Ethereum Soft (ESFT) - multipurpose cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain

  • ABOUT Ethereum Soft

    Token Name: Ethereum Soft

    Token Symbol: ESFT

    Available Token Supply: 5.000.000

    Available Token for ICO: 2.250.000

    Contract: 0x4461778CC8BC26ABB611fF9cdB2C8248Ba128caf

    Ethereum Soft is a multipurpose
    cryptocurrency based on the Ethereum blockchain framework. It is ERC20
    compliant and compatible with existing ERC20 wallets. It is community
    driven and will allow easy and seamless transfer of value between users.
    It will be tradeable with other cryptocurrencies on digital exchanges.

    Blockchain technology can liberate many
    financial services from the confines of old institutions, fostering
    competition and innovation to provide better, faster, and cheaper
    financial services to those who are outside or heavily burdened by their
    local and formal financial systems.
    40% of total ESFT tokens will be offered to the strategic
    investors and partners. This enabled the ESFT project to kick-off and
    provides funding for advertisement and campaign.

    All leftover tokens will be burnt after the CrowdSale except otherwise
    decided by the community. We are very optimistic there will be no

    WHAT IS Ethereum Soft?

    We are the digital money that is
    going to change the financial world in the future.

    The Ethereum Soft system is “Peer to peer” network. There is no server
    for this network and this network type does not stratify the priority of
    connected computers. Every computer has equal rights to work on the
    network which is called “Peer”. Each computer will operate as clients
    & servers that depends on the usage of users.

    The Transfer of ESFT is convenient and easy. The money transfer can be
    occurred everywhere in the world within seconds. Moreover, ESFT's
    transfer fee is less than the transfer fee of banks.

    The transaction of ESFT is safe and anonymous. Each person is able to
    set a name or anonymous but the transaction can be checked by
    blockchain. You can transfer ESFT to be kept in a ESFT wallet just
    downloading ESFT Wallet Application. This application will be available
    for both iOS and android.

    The number of ESFT coins are limited only 5 million coins for worldwide.
    The digital financial nowadays is tendentious to be increasing for the
    value rapidly.





    white paper:


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