BoonTech - Revolutionizing Job MarketPlace using Blockchain

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    Solving The Biggest Problems In Job Marketplace

    The huge 1.4 trillion job marketplace economy is dominated by a few corporations. They exploit millions of professionals by charging an insane 20% service fee for using their centralized platforms.

    Archaic review system and influx of fake reviews shortchange talented professionals and makes it difficult for entrepreneurs to find the best hands.

    Identity theft of all users makes this legacy platforms so insecure.

    Introducing Boon Platform

    Artificial Intelligence, combined with IBM Watson's Big Five "intrinsic needs" to infer and match the finest professionals on the planet. Boon dynamically eliminates the language barriers, allowing corporations, entrepreneurs and professionals to increase productivity, all without any Blockchain fluctuations

    Boon is a blockchain platform without blockchain fluctuations.

    Instant transactions are powered by the Blockchain technology without any policing by a centralized system.

    No service fees. Professionals enjoy 100% of their earnings.

    Artificial intelligence protects the identity of users without any human intervention.

    Boon Tech Mobile App and Web Platform

    Apple App

    Android App

    Web data

    Boon Advantages

    • Artificial Intelligence Powered Talent Matching Algorithm
    • Stable Platform without Cryptocurrency Fluctuation
    • Artificial Intelligence protects the identity of Users
    • No language Barrier using AI powered technology
    • 100 times faster than Ethereum platform
    • Secure Escrow System


    October 1st, 2017

    Web Platform IOS and Android App Accepts cryptocurrencies - Boon Coin and Ethereum

    December 10 - 2017

    Artificial Intelligence Powered platform, IOS and Android App. AI powered talent matching algorithm. AI powered live language translation AI Powered Identity Protection.

    1st Quarter, 2018

    Integrate BTC, ZCash and Litecoin wallet. Integrate Video Calls in the App.

    2nd Quarter, 2018

    Integrate code base platforms GitHub and CodeBaseHQ for Gold and Platinum members.

    3rd Quarter, 2018

    Accepts Fiat Currencies - USD, AUD, CAD and EURO.



    • Total Boon Supply: 500 Million Tokens
    • Market Cap: 10 Million USD
    • 50% Allocated for Sale: 250 Million Tokens
    • Cost of a Token: $0.04 USD


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    SEC Howey Test:

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