Join Loopring’s First Hackathon in San Francisco, Jan 13th~14th.

  • Loopring Smart Contract Hackathon

    We are hosting our first Hackathon, at the World Crypto Economic Forum(WCEF), this weekend (Jan 13th and 14th) in San Francisco, CA .

    The World Crypto Economic Forum, in the San Francisco Bay Area, is the first of a series of events around the world. These events are designed to support the blockchain community and to help to create a global network of entrepreneurs and developers in today’s fast-evolving blockchain economy.

    Loopring’s Hackathon

    The Challenge

    Implementing support for the ERC233 token standard, in the Loopring Protocol smart contracts.


    $2500 USD worth LRC token will be rewarded to each of the top 3 teams or individuals.


    Loopring is a protocol for decentralized value exchange. The current version (v1.0.0) of the protocol supports trustless trading of ERC20 tokens. We would like to support trading between ERC223 tokens as well as hybrid trading between ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. This hackathon only requires developers to modify the current implementation of the Loopring Protocol to support ERC223 trading. But, we will offer the winners a discretionary bonus, if they can implement hybrid trading. This additional bonus will not be awarded until a high-quality pull request is submitted, reviewed, and merged into our official smart contract GitHubrepository.

    To maximize your chances of winning the hackathon, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with ourwhitepaper to help you to fully understand how the Loopring Protocol is designed to work. We also have both asimplified version of the whitepaper, as well as a high-level overview of the protocol available for review.

    It would also be advised to have a combination of both Solidity smart contract, and JavaScript programming experience, within each team.

    To learn more about the ERC20 and ERC223 token standards, please review the following links:

    How to get started

    Please pre-register for the event onEventbrite, prior to January 13th. 2018.

    It is highly recommend that you fork a copy of the protocol’s GitHub repositoryto your own account, and checkout theerc223_hackathon branch locally before the event begins.

    In addition to adding support for ERC223 token standard, each team must also modify at least 3 core test cases to support ERC223 and have them in a passing state:

    Be sure to set aside some time, at the end of the event, to create a pull request against the Loopring erc223_hackathonbranch. It is recommended that you give yourselves a 30 minute window to format a clear and concise pull request. All commits included in the pull request must have occured during the event time.

    If a Hackathon team’s pull request is accepted as THE implementation for our next major release, we will distribute an additional discretionary reward to that team.


    The hackathon starts from 12 PM Jan 13th and ends at 12PM Jan 14th.


    South San Francisco Conference Center —

    South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 South Airport Boulevard, South San Francisco, California 94080


    Feel free to reach out to[email protected],[email protected], or[email protected] for more information.

    For more up-to-date information, join us on social media: ⭑ Twitter: ⭑ Rocket Chat: ⭑ Telegram: & ⭑ Reddit:

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