Vertcoin Release Electrum VTC Wallet v2.9.3.5 - Vulnerability fix release

  • This release fixes the following security flaw in upstream Electrum, affecting all coins using Electrum after version 2.6. spesmilo#3374

    Users who had strong passwords on their wallets are unlikely to have been compromised, and we have yet to receive any reports of the vulnerability being used in practice. However, if you are currently running a previous version of Electrum it is advised that you close it immediately until you have upgraded to this release. Users without passwords or with weak passwords on their wallets could have been compromised. You can never be too safe however, so sweeping your coins to a new wallet with a new seed may be wise.

    As always back up your wallet before upgrading.

    This also affects the TOR branch of the wallet for which I will post new binaries in due course. Mac OS X builds will follow in the next 12 hours.

    I have included signatures for each of the binaries, signed with my pgp key


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