district0x Dev Update - Name Bazaar Updates, d0xINFRA Updates & More

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    The new year has brought us more than a few exciting items to share! Mobile expansion, d0xINFRA progress, and the ENS name registration flow are all in the cards for this update!

    We’re still accepting applications for a Clojurescript developer. If you have experience in Clojure, Solidity, or think you’d be a good fit, please shoot us an email with your work history and qualifications at [email protected] You can find a full job description here.

    Name Bazaar Updates

    In Progress

    The name registration process is nearing closer to full launch. The final UI design, CSS, and styling are being polished to better surface priority action items, such as a bidding period ending soon or or a name requiring finalization.

    d0xINFRA Updates

    In Progress

    Much progress has been made towards our modularization efforts with d0xINFRA. User interface models that will serve as the foundation for front end development on d0xINFRA are being implemented.

    Ethlance and Name Bazaar on Toshi!

    Today we are proud to announce that both Name Bazaar and Ethlance have been launched on the Toshi mobile Ethereum browser. Toshi, available on Android and iOS, is a browser for the Ethereum ecosystem with a built-in Messenger style chat interface. In the same way a MetaMask extension can provide an Ethereum address to interact with dApps on a desktop, Toshi can provide an Ethereum address to interact with dApps on mobile.

    The availability of the applications we build on a variety of platforms is just one small ingredient to the future we all dream of. We’re ecstatic to see our dApps so seamlessly integrated into a mobile experience! Download Toshi yourself and give them a shot today!

    What’s Next?

    Work will continue on both the name registration flow and on the d0xINFRA modularization effort for the foreseeable future. As we proceed further down this path and continue to expand the team, we will be able to horizontally scale development efforts towards new districts and auxiliary modules, putting us in a position to accelerate our release schedule.

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