they own;
    - Investors are able to measure progress of their startup development any time, because all information is available online;
    - Our startups receive mentorship, networking, and constant support from top global industry professionals in addition to funding.

    The potential of the tech industry is enormous - there is $20 trillion in capital in the US alone! TipTopFund allows online investors to ride this wave easy and riskless. Thus, read more about the project here , get your shares and grow your own Uber!

    We believe our approach will unleash the power of online collaboration and allow innovative startups from around the world to thrive and deliver profits. We're open for partnership with all professionals in the bitcoin community who want to earn bitcoin by working on exciting start-up companies. And of course, we always welcome interesting ideas and businesses.

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