Syscoin Updated Public Beta Released: Major bugs fixed, New Features Added!

  • It’s been an extremely productive month following the release of the Syscoin 2.1 public beta [1]. We’ve been added to the Coinomi wallet which gives Android users the ability to send, receive and hold Syscoin on their Android mobile devices, Syscoin has been added to Brave New Coin‘s services, Livecoin Exchange and we’ve also received confirmation that Syscoin will be added to Bittylicious, a UK based fiat gateway and exchange, in the near future.

    Development has been speeding along as well. With the help of the community we’ve been able to identify and fix bugs and implement changes that improve the overall Syscoin user experience. We’ve identified two more features; an in-wallet wanted section and currency editing. These will add further value to the Syscoin platform and will take a few days to finalize. While they are being worked on we wanted to share the latest improvements by releasing the a new Syscoin 2.1 public beta 2. Beta 2 includes the major fixes and user experience updates that we’ve completed so far. We want to release to mainnet as soon as is reasonably possible, targeting the first week of August timeframe. Progress on our Blockmarket initiative has been moving along extremely well, we’ll have a more detailed updates on that in a separate post.

    To use the latest beta you will need to delete any/all existing beta files – including the app/exe and the Syscoin testnet data directory; Syscoin.conf remains the same as with the first beta. If you discover issues we want to hear about them and you can submit them either via slack #bugs channel or our Github issues page. We’re excited to be one step closer to releasing 2.1 to mainnet with all its huge new features and look forward to sharing what we’ve been working with Blockmarket very soon!

    Download the Syscoin 2.1 beta 2 using the links below. You’ll need to use this syscoin.conf, which will only connect to testnet. If you have an existing syscoin.conf from beta 2 there is no need to change it, if not please back it up prior to participating in the beta.

    You must delete any/all pre-existing Syscoin 2.1 beta 1 testnet data (the testnet3 folder entirely) before you can run/use Syscoin 2.1 beta 2 properly.

    Windows Syscoin 2.1 Beta 2 Download

    Mac OSX Syscoin 2.1 Beta 2 Download

    Github Source Zip for Syscoin 2.1 Beta 2

    For questions/comments please catch us directly on our Slack channel! We look forward to talking with you!

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