Digix Update on Bittrex delisting of DGD as of 12 Jan 2018

  • Bittrex will be delisting DGDs with effect from the 12th of January 2018.

    Bittrex, being a US exchange, follows US laws and is increasingly facing greater compliance costs. They are in an ongoing review of existing coins and tokens for the past few weeks. As part of our regulatory rework mentioned in our last update, we would also be moving in a different direction, the key focus being on compliance with the Asian markets as well as regulatory opportunities in regional development of new licensing frameworks. Keeping a US presence would therefore prevent us from moving as fast as we could with Asian regulators.

    As such, DGD pairs remain on Binance, Huobi and OkEX, which currently combines to provide 90–95% of DGD volume traded daily.

    We may reconsider Bittrex in the future as we gain greater regulatory input and clarity for our plans relating to DigixDAO.

    In the interim, please withdraw all DGDs from Bittrex’s wallets.








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