Stox - Monthly Development Update

  • Welcome to our December Monthly Development Update!

    Hello again, I’m Amit Maor, CTO of Stox, and here’s our update on our December activities.

    Monthly Development Update for January 4th 2018

    Ongoing Work and Plans for Q1:

    We released several new features to the Galton version, including many items requested by our Community members via Telegram and Twitter. In addition, part of our continuing work includes the following:

    New Prediction Template

    This is a UI/UX improvement that greatly assists our Stox Community with consistency for all predictions. These new views tremendously assist our old and new clients in comprehending the prediction flow. In addition, there will be additional features and prediction types.

    Improvement and Incentive for Usage of Real STX Token Ecosystem with Smart Contract-Based Wallets

    This is for all users to place predictions using real STX in an easy, crypto-friendly manner. This is intended for users of all levels of familiarity with prediction markets, the cryptocurrency arena and the new members of our Community to use with ease and simplicity. This task is currently in development with an expected launch in mid-February, and will drastically improve our current working model.

    LMSR (Automatic Market Making)

    We are still researching and investigating the feasibility and impact on our ecosystem. This is currently in pilot project mode, as we continue research and development.

    Website Languages

    We are commencing the translation project for the following languages:

    • Chinese (Mandarin)
    • Japanese

    Product AMA

    Our first Product AMA will be hosted in the coming weeks, giving our Community deeper understanding of our upcoming features.

    What we completed in December:

    1. API to Prediction Engine Smart Contracts

    We published our API smart contracts on the popular tech site Github. This allowed users to do the following:

    • Create/manage predictions
    • Place predictions on different outcomes
    • Resolve event outcomes
    • Distribute earnings after the event is resolved

    2. Galton Integration with Blockchain via API (as above)

    In this highlight of the version, we integrated the Stox Galton integration with the Ethereum Blockchain by private Ethereum Node, as published in our first Technical Development Update. Every prediction that the users performs and their balance over the Stox website is replicated to this Node.

    3. Prediction Functionality

    We added a new “look and feel” to predictions page based on our Community feedback, in addition to our knowledge and plans. Now clients have options of different views, and a new page further explaining our tournaments, prize structure, with detailed information on how to participate including frequently asked questions about the rules of our tournaments:

    — My Predictions

    — My History

    — Rules & Prizes

    4. First Development AMA hosted

    We hosted our first Technical Overview on the Galton version update which was released on 25 December, 2017. During an open discussion via our Telegram channel, our highly tech-savvy Community members were able to pose questions to our CTO, Amit Maor, on several aspects. We also posted a video tutorial to support the information for further use by our Community.

    5. Added Pre-Marketing Requirements

    This included critical tools such as Google analytics, tracking tags, and other internal elements to support upcoming marketing efforts (which will provide necessary data for KPIs).

    HR (Recruitment)

    We recruited a Junior developer, who will commence employment in January.

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