Carboncoin (CARBON) - Core Release Wallet v0.9.5

  • carboncoin Core v0.9.5 introduces new version 3 block templates. The
    Carboncoin network will upgrade automatically to the new version 3
    protocol when 95% of the last 1000 mined blocks are version 3. Miners
    have to upgrade to this release before the protocol switch.

    Improved advanced checkpointing (ACP) provides high security with very low hash rate requirements and thus allows ultra low transaction fees.

    The new Carboncoin v0.9.5 wallet is a drop in replacement for the current Carboncoin 0.9.2 wallet. No further action is required.

    Carboncoin Core Release Notes

    • Version 3 block templates
    • Improved advanced checkpointing (ACP)
    • Ultra low transaction fees
    • New Testnet for Carboncoin


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